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July 28, 2007


Now they have taken away a human's fundamental human right to wear a G-string on a prison visit.

(Thanks to Rob White)


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FIRST, these visitors need a lawyer.

Totally unconstitutional, says the FCDA.

Hat trick?


That was fun, but now I want someone to come over here and play. :)

can't play now el, too busy replacing the water in my bra with jell-o.

'SOK, El!! I'm here! I'll play!!!

OK, these folks need a life. And maybe they need someone to wear a G-string when they visit THEM.

Punkin should visit just to mess with their heads.


So - do you think the guards make all the women flash their bottoms before they can visit, and that was the whole purpose of the new rule???

Eleanor, you hit on something there.

Interesting question, El. YES! AND the boobs, too.

Hm. Interesting question, though: Aren't they in public (WITH an L) places when they meet? How could a thong/g-string possibly be ... stimulating? And what about those gals who go commando? Can they force folks to wear underwear at all?

Prisoners "don't need any help getting turned on," Correction Commissioner George Little told the newspaper.


CG.....how about Jello™ in your thong? It is edible, you know. (my bad...teehee)

fivver....gimmie a warning! I'm not old enough to watch that. Does that really happen in prisons?

Hee hee, Jazzzz!

Good point, el.

Besides, banning water brassieres takes all the fun out of conjiggle visits.

I guess the C-string is right out.

water brassieres?

Really? WTFBBQ? Do they stick them with pins to see if they deflate?

That is definitely a great job:

Tennessee Prison Visitor Underwear Inspector

"Visitations are an important part of the prison experience," Little told the paper. "We want them to be as safe as possible and as uneventful as they can possibly be."

An important part of "the prison experience?"

When water bras are outlawed only ...oh this is too silly too even finish.

Jeff beat me to it. But I'm on a roll so I'm gonna ost anyway.

Is Tennesee hiring underwear inspectors?

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