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June 25, 2007


(Thanks to Just Ducky)


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Death to HOONS! What's a hoon?

I don't know.

I dunno what that is, but I'm sure we have a lot of them here in Florida.

Suggestion for new state song - "Hoo let the hoons out"??? HOON HOON HOON HOON HOON!

and YAY Ducky!!!

I second Who let the hoons out???, and I also second Yay Ducky.

Ducky, did you send this in so someone (Anyone? Bueller?) would tell you the definition of a hoon? Well, that person will not be me.

*waits for someone to enlighten us all*

The search is over!

*googles "hoon"*


*still doesn't know*

*repeats Edgar*


Florida's full of hoons and hoonettes.

I completely did not understand anything in that article whatsoever.

And "pinkie gesture"? What? The Dr. Evil sign?

"Of all fatal crashes in NSW between 2002 and 2006, more than 30 per cent involved motorists aged 17 to 25 years."

My calculator tells me that of all fatal crashes in NSW bwtween 2002 and 2006, roughly 70 per cent did *not* involve hoons aged 17 to 25 years.

Based on those numbers, I think only hoons should be allowed to drive in NSW. Of course, we go car-surfing over here, so that opinion could be biased.

For clarification, a 'hoon is just an Aussi Yob. Just sayin'.


Hoon ooh?

*begs forgiveness in advance*

So do these yobs refer to their skanky girlfriends as "hoon poon"?

*goes to corner*

Nice one, SW, took me a coupla readings to find the ...

pinkie = (size of) winkie. All scientific, like.

I think I have it figured out...

The top cops are trying to get the hoon poon to reject these yob slobs by suggesting they have pinkie winkies, or as the condition is known in New Zealand medical circles, "kiwi weewee."

what's a yob??? is that anudda word for a$$hole?? how did that get to be yob, or hoon? hooinhell knew about that?

Woohoon! *Does happy posting dance*

*snork* @ everybody. queensbee, yob is a word used in England to describe delinquent types.

A yob is a backwards boy.

DO the asbos know about this?

I had no idea that my pinkie wave has gone international. I thought I was the only one who knew.

*pouts that she didn't file trademark paperwork to receive royalties*

ah, that old british rhyming slang and all that. i just learned 'gob-smack'. i guess you'd gob smack a yob into some place or something. i think hoon sounds more, eh, icky.

...palindrome, padre? Ty.

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