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July 31, 2007


It's an ear scoop and a toothpick.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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How the heck do they know it was an EAR scoop anyway? Ewwwwww

Are you supposed to clean your teeth AFTER cleaning out your ears? What happens to the earwax anyway? Curious minds are horrified!

"It's an ear scoop at one end, for cleaning the wax out of the ears, but the other end is a toothpick.

Just don't mix up the ends, iykwim.


Gags uncontrollably......

Ear scoop... nope. Got nothin'.

*wonders if this is how waxed floss string came about*

Hey, at least it wasn't a combination toothpick/rectal thermometer.

ronco's first product line....

The isnpiration for the Harry Potter earwax flavored jelly bean, no doubt.

Or the Swiss Army Knife.

*hopes the bloggals don't get an idea about boiling ear wax*

fivver, we use only the best quality wax for our services. (ear wax doesn't adhere to hair as well)

Did somebody say 'wax?'

wasn't fivver the one dissing '80s music the other day? I was in a band in the '80's....

There's my partner in crime!.

Annie, yes he was!!! I love my 80's music.

Tell that to my ear hair, Siouxie.

*Steps forward to take ticket for the geezer bus*

It's a definite possibility that my band never made it because of fivver's lack of appreciation.

*just passin' time until the wax heats up*

Why, yes I was AWBH. And I never apologize. Sorry, but I just don't do it.

Figures. The Isle of Man.

"What happens to the earwax anyway? Curious minds are horrified!"

It's used to make high-end car wax for Ferrari's and Porsche's. Very expensive.

...would suggest a duel between Annie and fivver but Annie would probably just zap fivver's pacemaker or take away his walker.

Hey! that music was GREAT!

*pours hot wax in Baron's ear & yanks cloth*



Shades of SNL -- the early days with the original Not Ready for Prime Time Players.

It's a floor wax AND a dessert topping!

An ear scoop and a toothpick? Isn't the technical term for such an obect "fingernail?"

Otis - no that's what truck keys are for.

Otis. Yes, and it's a lot more satisfying to see the drilling results on your finger. A pick is just too sissy.

The "fingernail" is THE triple threat - also used for booger pickin'. Can't do that with a pick.

Siouxie....you are sooo wise. Wow.

An "ear scoop and toothpick?"

'round here we just call 'em car keys....

hmmm... sorry pogo - didn't see your post - GMTA?

ifits - at least MTA. Not thinkin' real great myself today.

"The "fingernail" is THE triple threat - also used for booger pickin'. Can't do that with a pick"
(as posted by her Cuban Majesty.)

Shouldn't, Siouxie, shouldn't...

You mean 'picking your nose' is a eupham figure of speech?

*that explains it!*

Car keys? Truck keys? Is David Letterman posting to this thread?

Just got back from lunch...

*uses matchbox to floss her teeth*

what were we talking about?

*flaps in for a bit*

I really appreciate Dave posting these appetite-destroying stories for our lunchtime enjoyment. I've lost 10 pounds!

80s music, Sioux.
We were talkin' about 80s music.

I love me some 80s music. Definitely was my thing. Duran Duran? HOO BOY! I loved those boys. :) :)

DD - there are professionals that can help you with that problem. There may even be a 12-step program for Duran Duran devotees.

It's no secret that one of my favorite 80's band is THIS one.

To pick, or to scoop : that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the ear to suffer
The embarrassment and shame of outrageous earwax,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, such as a piece of spinach stuck in your front teeth, And by opposing end them? To pick: to worry;
No more; and by a pick to say we end
The heart-ache and the thousand natural cavities
That teeth are heir to, 'tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wish'd. To pick, to scoop;
To scoop: perchance to hear: ay, there's the rub;
For in that scoop of wax, what goop may come?
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause: there's the respect
That makes calamity of so long life: No matter what you do, the stuff keeps coming back.

Hey, marfie!! Where ya been? We've missed you out here. :)

Bravo marfie!

Hey DD! Good to be back - I overdid it between work, email, blogging, and general computer stuff and my tendonitis really flared up soI had to take a break from typing for a while - got a better ergonomic keyboard and mouse and am hoping to be back in moderation. :-)

excellent, marfie! welcome back!

*reaches up and separates the "so" and "l" in previous post*

marfie - I'm glad to hear you're in better shape. Been there, done that with tendonitis (shoulder), so I know the pain. Hope to see you back on the forum soon, too. :)

And EXCELLENT job on the Shakespearean speech.

{{{{Diva}}}} I hope so, but I think it was those marathon late night sessions in the forum that put my hands/forearms over the edge - particularly after I'd had a wee drop of the Oban and really got on a roll. All things in moderation, I guess - even you guys. :-)

I remember when Siouxie & the Banshees broke up. :( And they had the same problem with guitarists that we did - they'd get lost on the way to rehearsal.

Too much head bangin', Annie??

Absolutely. I think I saw them at Wong's West, but I could be Wong.

Adds the missing 'and' to Siouxie's comment.

Oh, waitaminnit. Never mind.

I saw 'em here in Miami. My ex and I were like the only "normal" looking people in the audience. Define "normal" you say??

NOT looking like THIS!

Yup - that was the LA scene of the '80s.

You put your ear scoop in;
You take your ear scoop out;
You put your ear scoop in and you wriggle it about.

Then you stick it between your teeth and dig that old corn out;

THAT'S what it's all about!!!!

*SMACKS* Hammie!

