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June 28, 2007


...you need this.

(Thanks to hd4mtns)


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Ooh! I want one! This would be PERFECT the morning after our church lockins!

YES!!! I finally got a first today!

Hat trick?


Bring out your dead!

Where was this when I needed to get rid of my sister's passed out friends after parties?

*zips in from South Korea*

This is what every college professor needs for his/her 8am classes.

*zips back to Korea (its Friday already, break out the beverages)*

More to the point, where were your parents? ;-D

I can also use that to get my teens out of bed.

Sadly, I suspect that this device was created in response to the ever-popular "boobytrap the corpse" trick that has bodies laying out for the dogs for days until they can be checked for traps or sniper setups. "Rules of combat," indeed.

Feh. Gimme gumball.

*hands CH a nice juicy gumball*

*tosses extra strength gumball over to CH*

My parents were in Chicago for job training and left a 17 year old and a 15 year old home alone. For a month. We became legends that year when we learned to work together. The problem was, her friends didn't have the discipline and experience needed to not get crap faced in half an hour. We educated them though, and by the end of the month, most of them could run circles around the frat boys at college (not for volume, but endurance and pacing)

Got rehearsal again tonight DD?

Good to know the Japanese are putting their technological gifts to good use.

Note to self; No more passing out on blog bar.

Don't worry, Dan. I have my hot wax. No need for this contraption to get you boys sobered up ;-P

Can't you just give us a nice cup of coffee or a pepsi so sober us up?

Did anyone click the link that takes you to the page the describes a demonstration of the unit? It read like it was written by Yoda.

How about a red mechanical bu11? That'll scare the sh!t out of wake you up.

All your bodies are belong to us.

Hey JD, still rainin' down there?

I use one of these for dating....

*snork* at CJ! How's that working for you?

ExMatt, it was last night, but nothing today, although there have been threatening clouds. Unfortunately, the waterlogged areas to the north and west of us got more rain today.

*busily hammers next plank into place on boat*

Sorta, Matt. I'm going, but I'm really achy tonight, so I will be observing rather than participating. The ramparts are NOT in great shape tonight. *winces*

It works great! I just tuck cab fare in her purse and hit the 'return' button on the remote....

LOL Siouxie!

Snork @ CJ. You baaad, baaad man. *EG*

Ouch. As much as I like'm, I'm glad I don't have my own.

Um, Ducky? Aren't your feathers waterproof?

That's OK, XM. You have other, compensating qualities. ;-)

Its been raining on and off here. Nothing flooded though.

Diva, yes, but I have livestock (1 dog, 2 cats) that aren't.

Ah. Well, carry on!

You know, I just wish He'd be more precise. What the heck's a cubit?

*sings to self*

Rain, rain, go away
Come again another day
Little Ducky wants to play!

Thanks, Noah. Since you have an "in" with the big guy, I'm sure the sun will shine brightly soon.

Just remember - He promised us He'd never wipe out the earth's population again. He didn't say He wouldn't clear out a few corners, in the meantime, though.

The news just said that our local lake is 28 ft. above normal today, even though floodgates have been open for several days. Yikes!

And I should have said it isn't raining right now, but did rain pretty hard around lunchtime.

*hammers faster*

Wow. 28 feet is a MASSIVE amount of water!!!

Well, aching or not, I'm off to rehearsal. *grimace* I do NOT wanna be there, I can tell you.

Diva, what's ironic, and hard to believe, is that this lake was at least 30 feet BELOW normal just a few months ago due to a couple of years of drought. To say we've had a wet spring, and summer, is a huge understatement.

Ducky - Sounds like the 92 flood. We got rain for 6 weeks, and the whole of Missouri was covered in water. I visited St. Louis during that time, and the water levels were beyond words.... just astonishing.

Just Ducky,
Can you send some of that rain out West ? We sure could use some of that right about now.

Med, in some parts near here, it's pretty scary.

dialtone, I'm flappin' my wings as hard as I can, but these clouds won't budge!

My family in the Carolinas is hoping some of it will last to out there. Lake Hartwell is way under, and even the rivers are running low.

Texas Flood.

Stevie Ray! We miss you!


Good evening cg

Geez, I take a nap and this place fades out like a 20-watt bulb. I ended up not going to rehearsal because I'm just aching too much and the chairs they have would leave me hunched over. I haven't missed any rehearsals yet, and I'm off-book, so I should be fine.

((((Diva)))) Feel better soon.

I've been keeping an eye out while catching up on mythbusters and Rescue me

Gently (((Diva))). Fire up the jets on the blog hot tub and easy your aches and pains!

Make that EASE your aches, etc.

Does this work on ramparts?

Ouch, NO!!!! Would you put that on your dangly bits? Same diff.

Hey, some people put these interesting places (not that I have any experience with that. No, really, I don't. Why are you looking at me like that?). It all depends on what freaks people like.

Jeez, where the heck is everyone tonite?

Did y'all catch the pix of Siouxie's trip on "A Nation in Shock" thread?

Who's bartending tonight? Is the hot tub warmed up yet?


ONLY if you are an NFL player or OJ.

/What kind of parties does Dave throw?

*eases into the hot tub s l o w l y *


I'll take a nice Bailey's if you're serving, Med.

