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June 22, 2007


Whale-part rustlers.

(Thanks to Sue Jenkins)


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Was Walter a "rustled" mammal part (not a female part, of course) at one point in time?

Sorry, I forgot - Walter is only a walrus part, not a oceanic "marine Mammal"...

"So, what are you in for?"

"Aggravated assault and armed robbery. You?"

"Rustling female marine mammal parts."

"You disgust me."

Woohoo, get out the dynamite, and let's remove the temptation!

I bet the Oregan Parks people export the carcass to Washington....

Unless tha truck tips over or blows another valve, although with whale remains, it'd have to be a big valve...

Why in the freaking hell is that illegal? Aren't they essentially helping them to remove the giant carcass from the beach?

"But she wasn't usin' it no more, officer! Honest!"

"But she wasn't usin' it no more, officer! Honest!"

"But she wasn't usin' it no more, officer! Honest!"

"But she wasn't usin' it no more, officer! Honest!"

Erm, harpoon, anybody? For the spammer...

"Marine Mammal Stranding Network Coordinator"? Really?

MMSNC- "Okay, listen up - here are today's assignments:
Shamu - around noon, head over to Pismo and spook some surfers. Do that breach thing that freaks them out.

Free Willy - hey, it may be free, but put it back in your pants until after I'm done talkin', ok?

Keiko- grab some bad krill and beach yourself just north of the pier. Then, when a crowd gathers, fart.

And let's be careful out there, ok?"

That's funny. In Florence (just south of Newport, OR). they deal with beached whales this way.

"It's a federal crime to take that stuff from this natuaraly deceased whale, now give them back so we can bury them! We'll be damned if anything vaugely good comes of this."

yep that's the sound of government doing what it does best.

...not that im sure why people wanted whale parts, but aparently they had a reason.

The government claims solving the illegal immagration
problem is far too big and complex to solve. Yet, it
seems there is plenty of time and government resorces
to resolve this "rustled mammal parts" crisis.

Supposedly, the government can solve the bogus
global warming crisis, but the Iraq War is too much
to resolve.

"Just shut up !!"

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