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June 24, 2007


Squid rights.


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Yes, but will they get the vote?

What about my rights?

I want rights.

spiders feel pain? heeheeheehee..... I'll kill them more slowly now.

...at the moment creatures without a backbone are not covered by welfare laws.
So... we don't have to be concerned with the welfare of a certain head of state from the western part of some large English speaking country?

I think someone need to import a load of poisonous tarantulas into the Reichstag. We'll see how much rights those spiders will get.


I have never thought politicians have backbones... *feral grin*

Ow, Ow watch where you aim the squid. ouch. ouch. cut it out. we have rights too. arggg. Tell her to stop it. Ouch.

Newsflash: Senator killed by calamari-wielding psycho, marinara sauce film at 11.

Damn good thing I killed that brown recluse yesterday instead of today, I could have been in big trouble.

Being from Texas I'm worried that the cockroaches, fire ants and termites will get rights next, THEN what will we do?

Dave, since when have automated robots begun posting to your site? I had to pass a test for being a non automated robot before I could post this morning. What gives?

AT, congratulations... you have been botfocked.

*swats a skeeter*

My Ex had no backbone....but I inflicted know he felt pain.

Backbone = potential for pain? has anybody told Michael Moore? He's been trying to inflict pain on spineless individuals for years.

Annie, I'm with you. Our Texas bugs are nasty; we need protection from THEM, not vice versa.

CJ, are Florida skeeters huge and mean, or little and mean?

*snorks* at Punkin & Mot!

Lobsters and squids have rights. The right to be deliciously prepared, dipped into butter and then eaten!

Good God. Be careful, CJ, PETA will have you jailed for murdering mosquitoes, who should have the right to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by sucking your blood.

I do hope they kept the Par!s H!lton exclusion.

Lobster and drawn butter--mmmmm!

Med, PETA advocates for the IRS?

Lobsters DO have rights. They have pretty good lefts as well.

Exactly how many arms does a squid have a right to bear, anyway?

*pictures squids in muscle shirts*

You have the right to remain spineless.

Everything you say calamari used against you with a side of slaw.

You have the right to have an arachnid.

If you cannot afford an arachnid, maybe I can interest you in this smart little tic or perhaps this modest but charming mite. Best price for you.

So if I get a brown recluse in my house, I'm gonna have to take out the little spider trap I get from the county and humanely trap it and release it into the wild. Yeah right. Broom city.

But it's English squids, etc... And it says "That would give them the same protection as dogs, cats and horses." One wonders what kind of protection they're talking about... Just wondering. The Sun never seems to give you enough information on thesee little intrusions into the British life...

What? Squids already got plenty of rights. And lefts. 4 apiece, no?

Ducky, FL skeeters are 'medium,' but make up for it by operating in clouds of annoyance. Still, they have nothing on Noseeums, just the Big Guy's cruelest prank EVER!

You have the right to remain succulent. Any limb you display can and will be enjoyed immensely with a quart of butter. You have the right to be lemoney. If you cannot afford to be lemoney, some will be provided for you at incineration time and at the main course.

The above are known as the Mmmmmmiranda rights.

SW, my client says he hadn't seen your post while composing his. He will consent to splitting the tail with you in an equitable manner.

CJ, I've heard of those critters. Ick! I'll bet you get to do battle with them regularly in the course of your work.

*Snork!* @ Meanie!

I don't mind
All the mice banding with the squirrel
That's fine
If society's goin' to hell
But I know sometimes spi-
Ders go bump in the night
Lobsters scream in the brine
But the squids all have rights
The squids all have rights

Cjrun, I always wondered why I would itch after being outside, when I was sure I did not get bitten by a mosquito! It says they can even fly through a screen! I'm itching right now just having read that link.

*snicket* @ meanie's obvious plagiarism (j/k). My lemoney will contact your lemoney.

SW, Meanie didn't plan to plagiarize. It was just an Unfortunate Event.

*snorks* @ the 'sharks' representing the spineless!

