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June 25, 2007


These folks seem to have covered themselves with several layers of personal-information condoms; the s.b. has been unable to find a way to contact any of the admins about the incredible David Watson, who seems to have an incredibly coincidental bunch of life experiences. We would like to let them know about what a coincidental kind o' guy he is.

(Many thanks to Wender J. Crinklebank and Annie Where-but-here for letting us know, and a valuable prize to anyone who contacts the admins and gets them to remove this genius' posts. So... coincidental.)


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Wender, I've been meaning to tell you that I'm glad you found us. I thoroughly enjoy your comments and your blog as well. It seems like Dave's Blog has attracted yet another honorable, charming and funny blogboy.

Dave & Judi seem to bring out the best in people.

pete, I was picturing Steve Martin when I heard that voice... my bad.

judi, if Diva gets the valuable prize, may I please have the hoons that were in the previous post, hiding behind a bumper sticker?

Thanks Ducky!!! I really missed the regular blogging and all you crazy people. Next time, I'm taking you ALL on vaca.

Ex-Matt, thanks! Enjoyed it. Loved it! Can't wait to go back. Not sure I noticed the rocking horses at the Biltmore. casey and I were desperately trying to find the booze educational wine making portion of the tour and may have missed some of the artwork.

Only one of me, Siouxie? Yeah, I'd guess that'd be sumthin' to hope for, in the grand scheme of life ... more than one of me would be ... um ... not good?

JD ... yup, it were a perty defining moment (well, the whole movie, really) when I saw AG for the first time ... havin' gone to HS with many of them kids (figuratively, not actually in Modesto tho) ... I recognized a bunch of 'em ... not unlike the time I recognized all three of the gals in Vanities ... I DID go to HS with them!!!

El - uh-huh ... I wuz thinkin' I remembered a similar-type event a while back ... stealin' from Dave and claimin' as his own ... Anyone else? Bueller? Anyone?

David was a jerk who thought he was so clever
But he found it couldn’t last
David left his home at SoundHole; gone forever
Boy, Dave’s bloglits kicked his @ss

Get back, get back
Get back, you fool, you don’t belong
Get back, get back
Get back, you fool, you don’t belong
Get back David

Go home

Ahhh, yes, the education wine making portion of the tour. I learned SO much! Like the fact that Sangiovese is truly the nectar of the Gods. And that some plants have VERY unusal seed pods (private snork w/Siouxie).

I put my own editorial staff[1] to work on Mr. Watson and found that he's been At This since his fourth post on The Sound Hole (and seriously, I can't say the site's name without giggling hysterically) was back in December of 2006. It seems our very own and beloved Mudstuffin was Mr. Watson's first victim, posting as his own this article and Mr. Stuffin's comment.

I had not yet discovered this board in December of 2006, as I was still safely committed to the St. Anne's Defatting Ranch and Drunkatorium, while my liver was vacationing in St Moritz.

[1] My 5 year-old daughter. She likes to color.

Honest truth, Ducky, I'm sitting in a beach bar in Lauderdale, listening to the actual song as I read that....

*keys Twilight Zone music*

casey, I'll try to load those pics tonight (*SNORK*)

ok...I'm off to try not to burn the kitchen make dinner.

CJ, that type of coinkidink makes me wanna pull on my tinfoil hat. Unfortunately, it's storming like a mutha here, and I don't need any more bad luck than I've had lately.

That's honorable, charming and funny blogman to you, Casey. On the two days a week my wife allows me access to my testicles.

But thank you, that means a lot to me, really. And David Watson thanks you, too.

They may or may not still sell the horses in the gift shop.

The local concoction I miss is my sister's godfather's peach moonshine (for medicinal purposes only, assuming a medicinal purpose is getting your BAC so high no germ could possibly survive).

Speaking of which, Uncle Bob? I'm out.

Wendle, no matter how old you are, you will always be my blogboy.

Man, go do some work for a couple hours and I miss all the excitement.

Hurricane DBBloglits kicked some virtual a$$!

Dave doesn't need a legal staff: he lets us take care of it for him. Genius, the man is utter genius.

And apparently, I'm so old I have old-timers and can't even remember your name.

Med, you are so right!

Exmatt, when I was a wee lass, I lived way out in the boondocks about 30 minutes from Asheville. And I mean WAY out. Our driveway was a mile long and there was an old log cabin another half mile behind our house. Complete with moonshine still. Years after we moved, the local sheriff was pictured on the front page of the rag we called "newspaper" proudly standing beside what remained of the still, holding an axe.

