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June 25, 2007


Mark your calendars: October 21st


If you've never experienced the madness, check out Andy the tropichunt.com guy's site.


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Dave, is that a by-date for the Dolphins? Oh wait, does anybody care anymore? Rhetorical question. Never mind.

Hotel "Astor"! Snork!

Very spiffy attire, Mr. Blog. See - you can clean up good. Most impressive.


Oh by the way. I have important news regarding the amazing Steve's post tonight.

R24A, I think you meant 'impotent.'

*snork* @ CJ! Which of these hoons are you going to buy?

Well, Recovering - no news is good news....

And hooney, I miss you
And I'm feeling good...

Hmmmm, NOT very HOONEY... at least when compared with Ted HG's Hoons....

Woohoo! 8)

Oh, by the way everyone...it's in Miami Beach this year. :)

WOOOO HOOOO!! Miami Beach here I come!

(judi, I'm volunteering again this year).

The Herald Hunt is GREAT!! If you have a chance to go, you should do it. It's a LOT of fun.

I actually made the paper twice. Once on the front page of the Herald (with the title, "Without a clue"). I'm pretty proud of that I made the front page and I wasn't even indicted for anything.

Here's another picture of me on at the Hunt.

I got Dave's autograph in that one. I smudged it on the picture before uploading it, because I don't think having your signature floating around the web is all the great of an idea..

Hmmm... the dimensions of that image are 400pixels by 609 pixels in the original file, yet only 243pixels by 370 pixels in the reduced image in the post. Now, by comparing the ratios of the two images, I find that in order to discover the early clues I need another beer.

I'm ready for this.

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The first clue for the 2007 Herald Hunt was posted by vasdf above! Get crackin'!

oooooh and oriental beach theme this year!

Andy & Steve (the Amazed) - you guys playing together this year????

i just love the art deco backdrop!

Siouxie, I'd like to, but I'm not sure at this point.

Well, if Steve would come down here we might be able to...I think I'd only have a chance at losing winning if Steve were to team with me...

dofus kamas

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