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June 25, 2007



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Wooo hoooo! Power to the little people!!!

"There is justice, Justice."

*goes to collect bookie earnings*

Judge Judy?

Everybody Wang Chung tonight!

Or maybe just they will... either way, well done!

The sad thing is this merde tete is still a freakin' judge.

Well, if the Judge had kept his tickey...

/window seat on the bus to h3!! please

Off topic to Siouxie...Mom told me there was a painting of a Standard Poodle in the same room as the one where the most modern painting of the Cecil's are. I don't remember that, do you? I also did a GIS and couldn't find it. Reason I'm asking is because a good friend of mine had a Standard named Max (now deceased) that was a direct decendant of the one in the painting and was purchased from one of the Cecils who apparently still breeds them. Anyway, I don't remember the painting, do you?

Sorry for the threadjack, back to your regularly scheduled snarkiness.

this is kind of interesting (but not funny)


Wow, Judge Roy really got taken to the cleaners. . . no wait.

I smell a countersuit . . .

my mom wore pant suits back in the 70's, but never one that pricey.

fivver -- nice! I not only pardon your French, I admire it.

casey - nope...don't remember...course I was so damn HOT I coulda seen a poodle and not noticed LOL I was aiming for the fans.

judi's interesting, yet not funny link.

Well Siouxie, what could Biltmore expect? If'n they knew you and I would be there at the same time, I'm sure they would have had more fans blowing.....

Gratuitous legal technicality: The guy is not a "judge" in the sense that he provides over a court and dispenses justice over a variety cases. He's an "administrative law judge" - a civil service employee, usually with a law degree, who hears cases in a narrow area, like reviewing Social Security decisions.

Admist the celebration I have to point out that merely being ordered to pay the defendant's court fees is hardly a fitting penality. The judge should be required to shovle their sidewalk for the next three winters and maybe wash their windows.

or at very least be required to wear a large placard that reads "Ask me why I'm such a hugh prick"

Guys, Gals, it is a victory, but it is only bittersweet. Remember these dry cleaners have had their livelihood ruined, and are probably up to their ears in lawyers' fees. Not exactly justice.

casey, very true...very true indeed!

orcel, I think he should be ordered to do their laundry (by hand).

sorry - i sent this article in llike maybe 2 minutes before it got posted..... but RIGHT ON! that 'judge' needs to spend time with judge judy, who would slap him silly.

Marion Barry (any relation?) apparently staged the whole thing to distract from his drunk driving.

You do know who Marion Barry is right?

The guy is not a "judge" in the sense that he provides over a court and dispenses justice over a variety cases. He's an "administrative law judge" - a civil service employee, usually with a law degree, who hears cases in a narrow area, like reviewing Social Security decisions.

and yet he still makes everyone call him 'maestro'....

Edgar Greenberg: Correction, the JUDGE is now up to his eyeballs in legal fees as they were awarded to the defendants in his loss. They are essentially free and clear. And everyone nwas on their side in this so I don't see word of mouth ruining their business, only enhancing it at this point since this man is CLEARLY an idiot.

Now, all we need is to have him removed from the bench (or society or the human race. Can we do that?) and all will be complete!

*snork* @ insom!

Of course Edgar, that was sarcasm.

What is this Sarcasm thing you speak of?

Unlike everyone else here, I was on the side of the judge. Had he won, I would have been able to sue Burger King for the retinal damage and mental anguish done my that annoying big-headed mascot thingy that is being foisted on the unknowing public.

Or maybe sue Geico for the damage done to my psyche and marriage by those damned Cavemen ads that will now be coming in 30 minute episodes in primetime, and that Baroness vonKlyff no doubt will want to watch.

Nope KOW, they were NOT awarded attorney's fees, just court costs . . . the attorney's fees issue has been tabled for further motions proceedings . . . including a defense motion for sanctions against the plaintiff.

And even if they are awarded attorney's fees, they still have to collect them which is NEVER an easy task. The judge doesn't just order the loosing party to bring a big wad of cash to court. Few judgments are ever realized at face value. Besides, this guy will likely appeal.

If that lawyer who sued over those pants happens to be a reader of the Dave Barry blog, I'd like to say something to him: Ha.Ha. And also, Loser!

Since I'm sure you're all dying to see what those $54M pants looked like, this article includes a picture. (Judi, you can ignore my email; I'm LTTG as usual.)

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