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June 26, 2007


(Thanks to Claire K., and Daniel the Only Male Intern)

UPDATE: This, too.

And just in case, this has it all.


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first, I'm gonna have to wait til the midnight hour to watch it.

Wooo hoooo!!!



Not me, SW. I don't like delayed appreciation.

*Applauds the RBRs*

Wooot! More cowbell.


And, um, nice BLUE shirt ya got there. *wink*

*wonders how many blue shirts there really are in Dave's closet*


*Snork* Thanks, judi!

hey that's me in the very first split-second crowd shot as they finish the song ;) with the female interns in front/to the side of me (ted and the only male intern were elsewhere at the time; don't ask me why)

Dang, can't hear it over the music in the TikiBar.... But, then again I'm surfing from a TikiBar, drinking cold beers, feeling mollified!

We both know its because 6am is very very early :(
The interview bits should be up in the next couple of hours.

CJ, you dog! Who's Mollifed?

This is fabulous!

Which one is Dave?

John - he's the good-looking one.


You guys are sounding pretty good.

Dave....tell us other pickers (guitar, not nose) a little more about your axe. How long have you had it? what model? Did you steal it? Inquiring minds.....

CJ... at first I read you were "modified". I was just wondering. I am very inquisitive today...

"Did you steal it?"

Yeah. He stole it from David Watson.

(Cool song - I dig the version by Wilson Pickett Philips.)

Jazzz - it's a Gibson. The only kind to own.

I'm not good enough to justify a Gibson, so I got a Gibbon. I just monkey around. (Hey hey).

Well, Jazzzz, after my 3rd beer, I am modified. Just sent an email response to my boss... think I should have saved it as a Draft instead (chortle)?

Annie, you're right Gibsons are for owning, Fenders for playin'.....

...or for bumper stickers.

pah-dump bumper sticker.

AWBH....got 3 Gibsons.. but don't forget Martin. Wanted to know the intimate details. They are like children, you know.

Jazzzz - you're wanted over on Soundhole. ;p

AWBH... I'm a guitar PLAYER, which is Waaaaaaaay different than a GUITARIST

For the record, at the Chris Duarte (Fender guy) show Saturday night, I was learned something. I know nothing about guitars, except when they are broken assorted brothers point at a gadget and say "You fix?". That I can do. So, when Brother A and I were talking about Duarte's axes (all Fenders or custom jobs/ Fender copies), I was told the Fender rules about why they are chosen by serious guitar players (Hendrix, Vaughn, Duarte, Satriani, etc.). Being a smart alek, I said, 'Well that certainly explains Eddie Van Halen!' So I was schooled. Apparently even Eddie uses the basic Fender pick-up rig on his Les Pauls (even though they look like Humbuckers to me). Huh! I wouldn't know, as I am more of the sort to take things apart than to play with them, but that's what I was told. Duarte lost the middle pick-up on his @ '66 Strat, which is apparently a big deal. Not a big deal to me, just fix it! Apparently, people spend their entire careers trying to recreate Fender pick-ups. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear the excuses, but really... how impossible could that possibly be? So, apparently, if I tinkered out in the shop rebuilding pre-1970 Fender pick-ups I wouldn't have to go back to the office... so I have that going for me!

Jazzz - I hear ya. I love my Gibson (and I covet Martins all the the time), but my fave forever was an Aria Pro IV that was so good it was stolen. :(

CJ - you'd have to find the pickups to fix them - that's part of the problem. They just don't make pre-1970 pickups anymore. Don't know why. 8^]

Just to be totally different... I actually prefer Jackson guitars.

CTProf - turn your amp up to 11.

Just dropping in to say excellent job outing the touch Sound Hole weasel. You guys are awesome.

And the RBRs are gonna have to stop claiming they suck. Just sayin'.

Also, I guess I misunderstood Dave's usage of the word "Juggernaut" when referring to his campaign.

You may now return to being guitar heros.


"We've got Armadillos in our trousers. It's really quite frightening."

Sorry... you got me started on Spinal Tap... could be a long night.

It's my fave movie of all time. You haven't lived until you've actually gotten lost backstage.

I haven't seen it in years... I really should buy it.

There are scenes on youtube. Remember the airport metal detector?

LOL cucumber?

I'm watching some now Annie... thanks for the tip LOL.

yup. Still love the wooOOOOOooo sound of the metal detector.

Evenin' all!

hey...I have a geetar too!!...but it's an acoustic.

That band is their own entourage aren't they?!

Evenin' Siouxie! What ya drinking tonight?

Silly Annie... there is nothing but a backlog on pre-70 Fender pickups waiting on people that will patiently rewind them when the coils start shorting. What amazed me was the desperation I heard when one died. Modern Fender pickups are crap, but, apparently pre-70s pickups are worth fixing. My opinion is Who'd a Thunk?

Not rocket science, but apparently there are a bunch of people out there that can't rewind coils. And yes, I know about the wire sizes and the tension problems, so you Fender people just quit before you start... it's not that difficult. That playing stuff I leave to Annie, but fixing guitars is solely based upon the ceiling fans in the garage, plus good music to listen to. I like to listen....

gotcha, CJ. How's that tv/fishbowl doing? ;p

Hola Prof!! I'm chillin' with my Chardonnay tonight. But once the boozers evening crowd shows up I may switch to kamikazes.

Annie...you will never let that go, huh?? LOL

*sneaks over to the rum stash and grabs a bottle*

I think I'll stick to rum and coke tonight.

No Watson's Pales-in-Comparison Ale?

sheesh - multi-simuls with the Prof. We oughta getta rheume.

