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June 10, 2007


(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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"You've been distant since the sexual harassment."


Mebbe I should've said FIRST! ... ???

Suddenly my t'shirt idea doesn't seem in such poor taste, in comparison. I'd like to send a few of those to various persons, most of them related.

Dave, you put me one click away from getting in SO MUCH TROUBLE many times over...shame on you!! (The 'flirting' page is my frontrunner so far).

Yeah, Bethie ... I also sorta chuckled about the one that says "May you live long enuf to ..."

There's definitely a few there I could use ...

Dave, can you send me that master list of all the blogbroads' addresses again? I seem to have sold misplaced it.

One on the "confession" page is PERFECT for Perish Hillhoe ... IMHO ...

Hrm, I'm shocked that several of these could probably be sent to me...

I'm really glad these weren't around a few years back! I'm pretty sure at least two of my female friend circle would no longer be speaking to me.


Stevie?? just don't send me this:

"I respect that you're a bit slutty"

So much evil on this link to mine, SO little time! hehe.......

Doc - 'S Ok. You can send 'em to me instead. I won't take offense. :-)

I've bookmarked the page...and please all forgive me in advance for what I send ;-)

I like this one "Enjoy your time off from doing nothing". I'd assume that everyone has 1 or 2 co-workers we could send this to... if we dared. :)

*Puts Siouxie's email address back on the junk mail filter*

I feel the blogger on blogger violence around here is about to escalate to South American soccer fan levels any second now!

*snork* @ Prof. You funny, Honey. ;-)

I already sent one of these to Nurse Tammy. Y'all just have to figure out which one.

hehe...Hi Prof!!

these are just too good!

Anyone just watch The Sopranos?

Drew? Did you send one of these to Dave? Huh? C'mon...fess up!

Kristina, 3 of my supervisors apparently peruse this blog since I just got that exact card from them. Thanks again Dave!

"Thinking of you; our safe word scares me."


This website could get me in so much trouble. I'd better stop right now.

El, I'm watching the Tonys...I love musical theater and the one that's been sweeping the awards.."Spring Awakening" is the one I saw last Sat ;-) I'm rooting for that one!

I like these, too:

"It's been too long since we threw up on each other"
"This past month has been the best long-term relationship of my life"
"I could watch TV with you forever" - how romantic! :)
"I'm glad you found someone lamer than me to date"
"I barely remember what I don't like about you"
"It would be an honor to ruin your wedding"
"I've never been less ashamed of you"

the burning question Eleanor....is Tony dead?

Hi Siouxie!

I'm a big musical fan too, and we get the Tony show on a delay. Starts in about 40 minutes, but the NYTimes is posting the winners, so....

Are the musical numbers good?

El, so far they've been great...the next one up is the one from Spring Awakening!

I should probably borrow some of the blog brain bleach to forget I ever saw this website. There are at least a dozen cards I'm having a hard time not sending.

That's a great site. I can't wait to start insulting people..in a classy way.

Dave is such the instigator...WE LOVE YOU, MAN!!!

OK - I'll make myself y'all's guinea pig. You can send the cards to whatever name you like, but use my email address. That way you'll have the satisfaction of sending it and I'll get a good clean snork out of it. :-)

It's a sacrifice, but I'm willing to do it because *sniff* I love youse guys.q

"I hope the weather stays this shitty"

Is it possible to send that one to the entire state of Florida?

LOL, I am submitting this actual post-break up note from my well spent youth; "Anne it has been a pleasure to know you. I will always treasure our time together. Never forget if you need any thing at all, a shoulder to lean on, a kind ear or even money. Just call my brother. He hates you too"

AAAAAGGGGHHHH....I TiVo'sd Sopranos to watch later tonight and had to run my way through those last few posts. You people are cruel.

HAH!!! Oh, Dan, that is SOOOO cruel!!

"I have nothing to say to any of you!"

Layzee, no one't talked about it. I just asked if anyone watched it and Siouxie said no.

*zips lips*

Sorry Edgar! Just kidding with you if your out there guy.

aww, come on Eleanor! I don't have HBO and if I try to open another window online, I will probably cause my CPU to start smoking from overexertion.

Am watching "Soprano's" from the start on A&E. Is so hard to not tell Carol who is not gonna be on next episode.

*SMACKS!* Doc Rick. Not funny!

And if you wanna know what happens, ask someone to email you!

"The smell of fresh country air makes me want to jump off a cliff!"

I don't have a problem with country air, but the writers on the other hand.....

Uh oh... Diva's been taking lessons from Siouxie.

**SNORK** @ pete - and he knows why!! ;-)

Gotcha Meanie, suffice it to say!

Hey, Siouxie!! They noticed!!!

Yep. But she won't let me have my own machete yet. All's I get is this little butter knife.


These cards are evil hilarious! I'm hurting myself laughing so hard!

Air, I need air...

