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June 26, 2007


They cause teen smoking.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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"The hurricanes had an emotional impact on the youth and we need to recognize that and give them the help they need. Otherwise, they use tobacco as a crutch and then they become addicted."

everyone knows it's hard to keep tobacco dry during a hurricane. the approved stress reliever is rum.

So THAT's where all the rum went!!

For me, hurricanes don't make me smoke.

They make me drink.

And drinking makes me smoke. (esp. when I spill it on myself next to someone with a lighter)

"Raised stress levels lead to more smoking," he said. "It was not shocking to find that relationship after the hurricanes."

Obviously a graduate of the Maximegalon Institute of Slowly and Painfully Working Out the Surprisingly Obvious (MISPWOSO)¹

¹ Douglas Adams

I blame peer pressure.

I blame global warming.

"the surgeon general, brian norcross, and n.o.a.a

would like to remind you that should it get suddenly

calm during a storm, do not go outside for a

smoke. it is just the eye passing overhead and you

will get lung cancer or a two-by-four through the

alveoli which amounts to the same thing. also the

attorney general will remind you that smoking is not

allowed in most rstaurants during a hurricane until

the roof blows off, when it becomes technically

outdoors". "

I'll smoke drink to that!

hey fud! how ya been???

*Makes note to sue El Niño when I get lung cancer*

Pretty good, Sioux. Busy, busy. I've been blurking mostly. And you?

LMAO Prof! and insom!

uh..Prof?? I don't think you can blame The Niño for your smokin'.

fud, been good...here as usual..back from vacation and wanting to take off again ;-)

Don't work so hard and come visit more often huh??

I blame shoes. They all wear them. See? Or maybe shirts.

So is FEMA going to pay for their Nicotrol?

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