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June 26, 2007


Talking butts

(Thanks to SW)


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They were thinking, "Hey! Maybe this might get on the Dave Barry Blog!"

"And then, maybe we could be the FIRST to post on it!"

Smoking crack Dave. Just crack.

LMAO fivver...took the thought outta my mind!

and YAY for Stevie!!!

beat me to it fivver. i was held spellbound. thought at first i was having flashbacks.

uh...that would be me...not lush bimbo's atty.

Seems pretty normal to me. A LOT of people talk outta their butts.

So basically it's a toilet seat with a built in drinking fountain.

I don't know about you all, but I get kinda creeped out sitting on a "warm seat" IYKWIM.... Ish.

Whoa. I had to see just why all those butts were smiling. The other cheeks scared me...

OK, I finished watching the demonstration video, and when that little "wand" came out of the seat, my only thought was:

"Holy Sh**"

They've really made asses of themselves this time.

Soooo ..... you sit on it .... and it pees on you.

*Buys one for mother-in-law*

One year I got my sister a birthday card from a famous card store with a crown as its symbol that said something to the effect of when you weren't grossed out by a warm toilet seat you knew it was family.

This might have warranted a warning, don't ya think?

Oh. My. Gosh.

*snork* @ MareBear. OK. I'll make an exception for that.

Those people surely do look happy! If I'd only known for all these years...

I think one of the most disturbing aspects of the introduction video is the installation locations...

By a waterfall
In the middle of a lake
These are not natural locations for toilets. Just sayin'.

Oh, and aren't these the same Flaming Toilets™ (WBAGNFARB) that were toasting buns in Japan a month or two ago?

Yay! My first ever snork! Who cares if it has to be shared with a major corporation?

I used one of those warm-air-fountain toilets in Narita Airport about 8 years ago (hey, you can get pretty bored on those global flights). A very bizarre sensation, I must say. The water jet comes out with quite a blast, and it was fairly hot. The hot air after was better. All in all, I'd rather do it myself.

Even iff they ask, my butt will not be doing a testimonial.

drat. I got all excited, thought I was going to be recognised, as I sent this in yesterday. Then I see sw got all the credit.

funny it never occured to me that somebody else might have sent this in too. By the way billboards are smiling down on broadway as we speak (uhmmm type/read).

If you right-click on the intro, and select "back", you can go from the faces back to the smiling butts.

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