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June 30, 2007


Now they have taken over Bald Knob.


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The plan is to develop a plan to have a plan drawn up to plan how to get rid of the squirrels. Government at it's finest.

Helloooooooo in here....

*Checks* No, they haven't. Whew!

Cats; dogs, .22s--what's not to like??

... asked that the council consider allowing homeowners to shoot the squirrels. It was pointed out that there is an ordinance against the discharge of firearms within the city limits.

“We wrote the ordinance; we can rewrite it,” Case responded.

Yikes! The article seems to indicate they gave this serious consideration. (Strikes Bald Knob from list of potential vacation destinations)

No, uhuh, absolutely no way am I going to make a "bald knob" comment.

Cass is my hero! ("We wrote that ordinance. We can re-write it.")

"If this was an act of nature, we’d be asking FEMA to come in here,” Case said.

wouldn't damage by wildlife actually epitomize an "act of nature"?

*SNORK* @ MtB!!!

Who can rid Bald Knob of this scourge? Hey, look! A Pied Piper!

Helloooooo......? Anyone else blurking around tonight?

Not a soul, Diva.

Hey, I've got Soul!

I'm going to the movies, though. Be back through later.

You gotta have Heart, too, but Soul is cool.

So, kids and squirrels could get killed by a .22, eh? I guess I'm safe, then.

I'm here, too. At least for now.

Save the Liver!

Darnit, Med - you're going to the movies and you didn't invite me? Shoot.

Meanie - You're so fun. :-)

Hey, Scott!! Glad I put a callout here.

Hey, DD. How's your weekend going so far? I'm glad to be back though I *really* enjoyed the trip.

*blurking while doing chores*

Bald Knob? Did not read the article, Dave's headline was enough to catch my attention.

Bald Knob? Did someone say Bald Knob?

Still checking in periodically when I get tired of working.

Yeah, casey, but, like MtB, I'm not seeing any.

...squirrels. Yeah, squirrels.

LOL @ Scott!

Soooo, this is why I would bother trying to fit new TVs into old cabinets....

*blurking while watching tv* ;-)

BALD KNOB??!!!???


oh and a *snork* to Julia the Meanie!

Scott, I'm trying to catch up on some reading on current affairs and such this weekend (the Islam thread, CJ - going back over it all). What are you up to?

That is SOOOO cool lookin', CJ!!!! I love it!!

I'm cookin' dinner. I get weekends. (No, not squirrel.)

Ooh. What're we havin'? I'm on my way....

Meat and potatoes! I went out with stir=fry in mind and bought the stuff but I decided to make that tomorrow when my oldest is here. (She's out to an alternative prom.)

I'm also listening to pandora.com and reading "The Miracle of Mindfulness" by Thich Nhat Hanh.

Well, you are a busy man, Scott! Guess you don't have time to hit the tub with me, here. ;-)

What!?! Of course, silly! 'Course, I might not be so mindful of my reading, IYKWIM

Perhaps they should use close quarter weapons?

Heh. Me either, Scott. :) I haven't heard of the book. What's the subject matter?

Edgar, you mean low-tech like sticks and stones or high-tech like claymore mines?

DD, it's subtitle is "An Introduction to the Practice of Meditation".

Definitely Claymores, both the mines and the swords.

Thich Nhat Hanh, besides being the person with the highest ratio of the letter "h" in his name, is a Vietnamese Buddhist monk who's well regarded around the world.

Squirrels overrunning Bald Knob. Could it be for the nuts?

Just got back from a wonderful evening! The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra just had a (free!) concert at our town park. Beethoven's Fifth, 1812 Overture, Stars and Stripes Forever and a lot more. They even played Gershwin's Swanee in honor of the town. Perfect weather, children dancing, heat lightning off in the distance... Understand that when we first moved here in 1987 the closest grocery store was 10 miles away.

Oh, I'm sorry about the other article last night. I didn't need to register. Perhaps someone in Monterey has a grudge against bloglits.

Or against me. I feel so embarrassed.

"Safety concerns about .22 caliber bullets that can travel up to a mile and potentially kill a child were among those addressed."

One of two things:
1. .22s can't kill adults
2. If they do, who cares?

Ah, Scott. Cool. I'm not into that kind of meditation myself, but do my own version periodically.

Like they say, DD, re: exercise - The best one to do is the one you will do.

Exactly. My personal favorite is toe lifts in front of the TV. ;-D

Around the blog bar, it seems that the most popular exercise is 12 oz. curls and the favorite meditation is on how to circumcisevent the bot.

