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June 27, 2007


This baby has, quote,three temperature settings, bidet functionality, a warm-air fan for partial drying, a lighted bowl that eliminates the need to turn on a light at night, a deodorizer that minimizes unpleasant odors, a Quiet-Close cover that prevents slamming and a remote control. Just like the seating/driving/heating in a luxury auto, you can have “personal settings” adjustable by a remote control.


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can it slice through a tin can?

The deodorizer could not possibly be up to the task...

Did it stand up to the hot wings/blue cheese test? Or even the chili cook-off test?

But wait...there's more!

Does it come w/ someone to brush our teeth and clean our shower?

Remote control for what personal settings???

I'm still waiting for the autoload toilet tissue dispenser.

I am impressed by anyone who uses the word "hence."

$1,300 and no vibrator? Bad engineering.

Bidet Functionality might be AGNFARB but it smacks of someone who needs to be hit upside the head until they start speaking English. And there is no single word "wellbeing" in my America.

It's well-being, at the very least.

Help Mr. Language Person. Is 'functionality' a word and if so, why?

I'm with ubetcha....no vibrator?? not worth it.

Honey, where's the damm remote? QUICK!!!

Big deal. I bet an iPhone can do that.

I want that!!!! It says "The wands are controlled by the user to offer varying levels of either an oscillating or pulsating water flow and can be precisely positioned for optimum user comfort." So who would need a vibrator?

I had always planned to inent a heated toilet seat. Late to the game, as usual. But maybe I can still succeed and put one on the market for less than $750. In addition to the vibrator, tooth brusher and maid, that sucker better do the wipin', too.

I would hate to have that remote fall into the wrong hands...

"Mommy, Daddy is STILL in the bathroom!"
"There, there, Ashley! Mommy will take care of that RIGHT NOW!"


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The idea of keeping a remote control in the bathroom doesn't sound very sanitary, and to be honest it really isn't that difficult to close the toilet lid manually. I must say though, it is pretty cool what we are doing with technology!

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