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June 07, 2007


Preci the praying mantis has gone to That Big Egg Sac in the sky. At least we think she did. She has pretty much not moved for a week. Sophie was quite concerned, so we told her that maybe Preci would be happier in the outdoor environment eating live bugs, as opposed to in the baby-food-jar-with-holes-poked-in-the-lid environment eating dead bugs from a light fixture.

So she's gone. We'll miss her, and the cheerful way she always greeted us when we walked into the room.


Please note that the above is not a picture of Preci. The above is a picture of the late Sen. Strom Thurmond.

No! Sorry. The above is a picture of a praying mantis I got from the Internet. For comparison purposes, below is a picture of the late Sen. Strom Thurmond:



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Alas poor Stom we knew him well.

that would usually be written as "Strom."

Obviously the younger, 1968 Comeback Special Strom Thurmond.

Our condolences to Sophie. Preci, we hardly knew ye.

However...several male mantids are walking around with their heads, relatively elated at this news.

*Gotta remember that name change thing*

My condolences to Sophie. Preci is now in a much better place. we hope.

Siouxie, I think she's hiding in Dave's pillow case just waiting for tonight...

mantis got your tongue Edgar?

We have a number of nice mantis sacs in the yard, just waiting to disgorge brand new preying mantis's.
Where would the blog like us to have them delivered?

Jon -- You can send them to the late Sen. Thurmond. Thanks.

Thurmond's dead????

But he looks so healthy in that picture!!!

Dave, Before the mantis expired, you might have sent her(?) back to the school, suggesting to Sophie that Preci missed her mantis buddies.

Ah poor Preci. Poor Sophie too, as she learns another lesson about life and bugs.

Edgar is clearly speechless at this tragedy.

hmmmm ... looks kinda like Rupert Murdoch to me ...

**SNORK** @ Dave's last post and of course @ Siouxie. :-)

You could always send the remains to the teacher who sent her home with Sophie and suggest that in the fall she teach the children about death and burial.

Good night sweet prince may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Hamlet Act V scene V Aisle 42 seat 4

now you know why she was praying. obviously she was on her death bed, poor thing.

OHHHH NOOO YOU DIN'T!!! Addicted!!!! you caught me in a weak moment as I was grieving the passing of our dear beloved Preci!


Ah poor Preci. Poor Sophie too, as she learns another lesson about life and bugs.

Well at least you made her last few hours meaningful.

LISSSSENUP, 24!!! That was a ROTTEN THING TA DO. You didn't get me because I'm just too smart fer ya, grieving or not. But geez. Have some compassion for the mourners, willya?

I guess what Sophie needs now is a really small shovel. Oh and love.

OK, who had 72 hours in the Paris Hilton prison pool? The winner is 72 hours. That's 72 hours. Please step up and claim your prize.

Augggh 24, I just saw you're link. I think you're the man who's evil, not me.

I said 2 days, Hammie.

What, did Hilton die too? Or did the dirty stinkin' cops let her out early?

Addicted, you would desecrate Preci's memorial?? For shame. Have a little respect for the dead.

It's going to be hard, building that little praying mantis coffin to fit.

Edgar Evil Man, no and yes.

I know. He burned my eyes so much that I couldn't even proofread.

Just remember not to invite any bloglits to the funeral. Apparently many of them do not understand how to act with proper decorum and respect.

Good morning.

I can't believe Siouxie fell for the link. All you had to do was mouse over it to see where it went hon LOL.

Darn those cops. Don't they know a recidivist when they see one?

Give her a break. She had tears in her eyes.

We do so, GHSO! I'm not even bringing my cazuelas! so there! pffft!

Mornin' Prof! I know...he's sneaky that Addicted! I was distracted.

Mornin' Prof! It's nice to see a true gentleman around these parts today. :-)

*genuine smooch*

omg! sandwiched between an Evil Man and a Silent Edgar!


Mornin Siouxie and Diva :)

Wait Siouxie, did a bloglit crash a funeral at Galesburg High School? It was that rotten, no good Edgar, wasn't it?

I wouldn't know, Evil dude...I was too busy yellin'. ;-)

Prof - since I don't have an email for you, I'll just say a nice, sincere thank you here for that lovely defense of me last night. :-) I appreciate it very much. I was feeling quite battered yesterday and it was balm for my soul. You are truly a good man. Thank you.

I have such wonderful friends here. :-)

I hesitate to bring this up, but, what the hey....
the lesson learned here COULD be (cough cough)something to do with small glass jars with holes punched in the top. I'm just sayin'.......

Sippi, How could you say such a thing? You calling Poor Dave a murderer?

Well, he's in good company, right?

Okay, show of hands: Who among us has NOT done this in our childhood?

And, Edgar, has anybody told you that nothing is coming up on your posts?

Oh, and forgive my lack of decorum - but at least I wasn't yelling ;> Okay I'll shut up.

*raises hand*

*guilty of NOT poking holes in the jar*


Diva you're quite welcome

Edgar, stop whispering.

Posting too quietly. Now that's something you don't see every day.

Prof is such the gentleman!

'course...you could always email ME and then I'd have your email. Just sayin'. :-)

Dave, let me console you and Sophie with the thought that he will be completely forgotten as soon as the next hapless victim has the grave misfortune of landing in your yard.

At least now you know what Preci was praying for...

RIP Preci

*snorks* @ Esther

I'm sorry, that bottom picture can't possibly be Strom.

The head isn't orange enough.

You know, that attractive shade of orange that your older gentlemen manage on their scalps when they dye their thinning hair?

I seem to recall meeting, or at least seeing fairly close, Strom when he was at a local festival in the late 90's...and I'm sure he had the orange scalp thing going on.

Takes a bow

Takes a lot of class to attack the deceased. Personally I think it more closely resembles the (allegedly) living Robert Byrd.

Thoughts and prayers to the Barry family. Is there an address where we can send flowers or a wreath (for Preci's friends to dwell in)?

Wow, the two pictures gave me palpitations that Audrey has a secret twin that will appear next season ......feeling dizzy

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