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June 11, 2007


We take our responsibilities seriously.

(Thanks to Howard from Broward, Hilly, everyone, and Siouxie)


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Barely acceptable

Naked Hitlers— Good name for rock band?

We say no.

You have to appreciate a man with the ability to lure a couple of thousand people into his fetish and then have it considered art!

"It was very exciting and I didn't even feel shy," said a Dutch woman called Didi, who nonetheless didn't want to give her last name.


Yum. Nekkid, horny women!

dont be shtupit be a shmarty come and join the nazi party!

thank you mel brooks.

You can tell when the Blog's away...judi brings out the nekkid people! YAY for the s.b.!!!

WATCH it Siouxie! I might resemble that remark! ;-)

(YAY queensbee! Love that quote!)

"Brave cyclists" is right, especially the guys!

Ouch Factor - GNFA ABC-TV reality series.

Why couldn't I have come up with this idea? I mean, how else are you going to get 2,000 people to strip down and hang out in public?

(Don't answer that...)

Yeesh. Someone needs to learn the difference between "nude" and "topless".

Actually, my son took part in the Amsterdam get together. :) Thankfully he didn't tell me which one was him.

WTG, Siouxie! Good to see you back in action. ;)

Thanks, El ;-)

Your encouragement means SO much to me!! LOL

Gee, Eleanor, can't you tell which one is yours, er, your son?

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