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June 05, 2007


This didn't take long.

(Thanks to Doug)


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Wow. That's so hot.

They should have made it more fun to smush the dog.

wooohooo!I'm on level 3!!!

LOL Prof! I got 3500pts

Ah, the simple life....

I just see nothing amusing about this. I really don't.

Stupid DoD firewall.

Don't complain, Blurk. Siouxie will yell at you.

So why is Paris wearing Brett Sommers's glasses from the old Match Game show?

HEY!! *SMACKS* Hammie!

And hit you....


Yeah, she's mean today.

I'm not mean...I'm sick!

*cough* *cough*

see?? dang stoopid nyc rain.

(((Siouxie))) Get better! Being sick sucks. I was last week.

Level 3 - 4422 points on the first try. I am special... (short bus special, but special nonetheless.)

Aww, look, a spammer...

Wow, power leveling. But where are all the shoes...? Siouxie and Diva want to know!

*POWER KICKS the spammer*

I got yer power right here!!!!

Thanks, Scott ;-)

It's this damn chest cold.

Poor Siouxie. My sibs are all sick. They picked up whatever the local (Atlanta) version of Martian Death Flu was when we went to a family wedding. They are now irked I didn't get it. I had to remind them I work where all the sick people go to, and probably had this one last year sometime.
It's not the right weather for chicken soup, so here:
*passes Siouxie chocolate, hunky male bartender, and strappy shoe catalog*

NT, what are you doing up this time of night?

I propose a new sport: Spammer Skeet. Anyone interested?

NT, your aren't kidding about the Atlanta Martian Death Flu! I commuted for 10 years on the MARTA train and stayed sick for just about the whole time. I even came down with measles. Now that I no longer commute, my health has been great.

This spammer's good. He/she/it is on every thread now.

Ohhhhhh Tammy!!! thanks!!

Very yummy!! and the chocolate too ;-)

*perks up*

Shoes? WHERE?! Oh, poo. :-( Thanks for thinking of us, tho, Bãrön!

OK. Siouxie, send me a picture of the Prof to compensate. He said it's OK. ;-)

Hammie - I have yet another family event this upcoming weekend - a graduation. Oh, and yesterday I had a really *fun* appointment in the afternoon, after ... hmmm... four hours sleep, tops. I have been napping on and off ever since. I'm currently debating whether to shower and go to the sofa and resume napping there, or go to bed and nap there, or actually try to stay up a bit longer to further the schedule flip.

fivver - I wish I could claim credit for the phrase "Martian Death Flu", but alas, I cannot. A person with a name that rhymes with Bave Darry once wrote it in a column. If only he had a book out or something...

And (((((Siouxie))))). Here ya go!

Tammy, I heard he's in a band...The Barebottom Remainders.

ohhhhh more cowbellboys!

I thought she looked good, considering the gangs of thugs and murderers that were supposed to kill her the second she got locked up. Hey, they're keeping her busy and let her keep her dog. Although running it down the conveyor chained to an iron ball seems like something that PETA would say something about.

I know its too much to hope that the media will stop covering her now that she's supposed to be out of reach. Crossing my fingers.

Well, I've got to go.
(((Siouxie))) Feel better!

(((Nurse Tammy))) Long time no see!

(((Deskdiva))) Just for fun!

Yes, Ma'am! Your wish is my command!

((((Hammie)))) Right back atcha, Babe! ;-)

MSN now reporting that a jumpsuit and a pair of shorts she may have tried on will be on E(www)-bay soon.

For Sale:
"One jumpsuit; one pair of shorts"
"pennicillin not included"

I guess I'm the spammer.

No need for skeet. I'll leave.


It's a different kind of culture!

NOOOOOO!!!! Not the penicillin!!!! Not AGAIN!!!!

Bwahahahaha! *gets out disinfectant, prepares for germ genocide*

Heinrich, I wouldn't shoot a friend! Honest.

is this a great country, or what!! She's probably getting paid for every plate we stamp. (I'm up to 5,839)

Just out of curiousity I checked one of the Paris Hilton fan sites to see their reaction to the Sarah Silverman ribbing and they described the audience as "cruel and soulless" and described Sarah as a "psycho lesbian."

Which totally explains why Jimmy Kimmel is dating her because nothing is hotter than a psycho lesbian..... In my opinion....

Thanks, Hammie!!! & Diva!

I'm off! (har)

You can repay with that photo of the Prof. :-) Anytime now.