I know you gals were busy 'n' all, but you should have visited with my hippy-niece at the natural food store. Then again, I'm back in Lauderdale today and tomorrow and feeling too lazy to fight the FL drivers down to Myjammies. Me thinks next week, when I come down to grade the exam, I'll be less lazy/ weirded-out... probably not. Anyway, next week I'll be down longer (as opposed to just longer) and this week I need to get back on Wednesday, so put it on your calendars and I'll try to push it towards the weekend instead of beginning....

CJ, out of curiousity, the name of your neice's natural food store isn't Rosetta's is it?

Casey - you mean "Rosetta's Stoned Natural Food Hemporium?"

My latest comment on one of Mr. Watson's early plagiarisms.

i am soooooooooooo confuzzled.

raises glass in toast to whatever the hell just happened. way to go ya'll!

Don't know, but will check. Did I mention she's a bit of a hippy?

*prepares fire for smoke signals*

Please tell Mr. Watson that the NY Times is hiring.

Annie, I knew Rosetta's parents long before Rosetta was a thought, and I promise you, that name is not far from the truth.

Doubt if she is related to CJ tho, I think I've known Rosetta's family long enough that I know all of her relatives.

casey - Rosetta is welcome to use that name. David Watson is snot.

I just searched The Sound Hole (insert hysterical 7th grade giggling here) for what remains of this incredible AHole.

I am pleased to see that the site responded quickly and his remaining words are few, but what remains is evident:

1. This poor guy is an idiot - we spell embrase with a C.
2. He doesn't have an original thought and has made sport of insulting and aggravating those folks who are serious about their music in that community.
C. He is a name calling, racist coward, who would be thrown out of this blog in a NY minute for that kind of behavior.

This guy almost has my sympathy. Although I think the owners of the site should have pulled his registration. Not being a techie, perhaps they can't pull him, but he is blocked from posting. I am sure we will be watching.

No doubt he will show his ugliness in some other community, if and when he is outed.

*snork* @ Wender! Does anyone else consider it ironic that this bozo has "ignorance never settles a question" as his signature?

b b b but Annie, wouldn't that be plaj plag plig copycatting?

Dang it, now I've gone and registered over there...

There are a lot of other posts he plagiarized, too. And not very well, either!

In another thread, someone was soliciting names for a music album...David Watson decided to start posting a list of WBAGNFABs!

Did otheu's name come from the Hindenburg disaster or from Les Nesman?

That was Steve Martin.

Meanwhile, over the horizon, I see 'Greenline' being spelled out in smoke-puffs....

More Beatles:

I think I’m gonna be glad; I think it’s today, yeah
The churl inciting our wrath is going away
He thought he could plagiarize
He thought he could plagiari-i-ize
He thought he could plagiarize
Now he don’t dare.

(CJ? Is this tune playing now?)

Just a quick note from one of the moderators over on The SoundHole. First off, I think you folks deserve to know the origin or our forum name.

We are but a gang of (mostly acoustic) guitar noodlers who gather round the cyber campfire to swap stories and comment on the day's events. One of our more seasoned members if fond of reminding folks that the best tone on a guitar is achieved when one "plays over the soundhole." We created this forum last October from the ashes of a few former forums and when it came time to decide on a name, "SoundHole" won.

As far as the flurry of activity today, thanks to all who pointed out the bad posts on our site. We really aren't in the habit of deleting posts but faced with this situation, the choices were clear and one of the other moderators (Cornflake) took them down as soon as he could ID them. Thanks to all who aided in that effort.

The one good thing that came from this is that we seem to have a new member who is already yaking about buying a guitar. Good for him or her. Everyone should have one (I have four but who is counting).

Since The Sound Hole is a music forum, is Watson actually plaigiarizing Dave, or simply sampling him?

(I always thought the two words meant the same thing, but...)

Thank you Supertramp78.

CJ, there is a possiblity I may be in Asheville again Friday afternoon/evening (if I get lucky, all night - har!) so if "Greenline" is where the smoke signals are coming from, I may very well investigate the source of said smoke.

If I make it, I'll be sure to say "booger".

Supertramp78, it looks like you're doing all that anyone could reasonably ask regarding this Watson character. Good on ya, and thanks for the update.

Okay, speaking of @$$holes, how many of you bloglits who signed that petition that was supported by Tancrudo,to help get Dog The Bounty Hunter off the hook, just got spammed by him for his presidential campaign?! It was a ruse! He was just building himself a list of email addresses for his sleazy campaign!! What a d!ck!!!

What did I miss?! I leave the blog alone for an afternoon, all this excitement, scandal, plagarism, disabled web sites--ohhhhh mannnnnn. I just can't leave you kids alone for a minute!

