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June 29, 2007


(Thanks to Elon Weintraub)


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First, not to be registered. Sorry, judi, I'm going right now.

Sheesh...do we hafta register?? Edgar!!!

Sioux, is that program a FL thing or is it national? I am all about free tuition.

you have to register? i'm sorry; i didn't.

Med, that's a FLorida thing. IF you get the 1270 on the SATs and the 3.5 GPA, you get 100% tuition to a FL public college. My oldest could be going to a state college for FREE. She chose a private one. I get the monies they'd apply to the state college.

Well, that's cool that you still get credit. I'll have to find another pond to fish in....... in oh so many ways. ;)

Med, it's not much...considering her college costs about $35K a year...but with the other scholarships and grants and some loans...we've managed.

But Sioux, good ingredients makes for good puddin'. You'll get it all back, in spades. I am sure of it.

Med, I know that. She's getting the best education in her field and hopefully she'll land a great job. THEN she can help Mom pay for the loans! LOL

bugmenot.com is usually a great resource for such situations. Unfortunately, the Monterey Herald is apparently not popular enough for it to be any help here. You can poke around starting at Monterey Herald; only the article pages require registration.

Actually, Monterey County, CA really is a great vacation destination.

The story is about rich Russians bathing in blood from Maral deer antlers. It's apparently THE spa thing for what ails ya.

Um, ick. So NOT a killer weekend.

Looks like the bugmenot link got bollixed. Here it is again.

I wholeheartedly agree with Richard the WH - Monterey is wonderful.

Ah! And the link to the article is titled "Deer's blood a spa treat in Siberian Russia". So Monterey is off the hook. And here is a link to a non-registration version of what appears to be the same story.

I think California is a wonderful place. Therein is the problem. Everybody and his uncle wants to live there.

Sounds like cg might've been 'sperimentin' again.

Jeez. I registered cuz I thought it was the Miami Herald, finally pulling the same shit as all the reat of the online papers. Am dumb. And still didn't see the article. Don't care anymore.

Suzy Q., don't feel too bad, I thought it was the Miami Herald, and I tried to log in with my login for that. Didn't work. *Then* I figured it out.

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