Acshually, my first tv body switch (not happy with), is possibly going to be made right, soon. The gorgeous little case, I'm searching for a candidate, but the shape of the modern chassis is frustrating me, trying to fit it in the gorgeous 70s chartreuse plastic housing! Why are you so evil, remembering these electronic frustrations? Are you really getting married? 100s of men will cease sucking in their guts if you are lost from the market....

I'm more of a hot tub guy Annie. But if you insist..

Fender pickups + hot tubs = Darwin at work.

Did someone say Hot Tub?

Annie's getting married??!!!! Whoo Hoo for you. When/who's the lucky guy? ;)

Hoo's getting married??? Can I be the flower girl??

BTW, I happen to be a Notary Public and have hitched a few couples. Two are still married. That's a good record.

Med!! whatcha drinking??? Do I need to jump behind the blogbar??

*quietly removes himself from the wedding talk*


CJ - you have spent wayyyy too much time in the toxic waste dumps.

Shhh! Yankees have tied it up, and A-Rod's up.

*snork* @ Prof!

*pushes Siouxie in front of the TV*


hey batter batter batter!! ;-P

Oh, shush, Siouxie. You are so mean. ;p
Have fun, guys. I have to go um, moisturize the dog or something....

I am NOT mean!!

Awwww Annie!! don't leave. Can I still be your flower girl???

Hello? Did someone say hot tub and a Rod?

*waves at Prof*

"100s of men will cease sucking in their guts if you are lost from the market...."

Lol, cj. That's me on the left.

PS I envy you your recent beach barring and surfing. Enjoy.

casey!!! *snork*

LOL that gotcha all perky!


*waves at Casey*

I think it was hot tub and drinks... but hey... whatever works for you :)

I have selective hearing Siouxie. Some terms just grab my, um, attention, yeah, attention, that's it.

*quietly removes himself from the wedding talk*

I hear ya, prof. My sphincter just puckered too.



casey, you made me grin. thanks.

and Sioux, when I posted that your Wyo wasn't there. strange. missed you, Sioux!

(btw, I do weddings too.) (legally.)

*gets Stevie a beer*

It's not a pretty subject man.

Evenin' Wyo, how ya doing?

Whoa, am I way LTTG, or what? Annie is getting married? I'll admit I'm slightly ineb ineeb buzzing, but did I miss something? What the heck is going on here?


ineb ineeb ineeb That's all folks.

LOL whatcha drinkin' casey?

Wyo, Wyo, Wyo, it's been so long since I have been caught up, tell me, how is the new job, how is the new home, how are the kids, how is the beautiful wife, what the hell is going on with your life?????

Ty, prof. With that beer plus this, I don't feel so bad anymore.

CT: wine. As always. As explained on Christobol's blog, the definition of oblivion = wine. Whatchoo drinking CT?

casey...we had a psychic Wyo simul and it was good!!

Wyo!! missed ya too my friend.

*glares at Prof & Stevie* what's wrong with mawwiage??

(knows Prof gets this)

"ineb ineeb ineeb That's all folks."

Lol, prof, very good. Or is it the beer.

SW, the last time I saw my brother I lit into him pretty hard about his "beer belly". He informed me it was NOT a beer belly, but the fuel tank for the love machine.

Hope that makes you feel better.

casey, I'm saving your bottle for the weekend!

LOL Stevie, then this should make you feel great. The girls might not like it though.

Casey, the question is, how does his fuel tank make his partner feel?

I recognize Travolta; who's the guy on the left?

"Mawwiage, dat bwessed awaingement..."

casey, things are hectic, but going very well. All are healthy, working and profitable. thanks for asking.

Working on posting some new pix to my site, which may be of interest to some of my old friends. I'll keep ya all posted.

now, where were we? Annie's marrying A-Rod??? They were drunk in a hot-tub???

Wuv... Twue wuv...

Sowwy uhh Sorry Siouxie.. nothing wong wrong with it.

Geez Sx, I'm gonna have to go to a wine specialty store to find the kind I liked the most. I'm also gonna get another bottle of the Cabernet cuz my boss is really, seriously depressed and I'm gonna have him over Friday afternoon and grill him some kibobs and get him drunk and let him cry on my shoulder in the hopes he'll pull his head outta his butt and start doing legal work again. I think he'll like the Cabernet. That Sangiovese absolutely rocks and I can't imagine drinking anything else from now on, unless I'm desparate.

I hope you enjoy yours!

casey.. drinking wum... rum and coke

*curses at Siouxie*

Hey, Wyo! How many weddings have you done? I've written and performed three, so far. I think two of them might actually still be married.

"...my boss is really, seriously depressed and I'm gonna have him over Friday afternoon and grill him some kibobs and get him drunk and let him cry on my shoulder..."

In other words, casey, you're laying the foundation for your sexual harrassment lawsuit? ;)

Wyo, I'm hoping Siouxie will be willing to send you a coupla photos from our Biltmore trip to add to your site. I'm so glad things are going good for you guys. Are you still so far in the wilderness that you get to see the eagles and the moosess and all the other cool wildlife that was posted on your site? That is what I think about. I look at your website and I'm so afraid that all that beauty and majesty is lost in your new environment. Please ease my mind....it's still there, right?

LOL Wyo and Prof got the mawwiage reference.

casey - I'm uploading my pics tonight so I'll have them ready to send tomorrow!

I will enjoy my vino and think of you ;-) (I hope the boss gets his chit together!) That Sangiovese was awesome.

casey, may I recommend Napa Vally Vineyards 2002 Merlot? Very good stuff. On sale at Publix right now!

Snork at SW! Having worked in the legal field for 16 years, I don't do anything without thinking of the consequences! (did I spell that right?) (Do I care?)

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