It's been pretty exciting, Cheryl! I was LTTG too, but enjoyed the whole thing vicariously!

*wonders what's on tomorrow's agenda* :)

hey, J and Supertramp, thanks a bunch for coming over and sharing with us. we'd love to have you stick around ;)

cj, you're up here on the beach? wish i lived further east; i'd stop over and see ya.

There's a lot of plagiarism going around. Doesn't this and this
look familiar?

LTTG on this one, but it looks a lot like the good guys both here and at Soundhole *(suppresses giggle)* have won the day. Kudos to Wender, Annie and all the others who brought this coincidence to a halt, and bravo to the righteous Soundhole posters and admins for doing the right thing.

Nice irony that this blog's Sherlocks were able to unmask that alimentary Watson.

for you blue:

You say it's your birthday!

Happy birthday to ya!

oh, and who gets the valuable prize?

just send one to everyone, that'll stop the arguing...gotta get in that pre-emptive strike, ya know

Oh my gosh, where are my manners? Did someone show J & Supertramp to the blog bar?

YAY Annie! You've been plagarized! I'd send a card but I'm not sure they make a card for this sort of occasion? If so, it would likely be trademarked--and we all know the blog has deep respect for the trademark™. Anyways, congrats! :)

judi, I am working on several sites west of here, but prefer the Mom 'n' Pops, one row off the beach as places to stay. They are inexpensive and laid back, more interesting people, open air, Florida (without too many shootings)....

"...one of the other moderators (Cornflake)..." 9:05p

wish i was
a swell blog cornflake
postin' in a soundhole feelin' groovy
relaxin' in tune
booted the hoon

I like david barry more than any other ordinary ham
I'm in "citizens for wiping out the shoe spam"

wish i had
the wit of mudstuffin
bout to enter battle with a rattler
he reaches around
pulls it out brown

strummin thumbin comin from an unencumbered cousin's axe
blogbroads all aswayin while the guys appreciate their racks

Since Diva and Sioux are AWOL, anyone care for a blogtail?

Blogaritas and D Blager are here for your enjoyment. I can also scare up some SM scotch and Jim and soda for doc, if someone will cart Mert out of my way. He's obviously been "sampling" again.

Should we make up a new shot in honor of this thread? Any ideas? Annie? El? Stevie? Meanie? Let 'er rip.

If you search for postings by davidwatson, you still get an interesting assortment of things - "When You Care Enough to Hit Send" with links to that card site, a list of suggested names for rock bands (admittedly, nicely collected rather than scattered over months of postings here), headlines about Tired Federline Pulls of Halle, the C-string, toenail necklace, and many other things that seem quite familiar. Of course, it's not completely reassuring that I remember so many of those....

Supertramp - someone new on your site is yakking about buying a guitar? Well, what a shocking coincidence - I just bought a guitar. So, golly, I just wonder where they got THAT idea, hmmmmm? Whatta buncha coda copycats! ;)

A nightcap is an excellent idea, Med. I propose a new brew - Watson's Pale Imitation Ale. Of course, it would be a light beer....

maybe "Watson's Pales-in-comparison Ale."

*sudsysnork* @ Meanie & Annie!

Copying someone by purchasing a guitar? Don't see how that could be a bad thing.

As another "Soundhole" (also called a Soundport) member I think I speak for most of my fellow forumites when I say that our musical cyber community is hospitable to players and wannabes of all skill levels. I'm quite happy to be associated with such a friendly, talented, and sociable group of people. I've met many of them at gatherings where we shared some great music, good food, and developed some long lasting friendships.

I sincerely hope your blog is fortunate enough to have that opportunity.

I didn't read the offending posts that initiated the storm and typically I didn't follow his posts, so my opinion isn't needed. My primary reason for posting is to encourage you to visit us and perhaps get to know us better. We're harmless in a nutty sort of way.

And should you feel the urge to snicker, giggle, or even chuckle at the name "The Soundhole"..... that's cool. It all started as a joke inside our community anyway.

So happy blogging. To the guitar players.... Happy Pickin'!

I'm rethinking the drink name. For instance, a beer the first time around is great. But the second time around, it's just p1ss.

I prefer the "f-hole," on the right instrument of course.

Steve (T24G),
re: your 10:09PM post

I have been cruising around that blog for a few minutes now when I should have been sleeping, but there are quite a few items copied directly from this blog - headline link and Dave's snarky comment too. This plagiarist appears to be a college student, but after reading quite a few of his posts, I am not convinced that that part is true either. I am thinking - someone blogging from his momma's basement with an active fantasy life.

