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July 26, 2007


Be on the lookout for Daisy Valdivia's pool.

(Thanks to Carl Johnson)


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"We have two grills, chairs, umbrellas, antique statues, power tools, a tv, stereo system, crystal and silverware in in the gazebo they're much easier to take," she said.

I blame it on the aliens. I want to believe!!!

Typical UFO sighting. Thirsty aliens.

Ooh ooh, I call dibs on the crystal!

Whoa Casey! Psychic double postings! Who's the alien, huh?

Bethie, are you wearing your tinfoil hat too?

Uh oh. This is getting weird. Que the weird music.


i think they used a camel. camel's can store a lot of water.

Plus, then you can hitch-up the pool and the camel can drag it off....

Her backyard recreational equipment was liquidated.

We definitely need the follow up story on this incident. Who wants to be in charge of keeping track?

I nominate SW. ;)

Hmm, anyone know how many gallons one of those plastic pick-up bed sized water tanks holds? I'm guessing one or more of those, and a really quiet pump.

But the alien theory is funnier.

The weight's the issue. Even the biggest pick-ups are 1-ton capacity and that's only @ 250 gallons. They pumped it into a storm water drain, using aliens....

Aliens are allergic to Earth water.

I bet the thieves dumped 20,000 of those little capsules that grow into sponge animals into the pool.

Or one of them 20,000 times.


*comes in wearing her tin-foil hat*

People...it's the Illegal Aliens!

Have you seen how much CRAP they can carry in those pick up trucks?? I think she needs to call INS.

Soon to be a Major Motion Picture:

20,000 Itty-Bitty Sponges in the Pool

Casey, I never take it off! Then "they" would know!

She woke up at 5 to put out the recycling???? WTFBBQ

As far as the water goes..."they" recycled it to do the lawns, of course. Cased closed.

Coconuts, I think the BBQ is still there.

*takes the 'd' from up there*

The clear lesson is people that like to grill, at worst, cook in your backyard... they're not energetic enough to be thieves.

"...her family's inflatable pool, hip high and 10 feet in diameter..."

20,000 Leaks Under The Knee

Daisy, Daisy
Missing her backyard pool
She goes crazy
Three toddlers out of school
It won't be an easy summer
For thieves it's such a bummer
Cos what they took
Those nasty crooks
An inflatable filled with drool

If nominated I will not run. If elected I will not serve. If impeached I will not testify. If removed I will not budge.

f buried I will not decompose.

Yeah, we got Trouble with a capital "T" that rhymes with "P" that stands for Pool.
ooops anybody here over 50?

I hope she doesn't fill it with bottled water. That would be frigging expensive!

"...anybody here over 50?"

Nope. Just you.

(and lol to deconstructing cj).

The crooks were heard singing, as they left:

Daisy V., you've got some lovely water
Grills as dark as yours they ain't too rare
But too bad, we've got umbrellas now
We've taken chairs enough, but ain't no pools, we find...

*SNORK* Kauai! I'm in the middle of doing that show right now! ;-)

Ahem, Kauai.....I played Eulelei McKechnie Shinn (mayor's wife) in high school many moons ago......

One Grecian Urn........

Music Man is one of my favorites. I'm going to see another, Oklahoma!, this weekend. One of our friends is playing Judd Fry. "Por Judd is daid..."

I live in North Jersey, and really, the explanation is quite simple. North Jersey tap water--which is presumably what was in the pool--is only 10% liquid. The other 90% is sediment, pieces of Jimmy Hoffa, and toxic waste--all solids. Clearly the actual liquid component of the "water" evaporated. The thief (or thieves) merely dumped the rest on the lawn. No one would ever know the difference, until much later (2 days), when the weeds grew to amazonian heights. Mystery solved.

The clue is that they just moved in with three kids to a quite area. The people next door spirited it away to silence the screaming kids. I have one of these pools next door with only two kids and I wish I thought of this idea at the beginning of the summer.

Thanks for the support Scott, Coconuts and Desk Diva. [getting my confidence back] I'm feeling so much more at home here :)

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