...which, I have to admit, hasn't bugged me at all, tonight!

It's been on its company manners since Judi sent it to the principal's office last week. YAY JUDI!!!!!

.22 isn't the critter for squirrels, since your generally aiming up. I can hear Blurk saying 'Hit what you aim at, but I was brought up not to use .22s in flatlands or aiming up- they just have the potential of traveling a long way.

Diva, I'm turning my living room/office upside down and fixing a lamp. I have to clear out 9 buildings previously a guys who like guys hangout (NTTIAWWT), prior to environmental clean up and demo, here in my neighborhood. I never get the chance to scavenge properly. My brother and I crawled through much of the first floor, looking for certain things, but we came away with a bunch of unplanned stuff, as well. In addition to a smaller better looking table for my printers/scanners, I found 4 (!) retro toasters (one, now in service). We brought a pile of LPs home that inspired the lamp, that I fixed; it was a wiring wreck, so I spent all afternoon/evening completely re-wiring it. Now I have a slender, aimable light for my turntables. Plus I got this cool sketch of a young Jimmy Stewart, that turned out to have some tiny print on one of those little sticky price tag- after I got my glasses I could see that it read, 'Jimmy Stewart when he was gay.' I'm taking down an icon, but the buildings are iffy, structurally (those guys just aren't very handy [NTTIAWWT]); staircases were falling off the sides of the buildings. I may post photos of interesting things over on Blogits, but I almost feel as if it would be wrong, given how popular that place used to be. Long day... living room is back together, the lamp now works. I have hundreds of albums to clean and check out, but it's already midnight and I still have the yard to do before I drive back to Miami in the afternoon; since I need my truck, my commute has been 4.5 hours each way, lately (3 sites in the Miami, one in my town), if I want to visit my house. I should have all of the sites finished by the end of September (complete scheduling coincidence that they are all active at the same time) and be my usual, lazy self again.....

*looks at her own FILTHY living room*

That kind of industriousness is just beyond me, today. Maybe tomorrow.

In any sort of built-up area, .22s would probably be a bad idea. Although Pete was right about that poorly-worded comment he quoted...*snork*...I think the reporter ought to consider a clarification...

.410 shot loads, on the other hand, might work.

Oy, DD, I've got to get crackin' on my own clean-up issues since I want to get the bathrooms reworked this summer (and the kitchen floor and the sliding door and the carpeting and the garage door and the.... well, you get the idea).

Tsung said local motels are filled with out-of-state gas industry workers who don’t understand why they have to drive to Augusta in order to have a beer and that a private club license would increase city revenue. He said he had consulted with Police Chief Larry Landis, and Landis agrees it would be better to serve beer in Bald Knob than to have workers drinking and driving; most can walk to their motels from Kelley’s.

Is "Kelley" a member of whatever board made that decision?

According to Martha Stewart, "Mepps French Spinners hung at ground level make for fine squirrel scarecrows."

(Squirrel tail fur is used to disguise the treble hooks on those Mepps fishing lures.)

When we were visiting my brother in OR this week he brought out our grandfather's .22 rifle and 410 shotgun. He, his stepson, my oldest daughter and I tried them both. I'd shot the .22 before. years ago, but never the 410. My grandfather used the 410 to kill rabbits in his garden and the .22 for the sparrows in the purple martin box.

PS - Mepps French Spinners WBAGNFARB!!

I have only shot one gun in my life. My dad used to have a pellet gun that I shot at some squirrels - even before I knew Dave was all about that!!

Shotguns? Is blurk here?

Diva - Sorry, we wound up not movie-ing, but had a nice dinner. Hadn't seen her in a long time, so it was all good.

Wes S, I appreciated your comments last night this morning. ;)

No, Med. Dangit, he's not. But that's OK. We got Scott and pete and Wes to keep us comp'ny in this here HOT tub....

*slowly strips and hops in*

Hey - hand me a salt blogarita, will you, Med?

*jumps out of the now-steaming hot tub and fetches another Black Butte Porter from the blog bar*

Anyone else need something?

*snags the blogarita for Diva*

*starts doing 12 oz curls*



I'll just take daintier sips.


I'm thinking .410 as well. Oregon is fine, for a .22, but not here in the flatlands. I hope you guys understand that I am an animal... person, but we don't have the bobcat and hawk/eagle population to keep squirrels down near manageable numbers. I'm all for having more predators, but pet owners would disagree. Squirrels can't just be allowed to explode in populations, so yall decide whether pellet guns or bobcats are to your taste. Just allowing them to take over and chew through everything is not an option....

