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July 09, 2007


We are not sure if this item has been blogged before, but we are certain you should not click on it.

(Sent in by sadists)


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Ok it is my own fault for clicking. Why did I not listen?

Judi called me a sadist. It's so nice of her to notice.

Guys?? I did NOT send this in. that. is. all.


Actually if the baron sent it in, isn't he a masochist?

On behalf of most of the men in Texas (Tony Parker technicaly only lives here in the NBA season I'm told.) I have to say....................that should about cover it.

"...but now is the last monk with this ability, reports Xinmin Net."

Ya think this might be somehow due to his inablity to err...procreate?

Only if I participate, Al, and I definitely do not. I crossed my legs the first time I saw it, just like every other man here.





Everybody was Tiedang Gong Fighting. Those moves were OWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Shouldn't it be Tiedang Dong?

Iron Chef!

"Today's secret ingredient is....sum young dong!!

Grasshopper: "Master, when shall I leave the temple?"

Master: "When you can withstand a grown man swinging from your penis without screaming in agony."

Grasshopper: "Is this why you have never left?"

Master; "Young Grasshopper grows wise."

Gimme a few shots of tequila and I can do that...

On a semi-related note, my 17-month-old son was about to take a bath yesterday and was standing naked in the bathroom. As I walked in, I saw that he had hung one of those "Live Strong" rubber bracelets from his penis. I was immensely proud.

*snorks* to Hammie and Scott (for a sec I read 17 YEAR old son).

you should be proud!

Is that better than molybdenum crotch?

Exactly how potent to I really need to be? Couldn't I get the job done without martial arts?

...speechless... in pain... but... I...

I mean, I don't even have a penis, and...

*passes out and hopes for the mental image to fade fast*

Video Update to this story here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXfXwjm6J8Q

All that penis stretching and suffering for what a box of chocolates could accomplish.

Tiedang Gong = Get Dong Gain!

"A new martial arts video in China reportedly teaches men how to make their crotch as hard as iron."

Hell, I'd settle for a crotch as hard as a bannana. It's been a long, dry spell for me blogpals.

Judi, I'm sure if that had been blogged before we'd ALL remember it.

*snork* at Scott and his son.

Oh,c'mon, I've been doing this for years...

Peg Leg - hence the 'peg leg' moniker?

They have basic training for this in Japan, too.

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