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June 23, 2007


Woman Bonds With Road

(Thanks to Annette Gaudreau)


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When you're drunk, it's easy to fall on your asphalt.

It was the ass fault!

Blonde. Dame's blonde.

I hate it when that happens....

Maybe she was just lookin' to get laid.

Concrete Blonde.

...ahem...where's my assist?

*Double O-snork* @ Stevie & Annie!

Why didn't the chick cross the road?

Cos she couldn't tell her asphalt from a hole in the ground.

*sigh* sounds like some of my customers, royally screw yourself up and then yell at the people trying to fix your mess.

Wow... This just leaves me speechless. Outside of a *snork* or two here and there...

Where are everybody? Am I the only one without a life in a new town not knowing anybody?

Fortunately for sobriety advocates, bad examples don't work as well on kids in the abstract as in the concrete.

Hiya, Sad, welcome! Looks like it's just you 'n' me (or maybe just me) at this point. I'm relatively new here, myself, but I do know this is a happenin' place most evenings.

Good thing they winched the wench outta the trench, before she wrenched her back, trineta unclench ...

(OK ... so sue me ... it's only 171 hours and 39 minutes until retirement kicks in ... WOOT!!!)

Hi Richard! Thanks for the welcome, but I've been here before. I just used an alias cuz I was too ashamed to say I have no life right now. I am optomistic, though.
Signed, sad case.

Hey, OtheU! I was just about the turn off the lights and lock up.

Foggy! I missed that before.

T's O.K., ya Weasel -- hey, thanks for blowing my cover! No really. Thanks for your support. I'm gonna sign off now and put on some music and get out my canvas and paints.

Yup, looks like the party's long over. Congrats to OtheU if you're still there. TTFN.

The road to Hell is paved with good intoxications.

Yoda told me to say that.

*Waves to his many alter egos*

Yah, Rich' ... I stop back around here every once in a while ... sorta not much else to do but read or c-w puzzles or the laptop, on a weekend ... next week will be mostly drivin' back home, so that "retirement" will become reality ...

... and, 'scuse me, y'all, fer gloatin' a bit here ... I dassn't do it much around home ... MB(RH?) is quick to remind me that she -- unlike moi ownself -- must continue to werk a regular job ...

My husband recently retired, and he LOVES waking up with no job to drive to...loves it so much that he does it several times a day now.

If there was ever a story that cries out for an accompanying picture, it is this story.

I don't think that even alcohol can explain falling in a cement mixer, Or can it. I think this should be duplicated. But of course it would have to be by someone one else, as I am under the legal age. Any volunteers?

No thanks, Edgar.

I have sort of a life, even though I'm posting here :) I just got back from watching a play.

With my apologies to the Red Headed Stranger:

Off the road again
Just can’t wait to get off the road again
The booze I love was causin’ my poor head to spin
And I can’t wait to get off the road again

Off the road again
Climbin’ up where I should not have been
Seein’ steps that weren’t there caused me to fall in
Now I can’t wait to get off the road again.

Off the road again
Like a blonde so tipsy, I pitched into concrete
I went ‘round, and then
It spit me out and I got stuck on this street
On this street

Off the road again
Just can’t wait to get off the road again
I swear I’ll never touch another drop of gin
I can’t wait to get off the road again.

Hey, all!

OK, do I really have to go read the article/thread, or can I double-park? Just got back from seeing Chris Duarte at Skippers... two year olds up to 62 year olds dancing between the picnic tables and in the sand pit at the Skipper Dome. Duarte was great and should be nominated as the Secretary of That Guitar Stuff in the Barry Administration....

*waves at CJ*

Lucky you! Chris Duarte hung out here in Austin quite a bit, a few years back.

With reference to SW @ 8:50 (shamelessly stolen from my brother, that wanted to know why I laughed), so in the concrete was shaken, not cured?

You punsters are awful! :}

slides in sideways, opens blogbar for the newbies and the geezers

Many happy returns, OtheU. I'm sure Mrs. O will keep you busy for quite a while with Honey-Do's. ;)

What'chy'all drinkin'? How 's that for a redneck compound?

Well, CJ, I am envious that you were able to see Chris Duarte, and sorry that you didn't see me waving at you.

Med, Jeff Foxworthy would be proud. I'm flapping off to bed, so I'll take a raincheck on the drink. Hope to see you tomorrow!

Oh, I saw you, but I was busy reading the dang article and posts.... Duarte is obviously amazing and I knew he was a Texas boy. Figured you Texas folks would pick-up on him. It wouldn't be too much to use the Vaughn word, when talking about him.

I really enjoyed what he did tonight, especially keeping the crowd with him as he lost his old Strat to sweat killing the middle pick-up, and had to finish the night with something different (looks custom, but it's basically Fender). Killer show; you folks that don't know him, go see him and wear shorts and t-shirts, 'cause it's gonna get hot....

*falls over fast asleep, trying to pull the switch on the East Coast BlogBar lamp*

*lays a blankie over cj and dims the lights

Nighty night.

Sleep tight.

Don't let the bed crocs, squirrels, or iguanas bugs bite.

Is that the sound of cicadas or crickets? Or is the clock ticking incredibly loudly and even more incredibly slowly?


Mornin' all!! I'm headed back down to Miami today and will be back to my regular blogging self soon! Great time...missed you all..etc...etc...etc...

See ya in Miyami!!! have a great day.

safe trip siouxie!

redmonkey jeans??

mornin' folks. Be careful Siouxie. Get the "cinnamon granola bar" on the plane..... Least toxic of the picks.
cg....did you get your shoe yet?

cg....I gots to know......"redmonkey jeans"? Are they....uhhh...tight?

...or are they just red in the back, a la baboon?

*rubs sleep from eyes*

ATTENTION NC, SC, and GA CITIZENS: There are Florida Drivers reportedly passing through your neighborhoods. Stay out of the ponds, ditches, and storefronts.

(However, this is a great time for me to swim safely down here)

*zips in*

Morning all!

Since Siouxie is an accredited Miami driver we can be sure she will get home safely. It's the drunken walkers non-Miami drivers we need to worry about.

Notice to all non FL drivers: Stay in your houses, Siouxie's on the road.

*sings* twooooo hiiiccuuuups too miiiiiidniiiight... *hiccup!* oopsie! :D

HEY!! I got here! and I wasn't driving!

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