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June 15, 2007


We would like to kill this news item with a crutch. Honestly, we promise it has been blogged.¹ We swear on Walter's walterness. Thank you.


(Thanks to Mark for that last one)


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did someone drink their lunch?

YAY for me!! this is probably the ONLY news item I didn't send in. Really.

Wow! The squirrels have developed time travel technology and we are all just reliving this while they do squirrel-type behavior on the present. THOSE BASTARDS!!!!!

Why is it being posted again?

someone's gonna be fired....


judi, do you swear on Dave's life?

Oh, oh! I just read this story about a woman named Butt who stole toilet paper. I should send it in for judi!


Regarding that last picture, I don't believe that was photoshopped. I think there really are squirrels with tiny light lightsabers running around. C'mon people, these creatures are vicious!

Before you send a news story to Dave, make sure that he hasn't already put it in his blog. I was about to send this in, but I looked first.

Well, Exceeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuse me.

See if I ever warn you people again. :P


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