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July 30, 2007


(Thanks to DavCat)


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*Out in the West, thousands of lawyers start quivering and salivating in anticipation*

OK. THIS is news. WHOA.

However, I am flabbergasted that it took a DUI to put him at this point, and NOT his granddaughter's sexual escapades on video. Geez. Morals, anyone?

the eyes of a needy world search to an fro for another one to use as a conduit to vent their own self-loathing and to blame for their own inadequacies....

Diva, I say whatever it takes. I had so not missed her in the news recently, but this one was well worth it.

Uh-oh...she's gonna be drinkin' again.

Well, hell...that's what I'd do.
Just sayin'.

The tapes can be marked down as general idiocy.
The jail time came from criminal activity.

Unfortunately this means she is just going to have to be in the news more to earn the money to make up for the $60 Mil she lost.

Wow. If this is true, she may have a shot at being a real human being in the future. Might even have to work for a living like the people she made so much fun of on her "reality" show.

..I'm sure she still has a few million in pocket change coming from her daddy. She can still whore around with impunity.

This could be the best thing that ever happened to that young lady.

The moral of this story is don't mess with the old geezers.

Ooh, ooh. Mr Hilton! I'm a 26 year old girl with no grandfathers. I promise if you leave the $60 mil to me you will never hear of my drinking, partying, or see any evidence of attempts to procreate!! Please? I'll even take the money and just hide in a house somewhere so there's no chance I'll be on tv!

Or it could be don't stand up in a canoe.

No, wait...that's different.
Pardon me.

MareBear, you just ruined your chances.
Goin' around simulin' like that...jeez.

What MareBear said. Exactly.

If I was 74 and had $60 million, I'd spend it on a new body, not a spoiled brat. Don't blame him a bit.

Wow, who said all Mondays suck? It's wrong, but I am glad that she's getting it in the neck. Unfortunately, she's making a lot of money getting in our face so she may not even notice the loss, but still, this is a lovely, public slacp in the face.

He should make her a deal: she gets the $26M if she promises to stay out of the public eye and never do anything ever again. Ever.

Now, this will make great reality TV!

For us limerick writers, Paris is the gift that just keeps on giving.

We gape in amazement at Paris
Whose antics just seem to ensnare us.
From her videos raw
To her scrapes with the law
She's a chick that you just can't embarrass.

I sent this one in, too. Shame DavCat apparently beat me to it...

Not to snork over someone else's, um, misfortune, but it's nice to see that at least one member of clan Hilton has some sense of both responsiblilty and shame. I thought the money quote - so to speak - was the comment by the family biographer that Barron Hilton thought his granddaughter had "sullied the Hilton name"...and that he was done with giving his offspring money they hadn't earned themselves.

However, I am flabbergasted that it took a DUI to put him at this point, and NOT his granddaughter's sexual escapades on video. Geez. Morals, anyone?

'Diva, I think the DUI was just "the straw that broke the camel's back."

No big deal for Paris. She earns about $200 million a year from her own business ventures, none of it from inheritance. I don't think losing a $60 mil inheritance will faze her that much.

Wes S. - Sorry I beat ya to it, but when I saw this article I couldn't stop laughing.

I know Paris has her own money from her perfume, book, tv crap not to mention the money she will inherit from her parents.

But you gotta admit, this is a hoot! Props to Barron for putting his foot down. Do you think the rest of the family will give her hell for this, since they will not get any $$ because of her actions?

I can't remember what celebrity said this but it's a great quote (not word for word, but as close as I can recall): "I plan to leave my offspring enough money so they can do anything, but not enough so that they do nothing."

That's hot! ; >

Personally, I think Barron ought to cut the whole damn family off. Paris' parents and sister are almost as screwed up as she is...

If this is true, Mr. Hilton, Sr., should get the Presidential Medal of Freedom or some similar award for improving all of humanity.

He should make her change her last name. Paris NoTell Motel

This is so hot!

Opps! Being blonde ain't easy.

*slaps bot*

I met Barron at one of his parties about 15 years ago - he's a great guy. I hope he gives it all to charity. Really. Or if not, I am available for adoption.

Davcat - she's bringing in $ with her biz ventures, but overall her profits are flatter than her cd.

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