The music is perfect.

*sniff sniff*
I don't like spam!

Agreed Tammy... nasty stuff... by both definitions :)

This occasion calls for none other than the Bard himself!
"Thou odiferous dread-bolted coxcomb!"
"Thou wayward sheep-biting blind-worm!"
"Thou whoreson impudent embossed rascal!"
"You speak unskilfully: or, if your knowledge be more, it is much darkened in your malice."
"Thou mewling motley-minded clotpole!"

*deep breath*
I feel better now.

Now go away, spammers, or I will taunt you a second time!

LOL gotta love the Shakespeare Insult Kit

NT........MOST eggcellent

It is a lot of fun, Prof. *grinning hugely*

It seemed appropriate, Jazzzz. :D

wow, dead 2 nights in a row in here...spooky

*starts doing naked Irish jig on the bar...*

*bows to NT's flaming Shakespearean barbs and taunts*

PS: Flaming Barbs WBAGNFARB.

PPS: Flaming Taunts WBAGNFARB.

PPSS: Made you look!

*sits quietly in a very dark corner just watching the Doc dance....*

*turns on fan*

Okay - the Party is here...... Who wants a blogtail?

Hey, is somebody in here? Phew! Sure am glad no one saw this. Time to try out that line dance I was workin' on...*glances around just to make sure no prying eyes are lookin'*

*pryin' eyes are lookin'*

WHOA! OK, nothin' to see here! Just look at that...NAKED PIC OF BLURK IN THE CORNER! *grabs stuff and ducks behind the blog couch*

*turns head quickly*


Sheeooot!!! I think I broke my neck!!!

*rubs neck, having given herself away*

OK, Med. I'll take one o' whatever you feel like mixin' up tonight.

Diva - Here's a Kahlua and cream on the rox. Doc, aren't you JB and soda?

Excellent. Thank you kindly!! And how was your day, Miss?

yep Med. I would greatly appreciate one of those right now as a matter of fact...hehe

When prying eyes are lookin'
Sure, tis like spring in New York
In the lilt of bloglits’ laughter
You can hear the bloggals snork
When prying eyes are winkin'
All the world seems bright and gay (NTTAWWT)
And when bloggals here are drinkin'
You can dance the night away.

Diva - An awesome day. Had to bomb the house after the special guest visitor the other night, so I took the boy and we shopped, ate lunch, shot pool, and saw Pirates.

He is giving the dog a bath right now, whilest I sip an adult beverage. There are moments when it good to be Queen. :-)

GREAT! Ducky just snuck in. Wow, better make that a double Med. And Ducky, I am assuming you guys are ready to rock Thursday night for your Spurs.

Hey everyone!! I am ALMOST done loading up all the pics!! please have patience!! I am a sick puppy ;-)

And Med, I need to send my 14 year old boy up to ya so your son can teach him how to do anything chorewise, much less bathe the dog. Teenagers......

Yay, Ducky!!! Excellent as always!

Siouxie - we know. And we know you're under the weather as well. ;-)

Hi, Doc! You bet we're ready! Although the Cavs have our wonderful former University of Texas rookie, Daniel Gibson, who had a TERRIFIC last game against Detroit. I have mixed feelings, but must cheer on the Spurs!

Since the girlduckling graduated and moved back home, I have had almost NO time to be here. I hope that will change soon, because I MISS y'all!

Doc - Bribery gets you everywhere. The shopping was per his request (Razor Image), and he bargain shopped an ipod boom box, demo model, marked down to $25 from $200.

I relented when he promised to help with chores. He has been rocking out with his toy while dog washing.

Win/win, baby. Tomorrow, the basement!!

Pfffffft Diva! did you get the pics of Prof??

DUCKY!!! we miss you too!!!

ok...who do I hafta do to get a drink around here???

A Double Blogarita for the Blog Queen (Sorry, Judi holds the Empress position).

Well, check in when possible Ducky but enjoy the time with the Kiddo. Once they graduate for good, they will have less time to hang with you than you would EVER like. We will still be here I'm sure. By the way, it's ok to pull for D.Gib, just not when the game is on the line.

And Sioux, I love ya, but as gorgeous as you are, you are not my type.

No, Diva, I did not receive pics of the Prof...... but you and the Queen have dibs, so I am good with my mental image. NOT!!!!!!

Wow, Med!! Bargain, indeed!!!

Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, etc.

Thanks, DDiva and Siouxie!

