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June 27, 2007


Apple Juice on a Plane

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Whoa! Think he was juiced?

Did they put the squeeze on him?

I think he was NUTS.

this is why i hate to fly. there is always one of these a$$holes on every flight. i recommend that all flights carry (as part of their safety equipment) straightjackets and duct tape. no more problem with unruly passengers, or loud, obnoxious children.

Bet that guy's rotten to the core.

And YAY, again, Siouxie! Three posts in one day--is that a personal best?

YAY! thanks Ducky - um...I've been posted thrice before. I'm going after Jeff's record of 4!! ;-P (smoooch, Jeff!)

*snorks* @ Duckiy and wicked!

I vote for DUCKtape!

From now on, this passenger should only be allowed on commercial airliners if he's in a clear plastic bag...

Lairbo, a ONE QT plastic bag (or 20) ;-P

Seriously...apple juice?? I'd get unruly if my WINE took long to pour.

wicked, my own personal "Effective Parenting Kit" when my kids were young contained rope and DUCK tape. They came in handyy.

I still use that, Ducky. Works for husbands and significant others as well.

Transcript of the exchange between the passenger and flight attendant:

PASSENGER: I want my juice!
FLIGHT ATTENDANT: We'll have it for you in a minute, sir.
P: No! NONONONONO! Wanna have it now!
FA: Sir, if you will just--
P: Gimmie! Gimmie my juice you poopyhead, or I'm gonna blows up the plane!
FA: Captain, we have an issue...
P: WHAAA! Wanna have my juice!

And fussing about APPLE JUICE? How old was this passenger? Two?

The other passengers beat him to a pulp.

Way to go, Siouxie!

By the way, we're having real Miami weather here today. I don't know how you guys stand it all summer.

Thanks Jeff!

I kept telling youse people...we LIVE and BREATHE the A/C and we don't walk. We're allergic to sweat. (unless we're having fun, that is).

and lol to Stevie!

Reports out of Philadelphia, where the plan landed, say it was not a man throwing the fuss but a six year old boy. And the result is that people expecting a quick jaunt from LaGuardia to N. Carolina are now being forced to stay the night in Philadelphia! Horrible enough, but how would you like to miss an important business meeting because some wimpy flight attendant (and his indulgent parent) couldn't control a six-year-old?

That kid needs to be taken the the lavatory and as my Mom used to say to us when we misbehaved "Brought to Jesus." That was her hand and our butts.

What kind of parent raises a monster like that? They ought to be banned from flying on any aircraft until they taking parenting classes.

Lesson one: You are the boss and yes you can spank your kid.

HELL yes. My mother would NEVER have taken that kinda crap from me. She put the fear of God into me at an early age and there it stays to this very day. I still don't sass her back for fear of the "three-finger pop."

Mikey, as far as I'm concerned, you can also *SMACK* the parent.

YAY Siouxie! You're the main MAN Woman of The Blog!

And who prepares apple juice anyway? Don't you just poke the straw in the hole in the box thingy???

You would think that's the kind of story that would have "beer" as the beverage of choice in it.

*smooch* El!

"Philadelphia's KYW-AM 1060 Newsradio reported that the angry man started swearing at flight attendents when his apple juice took too long to prepare."

To prepare? LOL! The guy was totally wrong to act the way he did, but that's also a funny way to phrase that sentence. What do they have to do, squeeze the apples on the plane??

They took the passenger off the plane in the afternoon and they didn't get to GSO until after Midnight??!! What the heck were they doing after they landed in Philly? Take all the passengers to a Phillies game?

That child's mother needs to apply the hand of knowledge to the seat of learning, and damn quick!

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