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June 28, 2007


Now they're abandoning trumpets.

(Thanks to Ginger Bruner)


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Time to play Taps...

First again?



You read my mind, Richard!

Yay! If they could tell it was a trumpet, after detonation, perhaps they're not detonating thoroughly enough?

Oh no! It's a trumpet! Everybody panic!

*drinks up*

Next, they'll be using tubas!

probably left by the long suffering parent of a beginning trumpet player.

cg, you may be on to something. speaking from experience??

*never let my daughter take up drums*

"Some very alert citizens watched this package for a considerable amount of time and then they called the police thinking it didn't look right," Salt Lake City police Detective Gary Trost said."

About as alert as Sominex™, apparently.

Although they hated to toot their own horns, the bomb squad blew the trumpet to pieces to the tune of many tax payers' dollars.

Hm. "The Bomb Squad" WBAGNFA Junior High School Band. I've sat through enough JH band concerts to know.

no siouxie, that wasn't me that packaged up the violin, stenciled "this box contains a bomb" on the side, and left it at the police station.

How do you detonate a trumpet? And, follow-up question: Why, when you find a suspicious package and don't know what it is, would you detonate it?

Good on ya for stenciling, cg! That way they can't match the handwriting.

Is a "perimiter" something that's been mitered on all sides? Just wondering... (Sorry, Casey)


no diva, it wasn't so they wouldn't recognizemy the writing, it was to insure that they could read it. i mean if it was me that did it. which it wasn't.

good thinking, cg...if you HAD done it, that is.

Chris, I decided a long time ago to disguise my brilliance with random mispellings. I don't want any of my friends here to feel intimidated cuz I'm so dang smart.

casey, I feel your pain. It's tough to be brilliant!

casey...i thought i was the only won.

I do it two, cg

Mom: Son, where did you leave your trumpet?

Son: Mom, I just put it down for a minute right over *KABLAM* .... there.

*next day*

Band Teacher: Why didn't you learn this piece? Do you really expect me to believe your excuse that the police blew up your trumpet? What else? Did the dog eat your music?

Great. Just GREAT. You woulda thought they'd get a clue from the angelic light streaming around the darn thing and the name "GABE" stenciled in glowing gold on the case. But no - they've blown up Gabriel's Horn and messed up the whole Apocalypse thing. Good goin' guys. Sheesh.

on that note I must agree the terrorists have brass

Solid Citizen, the question is...

Is it in pocket?

I am honored this made the blog.

Siouxie, I AM a tuba player...


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