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June 06, 2007


(Thanks to Field Coordinator Ted Habte-Gabr)


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damn. first to not have time to watch this clip. hrmph.

Where is it rolling? Is a juggernaut like an astronaut? Can I watch it roll?

COOL!! I posted my comment!

I was on board until the endorsement from Deepak. Bleah.

That wasn't a blue shirt. Are we sure that was actually a picture of Dave?

ROFL, Tammy - I had similar thoughts!

*even more confused*
Does Dave have a stunt double?

"This is exactly the kind of spontaneous exposure a person needs to make it big." - Navin R. Johnson;1979

Posted my comment, too!


I promise that I can deliver the Canadian vote to you.

You're welcome...

Canadians for Dave! Sign up here to vote in the US Presidential Election. They obviously need help choosing a good one.

Al, if you vote in Miami it's "legit".

Oh so that was you gals posting, I thought perhaps that other Siouixe and DiskDiva struck again. I should have known. You have way better spelling and grammar. I just didn't realize you both could blog in two places at once.

I think I speak for both of us when I say that we can do a whole LOTTA things at once.

Platform? Shoes? Ok, I can dig that. Not sure what a jugglenuts is though.........?

Dave, Just want you to know that we have a strong College Coalition of 20 proud voters, and they should be just enough to take Iowa by surprise.

*snork* @ Wolf


Edgar - *multitasking*

Whoa! Dave just got some good chi from Depak Chopra! The juggernaut is indeed rolling!

Hey, keys from Deepsix Choppers! Can we all ride? Smokin! Agh! Wazzat?! Oh, it's just my hand.......I'm ok....really....naptime.

Hey, maybe Deepak can hook you up with a blog on Huffington Post. Or maybe just some cheep weed. Doesn't hurt to ask for his help.

Spammers for Dave?

Nah, kill that guy.

Despite Deepak, Dave still has my vote.

hey, where are the "Dave Barry for President. Yes, of the United States" bumper stickers?

Megan, Dave Barry Stuff

I had to laugh at the irony of the Tancredo banner at the top of the page when I followed the link. Watching a video about Dave for Prez with a Tancredo advertisement floating above? Talk about weird.

Strategerically speaking, maybe your campaign should consider using some powerlevering. It sounds like it was used to good effect in 2000.

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