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June 25, 2007


(Thanks to W von Papineäu)


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Yea W von Papineäu!


gotta love redneck boys.

This (sorta) city girl needs to know why he saved the snake?

Cause he was an idiot.

Who says teens today are lazy???

Never driven a snake before ... wow!

Laurie, being a city girl myself I will only guess that he saved it just in case the hospital staff needed to know what KIND of snake bit him for the proper anti-venom.

or as a souvenir.

Or for dinner...

I would have just grabbed the snake, bitten it in half, and carried the head part with me for identification purposes.

My luck I'd have brought just the tail ...

Of course, Bear Grylls (yum) on Discovery's Mand vs. Wild is always knocking a fish or a snake in the head with a rock then eating it raw. Frankly, to my mind there's never a life or death situation that wouldn't allow the few minutes to properly skin, filet and cook whatever i just killed by knocking it in teh head with a rock.

wouldn't want to waste a perfectly good snake.

What a dumbass that kid is! If he hadn't been out fishing, and was partying and doing drugs with his friends, this would have never happened!

The tragic ending to the story was never told. After leaving the hospital, he was killed when his Pappy's meth lab exploded taking out his wife/little sister and 2 of Pappy's prized guard hogs....

Great story...but if you follow the link and scroll down the page to find out what else the Montgomery Advertiser is reporting today, you'll find this story: Woman on horseback charged with DUI.


Seems this woman decided to go for a midnight ride on horseback through the center of town and tried to ram a police car with her horse when the cops tried to stop her. Drugs were apparently involved, as the cops - once they got her off the horse - found pills, pot and crystal meth on her person, along with a pipe.

Man, Montgomery must be an exciting place to live...

And wiped out over 1/2 of the trailer park.

Now *there* is a hoon who knows how to handle his snake!

Dag nabbit.

LOL Fed Duck

That is SO weird! The last time I took a red hot sharp piece of metal and stuck it threw my finger, it felt just like a snake bite!

Threw?! THREW!!!??


Meanie, get ready for your birthday spankings!!!!

I hear it's therapeutic. threw and threw.

"This (sorta) city girl needs to know why he saved the snake?"

He wanted to drive in the diamondback lane.

*zips in*™

How does the story end? What happened to the snake?

Another example of shoddy reporting....

At least the snake ate well on the way to the hospital.

Wes - those drugs weren't hers. They belonged to the unicorn she was riding.

HB'day again, Blue Meanie!

how the story ends.

What kind of bait do you use to catch crickets anyway?

Reason for taking the snake along: Alabama has 2 kinds of poisonous snakes - pit vipers (rattlers, copperheads, moccasins, etc) and Coral snakes. (I think Corals get as far north as Montgomery) The toxins are enough different that you want them to know which antivenin to use.

I thought he took a snake 'cause he forgot to pack a lunch.

Water moccasin makes fine sushi.

*SNORK* @ Bethie! My thoughts exactly.

The snake rode in a bucket seat.

But was he exempt from the seatbelt requirement?

He brought the snake along in case he couldn't find the hospital. Then he could asp for directions.

when i got bit last time, i put the snake carcass in a jar and carried it with me to the emergency room when the nurse screamed and ran away. the quality of medical care here is abysmal.

Annie & Stevie...I missed you.


I'm with El, did they do CPR on the snake @ the ER; a fang implant?



Gotta love southern boys :)

(((((((((((((((El)))))))))))))))))) I missed you!!!! LOTS AND LOTS!!!

*happy grin*

I missed you too, Siouxie, and I'm glad you're home safe and sound. ;)

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