Wow, Med--I'd like to have your son shop for me. Sounds like he lucked out, and you get work done in the bargain. As Stevie would say, xlnt!

(((Souxie))) So sorry you're sick; hope you feel better soon. We'll add some cold medicine to your 'rita; that should help.

Love ya too, Med ;-) I'll take the Blogarita, thank you!

I have arrived!

(leers at Diva as drool soaks front of shirt)

Um, Med - Siouxie was asking ME if I got the pics. And no....did you send them to umkc or faithmail?

Will do, Doc. I plan to enjoy her time here as much as possible, even though sometimes it's exhausting!

Unfortunately, due to being exhausted, I must flap away for the night. Hope to see y'all tomorrow! Sweet dreams!

I could use a drink, DD. Not another H Barry though. I didn't get out of bed for two days after the last one.

Thanks Ducky! just got a nasty cough from getting drenched in NYC! WELL worth it though. Got to meet & hug my IDOL SK as well as Punkin, mm, Jean, Meanie, Lairbo, Jeff. Words cannot describe how incredible the experience. Then I got to spend two days with my friend, Lisa...shopping (Chinatown & Little Italy), eating and we got to see two shows. One on Broadway - Spring Awakening - nominated for 11 Tonys - we sat on the friggin STAGE!!! saw the actors right THERE!! We also saw an Off-Broadway show that got picked up for Broadway - In the Heights - front row!! $30 a show! One of my best weekends..EVER!!

Evening all.

Hey Siouxie, I told you I was contagious last week but you went and smooched me anyway! I'm down to the little tickle at the top of my lungs which is still making me cough occasionally.

Oops, Sioux - spoke too soon! They were in my junk mail (of course). >:( Ish. I hate the filter on my email. TOTALLY USELESS!!

Very nice pics!! :-) And what a little CUTIE PIE! (The daughter, that is.) Though, ahem, Prof is pretty dandy himself! ;-)

Diva, [email protected]

Hi, pete! Med made me a killer Kahlua and cream. Want one o' those?

Siouxie/ScottMGS Simul!

Scott!! It wasn't the smooch ...it was NYC!!

Diva, he is pretty dandy huh?? very prof looking!

Hey...is anyone in here a veterinary-type person? I really need some advice...

See, Sioux? If you wouldn't keep simuling with all these sick folks like Scott, you wouldn't keep catching what they have!

Good 4 U, Sioux. You deserve it. How's the *tail?

Wooop!! and another one, Scott!!!

Filly - my cousin Deb is. What do you need to know. I can get a hold of her.

Sioux - Let's just say he's very much my type. :-)

KFilly, Punkin's hubbinin is a Vet. I'm sure you can email her with your questions.

Med?? tail?? que?

Sorry, Sioux, I forgot you were "on vacation." There was a thread about a foul group eliminating the word cock and replacing it with an asterisk. Stupid, PC people...... hence, I could not make you a cocktail, but rather a *tail.

Any Cock tales to tell from NYC? Any cutie pies?

Oh, Diva. While we were playing pool, my son "befriended" the other folks playing. One really cute guy, Gil, who let son "win" his cowboy hat. Started talking to him, and he is affiliated with Rockhurst Soccer and is good friends with our hot bartender.

KC is the smallest city in the world, I swear.

ohhhh ok Med!! in that case... I like ******


Oh, my. :-) So - you get Gil and I get Rhodri? Oh, wait - you get Gil AND Rhodri. So, I get the Prof and Doc Rick. Fair trade.

Well, it's my cat. I've called three different vets and they all say different things and I'm afraid to take him anywhere because of the cost. I brought a new puppy home on Friday and at first I thought he was just stressed out. But now he's gotten worse and worse, and I'm really afraid he's going to die. When I first brought the puppy home, he just hid in the bedroom. Obvious sign of stress there. But then Sunday night and early Monday morning, he started throwing up...repeatedly for like 12 hours. Just yellow stuff. (Sorry, gross, I know, but I'm desperate) But now I can't get him to drink or eat, he's lethargic, acts like he's a little thirsty when I put a little bowl of water in front of him but only takes lil sips after staring at it for a while. Then when he went to use the litterbox earlier, he went halfway in and then peed, right onto the carpet. I just don't know what to do...I am pretty sure I'm going to end up selling the puppy (breeder won't take him back) to try and offset Hemi's vet costs...which makes me sad because my son likes the lil guy. Oh, I wish veterinary stuff wasn't so expensive... :.-(

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