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July 27, 2007

Just got back from Disney World.
Did not see even a common housefly.
There are thousands of people.
Many walking while eating giant turkey legs.
Condiment stands, out in the open, everywhere.
Not one insect.
Of any kind.
It's Florida.
It's July. (was)
Did not see one stinking bug in the buggiest state in the Union.
Asked a food-stand employee.
Her straight-faced reply, "Just part of the 'Disney Magic'!"
It was either write to you or notify Agents Mulder and Sculley.
I couldn't find their email addresses.
Ted K Brown

There's actually a simple explanation for this phenomenon: They keep Disney World very, very clean. That's all there is to it! (Except for the atomic radiation, but that's perfectly harmless, as long as you never get within a five-mile radius of Cinderella's castle.)


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First Floridian to say...scawwy!

Its a small world afterall, Its a small world afterall..."

i'm sticking with disney magic, myself. tinkerbell caught quite a bit of stardust, and she's still got plenty to go around. :)

hmmm - did not see one bug? Apparently, the costumes of the Disney characters are very affective...but how they get them on the bugs, I'll never understand.

damn - meant "effective" - sorry

What am I, chopped liver?

Perhaps, but I was attacked by an aardvark in Disney's campground. ISIANMTU. It tried to get into our tent. With the right backlighting, it looked like a freakin' yeti.

suuuure, sit there and giggle at me...wait'll it happens to YOU.

I meant 'armadillo', not 'aardvark.' What can I say, I was traumatized.

If you were on the witness stand Annie, and I was cross-examining you and you changed your 'story' from aardvark to armadillo I'd ask:

So, missy, where you lying then or are you lying now? :)

Most fave question in a criminal jury trial by both prosecution and defense.

You call me 'missy' and I'd accuse you of prejudicial profiling.....sweetie.

i miss that cartoon with the aardvark and the ants....

Well, if the jury read you misspell it they woulda... oh what the h3ll am I talking about? Juries that can read? That sounds like an aardvark story to me....

Did he see any seagulls? Last time I was there one cr@pped on my head. I wasn't sure which one it was so I had to kill them all.


fivver - that wasn't a seagull.


Tapping my foot, here....

*taps foot in time to tapping sound*
Oops. Sorry Jimminy...

Irritation is the sincerest form of flattening.

You try listening to "It's a Small World" all dang day and living off Blast-off Burgers and see if your guts don't slip a gear every now and then!!!

Besides, you can't prove it was me.

*adds can of Raid to list of things to pack for next trip*



the disney world people have a reciprocal agreement where they ship all the bugs to VerminWorld ("the teemingest place on earth") except for the larger ones who are the power source for the animatronic presidents and the smarter ones who go to congress.
in return the interns who don't work out at disney get to take tickets at the Maggot Kingdom...

*leaves BlogBar in capable hands*

Hi friends! Bugs? Bugs? You don't know bugs!

Bugs is over at Warner with his friends, Tweety and Sylvester. ;-P

*cranks up the country tunes, grabs a handfull of gumballs, finishes off Siouxie's last batch of kazi's

It's great to hog the blogbar after a long day of work.

No hogging of the booze Med! At least leave a single glass for the stragglers.

Doc Rick - I can always pour you some whiskey or pop open a beer. Sorry 'bout the kazi's though.

If I was young, I would be at a rave party in the River Bottoms with the other crazy servers. I am too old to bounce back for work tomorrow though..... and somehow, drag queens and models don't do it for me. *EG*

Never went to a rave even as a youngun. Just wasn't my scene.

Show got rained out tonight, so we all just had a party instead and came home early. NOW I get to READ!!!

I would tend to agree Med. I went to a drag queen beauty show with some friends in Waco when we were running from Hurricane Rita and I really just didn't care one way or the other. Plus, how many times can you listen to Cher's music and not want to kill yourself.

Reading is fundamental Diva....just sayin'! ;)

no, this is what happened......

it was the time of year that chuck norris takes the fam on vacation. he wanted it to be perfect, so he simply cursed the pestilence before they made way to the happiest place on earth.

the end

The jaded cynic in me also says that folks who are partying until the sun comes up are not just drinking adult beverages, but are "using" other, less legal, party supplies..... not my scene, at all.

*SNORK* @ the Razor. Excellent.

Yeah, I wouldn't think so, Med. I think that's why I was never drawn to 'em.

Hiya, Rick! Didn't think you'd still be around. :) And I'm getting ready to FINALLY start on Harry Potter's Last Stand!!! WOOHOO!!

Rick - I UPS'd the HP book to my son at Grandma's house..... I have been calling him 3X a day. It's almost as fun talking to him about where he is in the book as it was reading it first hand. And he has missed connections from previous books on several points.... It's so cool to hear him "get it" when we talk about it.

ooooo doc, a simulepost.

are you trying to bug me?

Watching the kids figure out stuff and then looking at you with the "NOW I get it!" look rocks Med. Diva, the only reason I'm up is because Big D is awake and his mom is paying me back for my bad behavior 4 years ago. I'll live. Give me a virtual beer since I can't partake of the real variety right now.

*slides a beer down the bar*

Just for you, Doll. You want something, Med? I don't mind serving the server. ;-)

Polished off the kazi's, working on Sioux's box wine, and about to give into the exhaustion. Thx.

Doubles suck, but today was financially rewarding, so I can go to sleep thankful and happy.

Didn't mean to ignore you Wielder of the Lady Schick. And I would never intentionally bug someone. Unless they were Mooslim terrorists. Then I might plant a flea on 'Em!

And Doc R, I missed "the look", but heard it in his voice..... almost as good. God, I miss my kids. They have been gone since the first week of June, and I don't know who is more homeheartsick. I need a hug. Badly.