(OT Sports Alert: at the end of 3, Spurs have a 27-point lead!)

*SMACKS* Prof!


snork @ all of you...and, of course, Dave

Ouch! What did I do??

if i am absent for awhile, it is because i have liquid courage and i am exploring my, uh, options.

My pants are wet, cuz i laughed way too hard.

um...nothing...just hadn't smacked anyone today and my hand was getting a bit twitchy ;-P

*snork* Med - and here you just finished your laundry, no thanks to CJ.

Hm. Do you think we all know WAY too much about each other's lives?

Me neither. ;-)

Diva, Doc. Doc, Diva and all! Have received official permission from The Blog meister, grand master and future leader of the free world to launch "Blogger Lager"!!!!! (Vote Barry) We need coffee, slogans and a platform stat! (and 4 to 6 weeks for beer making kit to arrive) I am never washing my email again.

gee Siouxie... thanks for choosing me ;)

...and, uh, Med? What options are you exploring? Inquiring minds and all that.

*SNORK* @ Diva. You joker. Ike did appreciate it though. This is like turning a bunch of 8th graders loose at Chucky Cheese's.

wooooooooooohooooooooo! Dan!! awesome!!

Beer...good. (ok..that's taken)


Dan - are you sh!ttin' me? The word came down and we are a go on barry blogger lager? I may have to put on dry undies!

Med, you wear undies?


Dave, we need another slogan contest. Winner gets the blame.

pete, honey, 8th graders are "SO OVER" chuck. Talk Dave Barrys and Busters, and you are in like celebritysmut.

She wasn't wearing any a few hours ago when i left home headed to her house.


Sioux, only on "certain days". Commando is my lingerie of choice.

Med - You stole the words right outta my mouth!!! ARE YOU SHITTIN' US?

I'm so excited, I'm not even censoring!!!!

Sorry, I'm dating myself.

And it's NOT because I can't get a woman to go out with me.

pete - you're still in Iowa, out wandering around with idiots. The blogals all agree - free-range is the sh!te.

HOLY BARRY BROTHER OF.....(Ok, you get the point!) Sweetness Dan! Will start my creative juices as soon as I finish this beer. *dang, I'm going to wind up losing this job too....heh!*

Med's not wearing underwear?

Sorry... everything else I read just went away.

Doc - Don't Eff up my "in" on the tickets/media/sports o. We'll let you in the hot tub, FOXY.

Just like Med's thong,Prof.

pete LOL thanks! too funny

LOL Prof!! And here you didn't even comment on my free-range ramparts earlier. I'm highly offended!!




no calories, no transfat, no cholesterol.

Portion control is not necessary.

At the Barry brewery, to many beers is never enough and a career prerequisite

dam. i've been drinking. no one noticed that i slurred my last pots, did they?

Commando Med, Ramparts Diva, and the exceptionally spicy Cuban let's hit the hot tub.

*prepares for cannonball*

Sorry Diva... I missed that ;) It's been a long day LOL

Me too, Med!

Wearing underwear = more laundry.

Who needs that? :)

Well Med "slurred pots" are elusive little things.

If we make beer in the hot-tub, we could market it as "made with real blogger's" just say'n

Dr. R, I'm on a blog (in another window) where they're talking about the Sopranos finale.

Wanna follow me over there? ;)

Still have the job Med, but what are these free tickets of which you speak? Ours get sucked up by the higher up muckety-mucks. I was counting on you getting me into the front row at Kaufman or Arrowhead since your new position means hanging out with the front line K.C. celeb types.

Woo Hoo!

Simul with Dr. R! Next thing ya know he'll be a-wantin' my phone number! *giggles*

Well, panties are a requisite, but bras are NOT de rigeur in my household. I come in, it comes off. End of story.

i've sent several earlier this weekend...

OT Sports Alert:

SPURS WON! 103 - 92. Woohoo!

Back to your regularly scheduled commando hottubbing...

Why am I all alone in this stupid hot tub?

Don't answer that if you're going to be mean.

Thanks Eleanor! But I was just informed we are now going to use our Netflix account to watch it all the way from the beginning. Needless to say I will not being listening to the radio anymore this month. Dangit!

Several what Judi? LOL

of course after I did the cannonball there's only about 6" of water left in here.

Sorry Pete... I'm not getting in there if you're the only one. No offense or anything...

judi, these could be addicting they're so funny lol

uh...pete...hold on...lemme go read one of those cards before I answer ;-P

Ducky, just how did they manage to convert a 27 point lead down to an 11 point victory? Be careful, you guys might be about to begin imitating Houston sports teams!

Ok folks... have fun in the hot tub. I gotta sleep. 5:30 comes WAY too early. Nite!

El, I watched the Grand Finazzzzzzzzzzzzzz

That's ok, prof I understand. Good news though; after all the beer I've had tonight the hot tub is back up to 9".

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