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June 29, 2007


The nightmare is over.


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Maybe for the people of Florida, Dave.....but what about poor, poor Bossy? She probably needs bovine therapy.

Speaking of which.....Dave, could you pass the sausage patties, please...

Cow wasn't stollen, it just wandered away. If the dealership had treated her better she probably wouldn't have gone!

aww man...no BBQ???


"Cassidy said she'll use her reward money to buy a statue for her restaurant."

Sounds to me like the nightmare continues....

inquiring minds want to know if they'll buy a cow statue or get all fancy with a giant shrimp.

Jeezely, cg ... I wuz gonna ask a very similar question ...

That's a bit (not dangly) unnerving ... I mean ... either I'm startin' to think like you do, or the reverse is true ...

Is that a good thing?

Oh ... we're on the MB ... nevermind ...

( ... and y'all will notice that I did not resort to the cheap shot of referrin' to the Carlin-esquenessocityism and oxymoronish nature of the phrase "Giant Shrimp" ...)

O the U...but surely if Stephan A. Douglas could be the "Little Giant", this woman is entitled to her "Giant Shrimp

(Fiberglass cow -> Lincoln/Douglas debates in 10 posts. This has been your redeeming social value for the day.)

I bet his wife told him the stolen cow did not go with her decor.

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