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June 12, 2007


Now they're using sturgeons.

(Thanks to BJ)


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First? Ouch. Ok I get it. I'm not. No more sturgeons, PLEASE!

Give it up for "The Leaping Sturgeons"!!!

The woman was unable to recover damages because she failed to heed the sign in clear view that stated:


You want caviar? I got your caviar right here!

Suwannee, how I love ya, how I love ya . . . but hold the sturgeon.

Another one I was LTTG on.

I did catch a story on the midday news but couldn't find a link as yet: a woman's car was divebombed by a dead (well, dead now) attack turkey in Orange Country (NY).

Shades of Les Nessman!

"As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!"

In April, a leaping sturgeon severely injured a 50-year-old woman from St. Petersburg who was riding a personal watercraft on the Suwannee River. She suffered a ruptured spleen and had three fingers reattached by surgeons, but she lost her left pinkie finger and a tooth.

Glad they were clear about reporting that the fingers were reattached by surgeons, not sturgeons.

Like a sturgeon,
Flying for the very first time,....

not. funny. CJ.

*vows to stops saying "when sturgeons fly!"*

Roe, roe, roe your boat
Down the river wide
Warily, warily, warily, warily:
"Sturgeon! Starboard side!"

"Spanking Fish" WBAGNFARB.

"Great Leaping Sturgeons!"

Obviously the squirrels, in little wetsuits, are infiltrating and inflaming the normally peaceful sturgeon community

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