Matt - ain't no way I'd be caught with either the clamps or the Ben Gay™ on the ramparts. Just sayin'!

casey - hop in, the water's perfect.

Moon, do not be so judgmental! Just because Dave posts this to his blog, does not mean he personally has a need for this. Dave knows his faithful bloglits quite well. Dave, being a canidate for President (yes, of the United States) has the best inerest of the American public at heart. Why, in fact, I have just put in my order for one of these.

I'd love to be invited to one of Dave's parties. Man. The naked oily Twister™ alone would be worth the admission price!

Not to give you gals any ideas, but there is an urban legend about a woman replacing friction reducer with the above cream when she found her boyfriends and his side item's supply.

And just for the record, neither item is going near the dangly bits either. I'd worry they'd be forever dangly.

*ears perk up*

Naked oily Twister?

*passes around tequila shots*

Everybody working on catching up?

*very carefully gets into the hot tub*

Can you drink tequila with muscle relaxers?

*snags two shots*

Yep. I think I'm caught up. If you'd rather play Twister™ than sit in the hot tub, we can go that route.

*lays out game sheet and spinner along with a bottle of strawberry-flavored oil*

Other folks have a thing about the Wesson, but I like something that both smells and tastes good.

Matt (this means hew): No need to get excited. Come take a dip in the hot tub -- you may get shrinkage, which would eliminate the dangly bits worry.

Evenin', Prof! Nice to be here when you are, for a change. Hm. In blogland you can drink anything with anything. So, yes.

CT, sure, lowers the bar bill for tha same effect.

Hot tub works for me DD. Although I can do the spinner and watch.

DD & Xmatt, I hate to tell you, but I have the patent on naked oily twister. However, my game does involve some "twists". Extra hughginormous tarp and olive oil. May not be the exact same version you are used to, but much more fun.

Only shrinkage if the water in the HOT tub is cold. Booze and women in the tub.....

*considers further, then adds bubble bath before getting in*

See, now, casey - the olive oil gets in the mouth and just...ick. That's why I go for the strawberry. Oh, did I mention the heat-friction element?

sweet! Double up on those shots then... I'm in pain!

Hiya Diva, how ya doing tonight, other than sore?

*practices keyboard self control*

OK - so why are YOU in pain, Prof? I'm good otherwise.

And the bubble bath was a nice touch, Matt. They....tickle.

Yowsa! I feel a little outta my league here. I do hear that tequila makes your clothes fall off, and have had similar experience with that spirit.

Patron, anyone?

*runs in a slidesssssssssss across casey's oily tarp*


FINALLY done with dinner/girls/dishes

Mert!!! I will have a glass of my NEW favorite wine - "The Biltmore Estate" house wine!

casey...popped open of the the bottles!

Wow, Matt - nice muscle control! ;-)

that would be: runs in AND slidesssssssssss

Lots of practice DD.

uh...and that would be...popped open ONE of the bottles...sheesh...I can't type tonight. Must be the vino.

Hmm. Already a couple simuls with Matt. You're gonna NEED that muscle control, Pal!! ;-)

Diva - you talking about tonight or last night?







It wouldn't matter if anyone's clothes fell off tonight Med... I wouldn't be able to take advantage of it LOL.

Hey there Siouxie... careful sliding across that tarp... you never know what's on the other end.

casey, you live close to there? There is a new winery down close to Table Rock called Victoria Valley Vinyards. I installed the automation, but I've never tried the wine. Might be worth a road trip for ya though.

ohhhh I got a nice sammich there!

and a simul with Ex-Matt!! thankee sir!

Prof, with my luck I'd slide right into the tub!


btw, I posted a few pics from my NC trip - casey and I enjoying The Biltmore Estate ;-) (It's on the Nation in Shock thread.

Yep, ya did, Sio.

LOVED those pictures earlier. You two just look like you are ready to take on the world. I really hope that's how I come across to folks. Y'all just look so genuine and beautiful. I think you're my new role models. :-)

*sneaks in a ) up there*

Diva, you may want to have a professional masseur work on your uh...er...muskcles ;-)

Nice pics Siouxie, I'm jealous and want to go home again.

Well, that's a possibility, Shirley Siouxie, but I don't have the disposable funds to do that right now. *sigh*

*wonders if Nurse Tammy's masseur brother would make a trip out for free*

*considers studying massage*

So, Prof - you never mentioned why you're so sore yourself. Inquiring minds and all.

awww dang, Diva...thanks! that is too sweet. I am who I am..and it's the same person you "see" here. I hope those who have met me agree.

casey was just the way I thought she'd be. we hit if off right away. I hope one day I can say the same about you and Med and Ducky...Annie...Matt...Rick...Wyo...blurk...Dan...cg...gosh...all
the blog people I hope to have the pleasure of meeting.

Oh, this is gonna be another night just FULLA simuls, ain't it?


oil and hot tubs and booze simuls..

if - it

dang this wine is kicking my butt tonight :-)

and thanks, Ex-Matt - the mts were unreal! I can't wait to go back.

Diva, they're going to start gossiping in cyber space. :)

Note to my 48 y.o. self: It's COLD water that produces shrinkage. Continuing education, what a marvel!

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