Head & Bangin'? new erotic shampoo?

Annie, I WAS there in the early 80's. Crazy place.

eeeeeeeeeeeek simul with a spammer!!


Hey Suz, what am I, chopped liver?

hmm casey, a simul with you wouldn't be eeeeekie!

he got in the way!!!!

Stop whining, Hammie, I know you like it.

But a simul with chopped liver would be sorta gross.

Men at Work, Sioux. Men at Work Touching the Untouchables with a ear-th pick on the isle of man down under. Eewwww......

And I am BACK from Dial Up H3ll in BFE..... Can't wait to get home from work tonight, so I can read the Amazing Steve's post from last night.


Too many great 80's bands to mention:

Flock of Seagulls
Soft Cell
Tears for Fears
Thompson Twins
Oingo Boingo
Missing Persons
The Motels
Men Without Hats
Human League

And many many more!

Oooooh, the Go-Go's. I have especially fond memories of a 65 convertible mustang, my gal pals and the Go-Go's.

Speaking of, who else is going to go-go to the hunt with us Sioux? Have annie, el, casey or crossgirl gotten plane tickets yet?

*saw the Go-Go's at the Hollywood Bowl*

Med, I'm still waiting for reservations to "La Casa de Susy"

So far, you're the only one booked.

*wanted to be # 69*

I love every band on your list, Sioux, especially Oingo Boingo with the illimitable Danny Elfman as front man!! He just does incredible things with film scores!

Loved the Go-Go's. Was supposed to be the next Go-Go's. :(
I have to clear vacation with work first before I can commit to the Hunt. :(
And there's that pesky kid situation.

Med, I'm driving. If CG can arrange it, I'll spend the night with her, then she and I will drive topless the rest of the way. It's pretty much a done deal for me.

Annie, I can picture you as Belinda Carlisle. ;-P

Hey, leave your boys with crossgirl's boys. I'm sure they'll be fine. Right? What could possibly happen to 4 pre-teen boys left alone for a coupla days???

casey, I'll have to make sure to greet ya'lls topless too.

Sio--no wonder I adore you so.

I have every album Siouxsie and the Banshees has ever made. (For the young bloggettes--albums were like these giant sized cd's).

Adding to the list:
The Ramones
Black Flag
X (Love, love, love X)
Suicidal Tendencies
Sex Pistols...
ah the good ole days.

Sioux - that sounds like a plot for the next Disney movie.

Sio-I'm still working on trying to make it.
We have family vacation that week leading up to it. I'll likely be in LA taking in Disney land. So's I gotta see about juggling a quick flight to Miami Beach and then back to lovely Oregon :) I'll keep ya posted

Cheryl!! all awesome bands. Like I said, way too many to list. My ex took all the Siouxsie & the Banshees albums with him...grrrrr. I kept the house. I think I got a good deal. ;-)

I have tons of albums - and some 45's.

Where's the geezer bus with the 8-track tape???

CH - The Ramones had a sister who drummed for friends of ours. If you saw her, you'd know she was a Ramone. Loved 'X.' (Xene Cervenka)...

Well all you lovely ladies are more than welcomed at "La Casa de Susy". If we run out of beds, we'll crash on the floor.

ddd, also said she was thinking about it.

*note to the blog dudes* no guys allowed!


I saw Naked Eyes, Flock of Seagulls, and Missing Persons in Vegas last month. It was a totally awesome concert!

I was supposed to see Colin Hay (from Men at Work) and the Fixx next month, but the Fixx just cancelled. Word is that it's going to be Colin Hay and the Motels instead. If it is, I'm still going!!

Zips off to work.... keep me posted. Annie, surely there is a rent a granny service in LA? If not, we should start one.

Sure, Med. I'll see if Lindsay, Paris or Nichole have time to watch my kids. ;)

Just make sure to stock the liquor cabinet, Annie.

"Sioux - that sounds like a plot for the next Disney movie."

I understand Lindsey Lohan is interersted in the role of the passed-out babysitter.

Annie, if not, the newly single Tw@tney may be available.

Adora, sounds like a great concert. Did they sound good?

Goshdarnit annie, can't you please type a little slower?

*shows off Geezer 20-Year Service pin*

I have HEARD OF 5 of those bands listed, but have not actually heard any of them

Annie,omg...I could tell stories....
can't wait to! Just not on the blog where it could be evidence...;-)

*shows pogo to the Lawrence Welk section of the geezer bus*

Anda one, anda two...

They all sounded great, Siouxie. I was a little worried, but they were all really good.

CH - I'm sure. I was nearly in a music video for a new band at the time, but flubbed my chance. The music video was for a new group called.... Guns & Roses.
*waits patiently at the geezer busstop*

Another great 80s band... The Violent Femmes

I saw them at the Hard Rock in Vegas Friday night.

Amazing band!

This article sorta lends new meanin' to the phrase Tastes Great! Less Filling! ... eh?

Violent Femmes--yay! I frickin love them!

The great thing about our generation of music is that there is absolutely nothing our kids can shock us with. But Cheryl, you may say--what about Rage Against the Machine or 9 Inch Nails? No my friends, we have all their cd's too.

"Looks like you might have something in between your teeth . . . "

"Huh? Did you say something?"

uh huh Cheryl!

"I wanna *BEEP* you like an animal!"

Sio--Its good to be bad!

Cheryl, Siouxie...I lived thru it, too, but...you're scaring me.

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