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June 23, 2007


Because without guys, nobody ever would have thought of transporting an entire pub full of beer from New Zealand to London. As far as this blog can tell, this is actually happening.

(Thanks to Bill Moore)


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Again - they obviously have their priorities straight!

Most important question: How good is the beer?



Sooooo, a guy named Jamie Munro is exporting offal to London? Just wait till Oregon hears about this....

Well, there is a good cause I can get behind!

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Oy vey

Well, Eugene, THIS blog isn't afraid to tackle controversial issues, so YOU should go HERE to see REAL political bravery!

Well, that is certainly interesting. Maybe we can ship Euge a bar full of Santa bashing bullies from Philly. Would that be helpful?

Take a pub full of ale—Speight’s brand
Sail to London, as ex-pats demand
But those blokes from NZ
Have more than two months at sea
Hope there’s some left when they make land.

Kosher spam??

Obla di...Obadiah...I always say.

*waves at Siouxie*

Like que, sera, sera?

Duckie has noticed the glitch in the plan - well spotted. There probably won't be any beer left when they reach London. But the pub building will still be there (unless they eat it) so there will be a nice place in London to put NZ beer if they send some more.

How hard can it be to transport an entire building filled with a liquid most of the way around the world for 70 days in the middle of the freaking ocean?


Hmmmm. Interesting spam.

Anyway, I say it's trés cool why not? A harmless bit of fun. Hey, guys who are moving a pub halfway across the world are guys don't feel the need to be "men" -- in the Dave Barry sense of the word. The world would be a lot safer -- and funnier -- if more men decided to become guys.

Personally, I highly approve of guys and enjoy hanging out with them.

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