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June 28, 2007


Fiberglass-cow rustlers.


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Why buy the fiberglass when you can steal the cow for free?


ohhh blurk??

Your expertise is needed.

Blurk is an expert in fiberglass? Who knew?!

Maybe it wandered off, looking for a fiberglass bull.

The serbian farmer has it. He plans to use it as the coffin for his beloved.

Don't have a cow!

This sorta stuff happens all the time down here and it never gets mentioned in the news. Oh wait, that could be due to all the severe (it's raining) weather or MS-13 gang violence coverage.

Mornin' Doc! *SMOOOOOOOOCH!!!!*

Ah, my mistake. I thought the cow was a required part of the Luxury Options package that included the remote trunk opener, sunroof, power glove comparment door closer, hood ornament wind-resistance coating, tinted mirrors, traffic light override system, 100-inch video screen, undergarment shredder, donut holder, hi-performance gas gauge, passenger mute button, paint-matched exhaust pipes, automatic sun visors, radio antenna undercoating and rear window despittler.

I promise to return it immediately.

This is horrible. Just awful! What's next Cardboard-Cow Tipping?

It ain't the first time a fiberglass cow got rustled. When the cow parade went through KC, this filly in all her finery got rustled right off the Plaza, our premiere shopping district. She was returned, eventually.

There used to a giant fiberglass bull outside the Bonanza restaurant here and every year or so it would get stolen (which pretty much required a trailer of some sort) but then it would turn up again....

Maybe there is some sort of weird fiberglass bovine fetish we don't know about..

whispers to Diva, filly is a young horse, heifer is a young cow, just so's ya know

Bo - nothing is for heifer.

Was Zivomir Nesic looking for a blow-up doll?

Silly newspaper - it was a fibergRass cow sponsored by Metamoocil.

psst Med - and you know, I even know that! I just weren't thinkin'. LOL!

Oh, Annie. That's udderly ridiculous! No whey cud that happen!

I hope it was equipped with CowJack™.

"Maybe there is some sort of weird fiberglass bovine fetish we don't know about.."

... and don't want to know about, ThankYouVeryMuch!

Riding that mechanical bull looks fun painful, RTWH. The fibergrass ;) model is more my speed.

Riding the mechanical bull. Hm. Nice new euphemism, Med! How many batteries does THAT take?

Bad girl, Diva!!! *EG*

I'm not sure there are enough batteries: we may have to find an alternate power source for that bad boy.

Yep, from cows to vibrateurs in 22 posts. Nicely done.

Bad Diva, Bad Med.

Keep up the good work.

I find car batteries provide that extra boost and last longer.

Silly... they're powered by natural gas....

Ooh! That's a good one, casey! And with the gas pedal, one can give that extra little boost when one needs it, yes?

Ooh! Med - nice word coinage btw! Vibrateurs.... HAVE to remember that!

I made burgers with it. My doctor told me I needed more fiber in my diet.

Didn't you find them a little, you know - crunchy?

it was a taurus, right?

Now there are some fiberglass cow rustlers with that huge thing in the middle of their living room, the novelty having worn off, going, "So now what are we gonna do with it?"

Confidential to Med and DD...so then are we ladies vibrateuses?

Well, makes sense to me, Betsy!

Lordy, ya turn your head (no, not to cough) for a minute and things go straight to there, just like that. I second the motion: good work!

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