Good on ya, Med. I'm glad for that. Just curious - any progress on the mag?

DocR, my band director used to say, "May the fleas of a thousand camels attack your armpits." I now add, "and your dangly bits," to those deserving psychopaths.

Med, I'll send you my kids. I haven't been without them since the summer started and I NEED school to start. 14 year old boys that are athletic and bored due to rain tend to eat a 3rd world country's allotment of food in 4 hours. I am going broke just on him alone.

Oh, funny side note. One of my new coworkers (she also hails from OK) and I were chatting tonight, and realized that one of her dearest friends in KC was my elementary band director. We have plotted a lunch date, wherein I am the server, to reunite me with said BD whom I have not seen in 30 years. Way cool.

How much longer are they gone, M?

R - don't worry. You never bug anyone 'round here. :-) You're always all good.

WAY cool indeed!! It's SUCH a small world! :-D

My mother has "employed" my teen-age son to work on her on-going, ever evolving, good gracious where will it end, backyard project. He is a willing capitalist pig and is utterly exhausted, rebuilding paver paths, laying and moving sand, installing insulation into a newly built shed thing and painting it.

She is feeding him too, so I win! I just need a hug from the little buggers. Okay, lots of hugs.

I know it's not the same by any means, but ((((((Med))))))

I remember missing my mom for one lousy week at camp when I was ten. A whole summer (family or not) has to be a lot rougher.

Diva - she is such a neat person, I have no doubt she will cry. And then, I get to update her on my classmates, whom, because I am from such a one-horse town, I know the details and facts of their lives. Should be an interesting lunch.

Hmmm... our class president has his meals and room paid for by the state of Florida. Neat.

Good luck with the reunion Med! Diva, even if they tried to throw me out of here I would find a way back in. I finally got the boy to sleep so I am outta here. Y'all take care and see you later today.

Sweet dreams, DocR. And niters.

Someone leave the cleaning supplies and a tip for Mert.

Night, Rick. *SMOOCH* See you later, Toots!

Med, I hope your lunch turns out great, but I know it will! (I also went to high school with a couple of guys like that, but not the class president. He was pretty stable.)

*peeking into blog*
where's mot and jazzzz?
no coffee?
back to bed.

and a wonderful morning to all of you beautiful peoples today

and a wonderful morning to all of you beautiful peoples today

Thanks Jazzz!

Thanks Jazzz!

*powers up Binford's Coffee Master 3000, sets out fresh Maine blueberry muffins, assorted bagels & cream cheeses, bacon, sausage and bacon.*

Mornin'!!! Punkin! Jazzzzzzzzie!! cg!! (pssst...there's coffee now!)

*grabs coffee, pumpernickel bagel & cc, some sausage and yummmmmmmmmmy Maine blueberry muffin and lots and lots of bacon*

*loves Siouxie some lipitor*

Hi gang!

Saw Matt G's movie last night - very awesome! Of course, Mr Poo and I were the only "non-14-yr-old-boys" in the theater, but it was so much fun to watch the movie while, um, enjoying the comments!

Punkin, I went to see Hairspray. VERY cute...although John Travolta in drag & a fat suit is a bit disturbing. He's good though. So's Michelle Pfeiffer who looks AMAZING. (skeeeny byotch).

Hi all. Waking up to a rainy day here.
*goes into garage and sneers at lawn mower*

Yeah, I heard Hairspray was a lot of fun!

I've seen three movies this week - which, for me, is a new Olympic record! Saw HP, Ratatoulie (sp?) and Simpsons. All FABULOUS!
(And, as the writers may actually know, Simpsons was quite enjoyable after imbibing a rather sizable Scorpion Bowl!)

Mornin' fivver!

Sounds like a good day for a movie!

Yeah, I've got Black Snake Moan here from Netflix.

Mornin' fivver! nice and sunny and hot and humid here.

We'll definitely see Simpsons this weekend. We also saw Stardust on wed - freebie sneak preview - GREAT GREAT movie. Very much like Princess Bride. Histerically funny at parts. (De Niro & Pfeiffer were outstanding).

Hmm I never saw that, fivver. Let me know if it's worth the rental.

I thought they were only up to Saw III, Punkin.

经典之文章,佩服?, oh man, you crack me up, LOA!

*tosses another 章 up to MKJ*

*zips in*™

Good morning to all, and a special *smooch* to Jazzzz anyone who needs one. :)

Does anyone here live in Indianapolis and can tell me why there's no tennis being played in the U.S. Open Series?

Morning, all!

My 13-yo daughter fell asleep holding HP after finishing it in the wee hours of the morning. She was still wearing her glasses.

The good news for me is that I now get the book and can finally make some decent progress in it. I'm slightly more than 1/3 into it.

Med, I've read all of them, but my daughter is so much better at remembering fine details, connections, etc. from previous stories that she's the one "reminding" me of the facts!

We waited for the British version to arrive from a cousin in England, and it just came Wednesday.

Oh, and I asked Mr. R., expert on all things Disney, and he said they fog heavily each night after the parks close.

That's not atomic radiation at Cinderella's Castle, it's glowing happiness for all the world to see! Well, most of it anyway.

Of course there's no bugs in Disney. Do you know how expensive it is to get in there? Where's a house fly going to get that kind of money?

Not to worry though. The "imagineers" are hard at work on a teeny, plastic, animatronic house fly they can reproduce cheaply enough to fill DisneyWorld with, to make your vacation fun experience as much like the real world without experiencing any of the real world, as possible.

The biggest bug I ever saw was in a cafe in Miami. It pulled up a chair and took the menu out of my hands.

I have a basketball fan blog. I will add your blog to the blogroll as I think my visitors will love to read your posts…

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