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June 28, 2007



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HEY! I sent that in yesterday!! :)

Something tells me this romantic man will be going to his grave a whole lot quicker than he first thought.

Triple First Simul, gals!!

I'm thinking he's a goner....

*Wonders which cow will actually be buried with him*

*revives self after triple FIRST*

Thank you, girls! And I was in the middle for once! YAY me!

Wolf - I'm thinking maybe he's going to be prematurely cremated....

Was she Bossy?

He'll be mooo-ving to that big farm in the sky before too long.

I'm thinkin' they have separate bedrooms. Just a hunch. For his sake I hope so, otherwise he's liable to wake up with an "accidental" headache.

Srbija Stonecutters & Masonry, Inc.
12 Марковац Prospekt
Srbija, South Banat District, Vojvodina Province, Serbia


Dear Madame,

Enclosed please find with our kind regards your receipt for payment in full on the monument you recently ordered for your husband's gravesite, as well as several photographs of the finished product.

You will forgive us, please, if the design is not exactly to your specifications: we have never been asked to carve a 10-meter douche bag and so had no plans from which to draw our final motif. We feel, however, that we were able to capture the Essence of Douche, so to speak, and that the applicator head is a fair likeness of your spouse.

We were concerned, however, that your specifications noted the specific date -- 12 July, some two weeks hence -- of your husband's demise, and have so contacted the Srbija authorities accordingly. We were distressed, too, that Mr. Nesic will apparently die from "complications due to freak stampede" and that his remains are not to be interred until such time as they have passed through the digestive system of "Sasha the cow."

Regardless, we hope the grave marker meets your burial needs, and please think of Srbija Stonecutters & Masonry, Inc., for your future stonecrafting needs.


Pilbo Srigkindkg
Srbija Stonecutters & Masonry, Inc

Such a sad story...I'm mooooved to tears here....

Gee, I wonder why his wife never warmed up to him calling her a cow? Women! Always being so contrary!

nice one, wender

The change came after a massive fight with his spouse. "I always said my wife was a cow so, if I'm going to have a cow on my grave, I would rather it was one I actually liked," said Nesic.

The unedited line said the late Mr. Nesic.

Maybe he should have done something like this in Serbian.

Snork! I also thought that this guy won't be around much longer.

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