Since we lost two cats to either raccoons or coyotes last year I know which way my kids would vote. I prefer the natural order of things by which, I mean, if I shoot or catch 'em (squirrels and rabbits, not cats) I should eat them. Fellow predators (at least the ones that aren't palatable) just get tossed. I'm not sure I'd shoot a bobcat, though. They're too cool. :-)

My grandfather explained that it was legal for him to shoot the rabbits in his garden but illegal for him to eat them since they were out of season. He didn't like the waste of meat, though. Fortunately, the statute of limitations period has passed so he won't get in trouble. Also, he died 21 years ago.


When I was a little girl of 7 or so, I used to pretend that I had trained bobcats. Don't know why I picked them and not lions or something. Guess I just thought the name was cool. I used to put on my brown rubber snowboots and play in the kitchen pretending that they were all following me around and jumping through hoops and such. Kids are soooo weird.

Or maybe it was just me.

They deleted somebody's quip about the sculptor eating the *other* 700-pound block of cheese.

I live about 7 miles from Troy Landwehr. When he ate that chunk of cheddar, his stomach made a growling noise that sounded phonetically like "gutzonborglum."

It was just you. Mine weren't bobcats.

So what DID you have, Scott?

Lynxs, duh! :-P

Oooh! Cool!

"My grandfather explained that it was legal for him to shoot the rabbits in his garden but illegal for him to eat them since they were out of season."


That reminds me of an occasion when I stopped at an Illinois restaurant to satisfy a craving for chili but was told that it was "out of season." So my wife and I drove across the border into Wisconsin and were told that we were in luck: chili was "in season" there.

Why can't the Department of Natural Resources in each state reach a reciprocity agreement for the hunting and eating of chili? Heck, why does chili need to be "seasoned" in the first place?

Uh, App? Isn't chili always seasoned? Isn't that why they call it chili pepper?

Personally, Apple, I find chili really bland when it's not seasoned. It needs a healthy helping of chili powder, cayenne, onions, salt... and that's just the beginning.

Diva, one of my friends was trying to impress the receptionist where he worked. He found out that she collected stuffed toy giraffes. He found a 5+ foot tall one and bought it for her. In the ensuing conversation I was asked what animal I collected. I said coatimundi but that I'd never found a stuffed toy one. It was a running joke for several years until I found one. I bought it, of course.


I noticed! And a PSYCHIC simul at that!!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!


*leans back blissfully in the hot tub. doesn't even care when the ramparts breach the surface...*

"They deleted somebody's quip about the sculptor eating the *other* 700-pound block of cheese."


No, they didn't! Yours truly clicked on the wrong story. I'll blame it all on snorting cayenne pepper and chili powder.

Spicy, too!

*licks... lips... own lips*


*licks Scott's lips* Ooh! JUST right!! ;-)

Um, can anyone get me another beer, please? I can't stand up, right now.

"doesn't even care when the ramparts breach the surface..."


Rampart? Are you in a hot tub with Randolph Mantooth? Is this an "Emergency!"?

*drips out of the hot tub to retrieve another beer for Scott*

Scott, to impress that receptionist he just needed something shiny. As a dispersed group, we should think about our areas. Without enough coyotes, bobcats, and hawks/eagles, something besides the right-front tire has to control the squirrels. Your neighborhood, your decision....

*voice cracking* App, yes, it is!

Ma'am, I hear you have an emergen----WHOA!!!!!

Roy, I think I've got this one covered!

CJ, re: coyotes - gotta have 'em. They're the best we have, here in su.so.ca. I'd only hunt 'em (if I did hunt) if they were coming after human people. Of course, if they were, they'd probably be rabid and would need to be taken out for the health of the rest of the coyotes, too.

Johnny? Considering the size of those, I think you can use an extra hand.

*snork* @ Mandolph Randytooth

Scott? I appreciate the sandwich simul there, but really - you're not my type.

It was a manly, guy-type side-hug if that would be better for you.

You guys are wasting valuable rescue time!

Do we have to send C.J. Parker in after you?


Like she's got anything on ME. *points at ramparts* These babies are factory originals!!!

Dave Barry says we have to stay on-topic. He's rescinding C.J. Parker and toweling her off, and he's sending CNN's water-skiing squirrel instead.


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