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June 17, 2007


Whatever they give you, it means they love you.
Happy Father's Day.


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Love and kisses to all the Dads on the blog!

Have Joy!

Happy Father's Day to Dave!

Ditto, Dave, and Happy Fathers Day to my Dad & brother & brothers in law.

Yes, have joy! This would go perfectly with a blue shirt.
Sophie loves her daddy, Sophie loves her daddy....

Actually, that's an old tie, used here for the purpose of illustration. But it's a very special tie for me, because it used to belong to Mr. Art Buchwald.

Walter looks happy.... wonder how many children he has fathered........

Hugs and kisses to all you great Dads.

Love the tie, Dave. That's a keeper.

Awe, Mr. Buchwald will be missed for many years to come. Happy Father's Day to all men, and some women!

Mr. Buchwald did have a wicked sense of humor.

"What the heck am I gonna do with this hideous interesting tie?"

"Get me Dave Barry's address!!!!"

Happy Father's Day to all of us dads!!

Ok, now I'm really upset. Art gave me the same damn tie for Mother's Day.

whoa, stop the blog - did blurkie just successfully attempt a stunning manoeuver strikethrough?

Yes, I did.

I'm talented that way.

I can do all kinds of neat stuff. Let's see there's...well, there's...and then there's...

Hey, I can strikethrough darn it!!!

Easy on the exclamation points, cowboy, before we have to start rationing them.

"...it used to belong to Mr. Art Buchwald."

Sweet. We can never have too many ties.

Uh...how many of them exclamation points do I get?

If you look closely, it appears that Walter is smiling. And I think Art is, too. Although that could be just gas.

well, since you just simuled with me, we'll give you a few extra exclamation points. But use them wisely.

A simul with Annie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait...wuzzat too many?



HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!! to Dave, Walter and all my wonderfully blogolicious blog dudes!!!

Hey! I can do this too as well!

How many !!!!!!! do *I* get huh??? and do I have to simul with Annie to get 'em??

Gawrsh, Siouxie, since you got Dave's book signed for me, take all you want.

oh and may I say that Walter looks especially *perky* with that Art-tie.

awww thanks, "Queen of the universe" ;-)

Things I have learned since I became a father:

1. I will never be as funny as my children! All 3 have wonderfully weird senses of humor and find new ways every day to make me forget that life isn't always that serious.

2. I now keep a goatee only because it's the only way I don't roll out of bed in the morning, look in the mirror, and say "Dad"?

3. 3 words-"income tax refund"!

Things I have learned since I became a father:

1. Nothing I say is funny.

2. My singing stinks and the music I like sucks.

3. I don't know anything.

First off, that's a great tie.

And speaking of things fathers got today:

My kids gave me a LOT of candy. Willie Wonka would be astonished.

I also got a regulation Hawaiian shirt, and a genuine sonic screwdriver.

I already made some waffles from scratch, and will be resident grillmeister tonight.

All surrounded by the wife and kids... Life is good.

Hope everyone else has a great Father's Day too!

Hey boys...kids can't appreciate your wicked sense of humor. I know my girls' eyes practically roll off their sockets every time I attempt a "funny".

I think you're both a 'hoot'!! ;-)

(oh yeah...blurk too) (sometimse)

I say Happy Father's day to all the dads...I also pay homage to those single moms who are filling both roles and doing a good job. I'm technically not single, but I am raising my son alone for a year and I know it ain't easy...and to think most single moms do this for years on end...I give y'all props...

Steve24, I'm guessing your kids want to give you the opportunity to be gracious and generous, hence the load of candy.

Speaking of wisecracks (and basketball - weren't we?), my younger (now 10) did make a pun about a year ago that I'd have been proud of myself. We were going into a KFC deciding whether to get individual pieces or one of those big combo buckets. "What should we get?" says me. Littlun exclaimed, "The bucket AND the fowl."

Okay, you had to be there. And to have low expectations.

KF - you reminded me - I gotta find that cranky guy at the grocery store who wanted us to wish him a happy mother's day because he was a single dad. He owes me a father's day wish.

Scott - I was thinking the same thing - kids give what they want. For my birthday, my brother always got me toy trucks. Worked out well for him. His wife was a little upset, though.

LOL Stevie...he's definitely a chip off the old funny block!

Steve & Scott - Happy Daddy's day to you!!

