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June 25, 2007


CNN loses Afghanistan.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Likely mistake - all those countries look the same to me too.

*hair flip*

They lost an entire country? That must be a first!

Remember, this is the network that landed Ms. Hilton's 1st interview after being released for Larry King Live. I think that says it all.

It is pretty depressing. Maybe we need to whip CNN back in shape.

we need to get a news show for jeff foxworthy's fifth graders. i'll be they know where afghanistan is.

Edgar, you called?

Big deal. We're Americans. As far as we're concerned, there's the US, and all dem furrin cuntrys.

is politely not saying anything about ex-Matt's choice of misspelling...

mm, same here...politely keeping my mouth shut (and quietly reaching for my whip)

Boy, there stoopit. Everyone knows that is Denmark.

Lost a country? MAN! Hate that when it happens!

Just goes to prove one shouldn't base your foreign policy on what networks report.

... now, where'd I leave that pack of steaks ...

I understand how this can happen. I lose sh!t all the time. Mrs. Layzee calls it Male Pattern Blindness.

*snork @ Mrs. Layzee*

I always thought that Afghani Stan was some guy that sold falafels outside the Empire State Building. They lost Afghani Stan? Guess I will have to have a hot dog instead.

Maybe that's some cutting edge reporting, ya know? Shake up the audience a bit, make sure they are awake. Make them think!

No wonder John Edwards isn't afraid of CNN.

They should use the routine I go through when I lose stuff, when I try to put myself in the lost item's place. "If I were an Afghanistan, where would I be?"

Syria is a nice place to live. Look at all the people in history that have fled it.

The Syrians love to tell the tale that Abraham is from Syria.

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