Bethie, Noseeums are mostly around sand and saltwater; you're proably experiencing chiggers, essentially life support systems for jaws. One swipe over the itchy area and the chigger is usually gone; what causes the itch is the saliva left behind (acidic), so a little baking soda or ammonia (basic) relieves the itch.

Noseeums don't itch; more of an intense burning sensation. Primary defense? Avon Skin-So-Soft (rubbed over all exposed skin before you go out), of all things!

I wonder if England is like the 20 square miles surrounded by reality known as Boulder, Colorado. There, you don't own animals, you register as its legal guardian.

Cjrun, I much appreciate that information! I do know I have seen a few chiggers lately! And some weird little beetle landed on me the other day. It was black and had a red face/head, and it kinda resembled a tiny ladybug. That thing pinched or bit me---I'm not sure, but, hell, did it hurt! I've never seen a bug that looked like that before.

the only was this story makes sense is if it's referring to animals kept as pets (since it didn't mention such tasty vertebrates as cows, pigs, and chickens having rights) but then the 'lobsters in a tank' reference makes no sense...the sun should stick to its primary mission, showing the mammary glands of more evolved, femals, vertebrates.

Shheewwttt, ifn you seen chiggers yo' eyes is better'n mine!

CJ ....thanks for the picture of Paris Hilton. Is this the newest one since she is getting out of the hoosegah?

Darn right, insom, and females, too -- the more evolved the better, IFKWIM.

you guys are on your own on this one.....*runs away*

Cjrun, I can actually see chiggers. I have very weird microscopic close up eyesight, but that's just the problem, I'm nearsighted as hell. It's weird how I can see the smallest of tiny things, but off in the distance---nothing!

*zips in*™

O/T for just a moment, por favor. :)

A while back someone here referred to James Blunt as this generation's Barry M.

I'm reading a funny piece about Blunt and wanted to share.

Will the person who said that please come forward?
Thank you.
/end O/T

Carry on.

OT also/

You know, BBQ-ing chicken isn't really a lot of work, so some distracting entertainment would be nice. So what is available, now that the Nationals for Track and Field are over? Well, on one channel there's golf. On another channel, well, golf. Golf, to me, is not an ideal sport for watching. I know El and Jazzzz are nuts about it, so they can watch my channels. However, Robin Williams apparently agrees with me....

*grumble, grumble, sorts through dvds*

Well I've always said the only thing more boring than playing golf is watching someone else play.

OOPS! That should have a LANGUAGE WARNING!!

Thanks for that bit of chigger itch rid info, CJ. My son performed a scout service project in Greensburg, KS yesterday and when he disrobed, his arm pits, ankles, bum and dangly bits were covered with bites. Poor fellow.

He and his pals were mightily disturbed by the devastation. Good little lesson and bit of helpfulness as well. Maybe he will have more perspective the next time he can't find two matching socks. ;)

... raises hat above wall ...

... no bullet holes. whew

Well, gotta run some errands. Back in a few!

CJ...you want me to scare you????? I listen to it on the radio!!! Ha!

Jazzzz, that's why fan is short for fanatic; I'm that way about feetsball....

CJ, as we speak, Robin Williams is with Billy Crystal at the Giants/Yankees game, so there is baseball.....;)

A while back someone here referred to James Blunt as this generation's Barry M....Will the person who said that please come forward?
I confess, 'twas I, or should I take the fifth? Could you share the article?

SW, cye....

I don't know how to link it here at this point - it's very amusing, IMO. :)

Wow! I'm impressed. That Robin Williams sure has learned how to use the "F" word. Sounds like an old Richard Pryor record when he first discovered it.

CJ, be careful! Chickens probably have rights too.

Well Chickens have backbones, so I guess they do! But they also have the right to be tasty.

... um ... he knew that word long ago ... I think that clip is 10 or 15 years ago ... merely sayin' ...

El's link.

I wouldn't feel too bad if I were him. She didn't know who I was either.

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