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June 30, 2007


There are many squirrels in Nigeria.

(Thanks to Mike Pontillo)


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Maybe it's for the best. Do we really need another 300 spammers telling us how we can get rich helping them move vast sums of money?

I've been following the OLPC program a bit. Originally, the idea was that the little computers (they don't look like your normal laptop) would have a little hand-crank or foot-pump-like generator so they wouldn't need wall power. They are also built to connect wirelessly to each other and to a network access point if one is available. Kinda cool.

That is one possible downside, fiv. Of course, maybe with proper training and equiping (and brainwashing inducements) we can bribe the OLPC users to take out the spammers. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Dunno about you, but for me the 419 spam scam emails don't appear anywhere near as often as the Chinese &$@!&# constantly pushing various medications. And at least the 419s seem to be different every time, so they're good for a bit of entertainment.

I like your idea, Scott, but we'd have to spring for some travel money. It looks like a goodly percentage of the criminals aren't in Nigeria any more...

Yep, the Nigerians just supply the names, ministry titles and rumors of corruption.

OOoooooh, I so love it when you male types of the masculine gender talk all techie and stuff!

Well, um... I've not wanted to bore people to tears (and probably failed). But as a sometime software developer and denizen of the internet a decade before Sir Tim's newfangled browser idea opened the floodgates, I am quite capable of blathering on like this indefinitely. Be careful what you wish for... :-,)

What annoys me is that there have got to be legitimate businesses that sell my e-mail address. I'm sure I got a lot more junk e-mail after I bought a computer from Dell. I wonder if they sold my address. I think it should be illegal to sell e-mail addresses to spammers.

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