Filly, I am the main caretaker for my girls - have been since my divorce almost 10 years ago. That being said, their Dad is a really great father. I don't take that away from him. It's just that I've had 'em most of the time. SO..yeah...I'll celebrate just a little bit today ;-)

Yes, sxi, single moms desrve much more credit than they get. A toast to you all. May I offer you a few exclamation points?

*exclamation point envy*

Scott, I think you're right!

Thanks, Siouxie!

*snork* @ Annie's brother

Thanks, Siouxie. Today, I'm a little frustrated with my kids since they are running out of time to get ready for our trip. Ah, well, they are giving me the gift of opportunities to (re)learn patience. *big sigh*

"Kids give what they want."

Too true. I took my elder to Guitar Center yesterday - I wanted some Weezer music books (happily, that's one group my boys and I all enjoy). He picks up a James Blunt (today's Barry Manilow, for those unfamiliar) book, one of his sappy faves, not at all mine, and says, "Here, Dad. Can I get you this for Fathers' Day?"

Oy vey.

All y'all are lucky. My kids have finally rolled out of bed and no-one in the house seems to have recalled that today is Father's day.

My youngest has requested that I make Hungarian goulash for supper because mom doesn't know how. Not too unusual, even for Father's day.

But that's OK. They still love me. At least I think they still love me. Well, at least they don't hate me. I'm almost sure they don't hate me. Well at least they haven't threatened me today. I'm sure of that.

Happy Father's Day to The Blog, Daddy-type bloglits, and dads of bloglits. Hope you all Have Joy and make the most of your day!

Happy Father's Day to Dave and all the blog dads.

And Stevie, I agree with you 100% on James Blunt. Perfect analogy. :)

Happy Father's Day to Dave and all the dads of the blog!

(((All you great dads)))

Happy Father's Day to all the BlogDads!

Mr. R. is sharing his big day with our eldest daughter, who became a teen this morning. It's only the second time in 13 years their celebrations have landed on the same day. We're partying hearty today.

Hope everyone enjoys their day!

(PS: We still have Cicada Central here in Illinois, but they are starting to croak in large numbers -- finally. When we were playing badminton in the yard last night, they were literally dropping from the sky, dead. What a summer.)

As we were leaving church on Father's Day, we'd walk past the priest who was greeting everyone after mass. My mom would say, "Happy Father's Day, Father." The priest would be nodding and shaking her hand until it occurred to him exactly what she had said. By then she had walked away.

Annie -- she did this every year? Absent-minded priest. :-)

And Walter is a daddy! How sweet. :-) Happy Father's Day to all blog daddies and my wonderful daddy and all great daddies everywhere.

S(tevie), almost perfect analogy, except -- to my shame be it known -- I've never wanted to take a baseball bat to Mr. Manilow quite as badly as I've wanted to take one to Mr. Blunt. By the way, I wonder if that's the same Guitar Center my dad has been throwing out hints about? He has a birthday in thirteen days and, having opened his Father's Day gifts, is now thinking ahead.

We do spoil him -- but he spoils us too, so it evens out.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL YOU BLOGDADS OUT THERE, especially to those of you going it alone. You are truly amazing.


Happy Fathers Day to all you great daddies out there in blogland!

Also, a very Happy Birthday to this blog's very own musical mascot, Barry Manilow. What? It's his birthday!

Suzy, it was all going very well until you had to bring that up, and by that I mean, of course, my lunch!

Thanks for the HFD, Suzy Q!

I just finished dinner and was able to avert my eyes quickly when I saw the BM reference. Phew!

Now, back to writing for tomorrow night... I have all the words figured out, I just have to put them in the correct order.

Steve...As Shakespeare once said to a room full of typing chimpanzees, that's the part non-writers never understand;)


I. Love. That.

Whoa. Funky shift key! Really, the hug was meant to be symmetrical. :)

I dunno, KDF, that came out kind of intriguing, if you ask me.

GMTA re Blunt, El. On reflection, Renee may be right on the comparison - at least BM's work can fill more than an hour without sounding too repetitive. And btw, Renee, Guitar Center is a nationwide chain so it probably is the same one. Give the old guy a thrill!!

Let me echo the happy Father's Day to the blogdads (and apologies to Dave and the rest of the East Coasters for missing "today" in your time zone).

Whoa! As a BlogDad™, I want to thank everyone for yesterday's well wishes, and for the laughs I got catching up here this morning.

Belated DadDay wishes to the other Dads, the Single-MaltMom Dads, all kids of Dads, and a big RIP and missya to my own Dear Dad.

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