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July 30, 2007


Now they want to take away a man's God-given constitutional human right to tackle a giant sausage.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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Sausages yes! Weiners no!

*wouldn't mind tackling a giant sausage*


that was low, all should be able to takcle big weiners!

Thay have a picture of one like it!

How many of these are there?

to the right of the main story is a link to another local story: "Reward offered for dog feared stolen". Perhaps this guy was just trying to capture the "hot" dog for the reward?

Maybe Kiefer's moved on from Christmas trees.

The Pirates Randall Simon did this a couple years ago in Milwaukee.

K-Jax - ah, yes, the annual meaty mascot races at Miller Park. Good times....

Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener
That is what I'd truly love to be
For if I were an Oscar Meyer wiener
Some idiot would rugby tackle me..
And rip off me bleedin' arm.

Speaking of meaty mascots, this one's for Sioux.

Man, talk about a severe case of the munchies!

There were 5,000 people soaked to the skin, and there was a lot of alcohol, but no problems and the atmosphere was great.

Sounds like a good time.

Here's another well-guarded unit.

Eleanor...My thought exactly. And it's not identical: it's only "similar". So there's a whole LINE of these things somewhere???

Thank you, Ms. Annie! I'll save him for my beefcake breakfast tomorrow.

Siouxie - shhhh! Don't tell or everyone will want some for breakfast.
btw - 'Lucky Dog' restaurants have these odd statues, as well as french fry ones....very strange. But then, not as strange as Ronald.

*just realized never to click on a link that is between Annie and Siouxie.....and I was doing so good today....*

Magic of the 80s concert What did that last? About 15 seconds?

Fivver, if Prince wasn't playing it should have taken about 5 seconds. Unless your a certain dead ex-princess and Duran Duran was playing which would have gotten it to 15.

Hey, fiv - I LOVED my 80s music!! Everything from Human League and the J. Geils Band to Bon Jovi.

Who's dissing 80s music? A lot of it was great!

Wanna fight?

I wonder if beer was involved?

excuuuuuuuuuuuse me???? I happen to LOVE 80's music!!!

YAY, SIOUXIE!!! I knew I liked you.

El, "a lot of it was great' might be overstating it just a bit.

There was Meatloaf and the oldie's stations playing great music.

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