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June 06, 2007


But we know what tastes good.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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Someone needs to get a life.

Sorry, that's NOT impressive. Both of my kids made catsup painting when they were way younger than 30.

First to be puzzled.

Obviously this is serious art, as it comes from Colorado Springs. To qualify as weird art, it has to come from Boulder.

Useless without pictures!

First to STOMP on packet of ketchup and call it art

Not art for dinner again....

i prefer to work in gum

He should have stuck with tempura.

"Baalman, who never had any formal art training...."

Well color paint ME surprised!

Actually, he's pretty good. I saw a video clip and he does work in non-ketchup media, too.

Wasn't this already blogged a week or two ago?

judi? Bueller?

Jeff, probably not... *I* didn't send it in ;-P


If he uses ketchup, isn't that technically a "ketchuping" and not a "painting?" Ditto for the mascera and chocolate syrup.

I heard he dips fries in bucket of paint too....

(you know how them artist-types are)

yeah, i saw the letterman episode - the portrait was excellent. the artist had a good sense of humor. nothing to ridicule here.

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