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June 23, 2007


(Thanks to many people)


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That thing looks like a cross between Yoda and a hung-over Wookie.

Yo quiero barf bag.

Oh thanks! I was eating! That poor ugly dog!

That tongue alone is enough to give me nightmares tonight.

It's worth scrolling to photo #8 to see Sam, a 3-time winner who passed away last year. Absolutely hideous. This guy would keep Stephen King up at night.

What is with the tongues on the Chinese Cresteds? Ick.

What, people still use AOL?

Holy sh--, Annie! I thought that the winner was scary enough. This breed must have inspired gremlins. But Sam took scary-ugly to a whole other level.

Petaluma is known for a few things: The ugly dog contest, champion arm wrestling, not to mention it's the chicken capitol of the world. Just a few snippets I found out when living not that far from there. Also, if memory serves me correctly, the Blog mentioned how much he just liked saying Petaluma, Petaluma, Petaluma while on a book tour not that long ago.

Hey! Anybody notice the Newsmakers link? "The man who sang the 1961 hit 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' dies." I'm having flashbacks to the Dark Ages (1969) when our Latin club did the story of Rome in narrative and (rewritten) song. The first number, when Troy falls and Aeneas flees:

In the city, the burning city,
Aeneas sleeps tonight.
If he stays sleepy, he will get crispy.
Aeneas sleeps tonight.

Hilarious, man.

... Ok, I guess you had to be there.

Ya O.K. Richard, I get your drift. Must have been funny! But, why oh why do I feel sadness at the passing of the artist who sang "A Lion Sleeps Tonite?"

"runs away with the top prize"
They would only hope he runs away.

Sam has go to be demon-possessed. Even SK couldn't come up with a hound like that.

feh........I see this every morning in the mirror



I guess they had to give the title to a dog other than Sam this time around. But Sam is still the ugliest (and scariest) looking dog I've ever seen. Beats this new champ by miles.

Ah, a little research reveals that Sam died last year. So that explains it. RIP, Sam.

I think Sam was dead when that pic was taken

belated *snork* to Jazzzz!

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