You know...we lost a dean this way. He purportedly plagiarized his commencement speech from someone who'd given one a couple of years before. Also, one of our university's own affiliates appropriated photos (from the web, natch) that are copyrighted to the library in which I work. They are NOT the property of the university at large. Large portions of text for their program were also lifted, not just from our web site, but actually from a book that was in the process of being published. That online material was being transformed into a book at the time and was in prepub. Needless to say, it was NOT a happy time.

DIVA!!!! do you now have a functioning computer?

pete -- ackshully, it's a long story ... and a simple answer to your question about the origins of my blogname is: "Both. And neither. It's a long story ..."

Some other time ... there are those here who were present when it finally gelled into the format y'all see today ...

as I said ... later ...

pete - we gotcher Birth of a Blogname story right here. I'm proud to say that I was the spark that ignited the conflerga cognefla roaring fire of blog solidarity that led to the transformation of UO into his current moniker.

Follow the thread, it's good for a few laughs. (Or at least it was then.)

Oh, Golly, MtB ... that wuz a ... um ... fun? ... trip down memory lane ...

(pete ... the questions about Hindenberg & Les Nessman were brot up in later posts/threads ... and ... they all lived ... happily? ... ever after ...)

Even trauma is funny after enough time passes.


You know how sometimes you turn over a random rock, and what's under it is so nasty you want to go get a big pot of boiling water and sterilize it?

Well, I just went over there to SoundHoles. Get me a pot of boiling water right now!

Meanie & OtheU - great story on the name change!!


I was really surprised someone would do that. I didn't see those other posts. I contacted livejournal.com and asked that those be removed.

If that was you that left the comment at the bottom asking it to be removed, I appreciate that.

I loved the part where they wrote that he wrote how easy it was to write those... I guess he thought it was so easy because he lifted 'em.

Ah, the long-ago days of Uncle Omar and Blue Meanie. ;)

I left a note on one of those, Steve. I think it's reprehensible. I just didn't have the time to go and leave it on all of them like I wanted to. :-)

Thanks, DD. I appreciate it!

Great story, OtheU and MtB.

No, my name was never ManFud.


There isn't much to add to what J, Supertramp and Chilibill already said. Except that the guy posting as Village Idiot is a really nice guy, and he does bear a striking resemblance to a young Wilford Brimley.


P.S. Thank you all for catching the plagiarized posts.

Time for a little full disclosure of my own. Back in my deep dark past, I too once worked for a newspaper with a name that rhymes with Dallas Morning Snooze. I was spending some time in the library we had which was chock full of newspapers from other cities and found a story about an event that seems to happen in Miami every year. I forgot the name but it is a city wide scavenger hunt of truely genius level proportions. Dave played a large part in either the design or hosting or both and struck as I was with the absolute brilliance of the event I asked around to see if our paper would be interested in doing something similar in Dallas.

Needless to say the response was less than enthusiastic. Seems "fun" and "journalism" were deemed to be the oil and water of our establishment so the idea died a quick and painless death.

Too bad. I have since kept up with these events in Miami from time to time and I still find them great and wonderful. Still wish this town could pull something like that off.

As far as our board welcoming guitar wannabes, there is no greater wannabe than myself. He who plays well enough to noodle yet not good enough to noodle in public. Face it, I suck. But I have found that being able to actually PLAY the guitar is in no way a hinderance to ENJOYING the guitar. Imagine that.

Anyway. Hope you guys and gals have fun. To whoever felt they needed to sterilize themselves after visiting our site, well, what can I say? Different strokes.

Hey Blogsters,

Just wanted to drop a thank you note to Wender J. Crinklebank here. He emailed me regarding the stolen snippets, but I foolishly thought "Wender J. Crinklebank" was probably spam, and so turned his name over to some friends who have ways of dealing with such things. Now I see otherwise, so, sorry about the porcupantsing, I guess.

Anyway, looks like the formidable Dave, Judi, and crew have fully man-and-womanhandled the situation, as foretold in the prophecy.

*leaves an e-kegger of Belgian ale for the many fine friends here*

This was an infuriating post to try to understand. It seems most the links have been removed. Since the story relies entirely on the links, there's nothing there to understand. Even links in the comments have been removed. Am I to understand you got what you wanted? An update would be helpful.


Chillbill -- as to your " We're harmless in a nutty sort of way." premise ...

Um ... we're pretty nutty around here ... dunno about the "harmless" part, tho ...

Man... I'm away from the blog for a few days and I miss ALL the fun!

Supertramp--greetings, fellow Dallasite! (*waves*)

And yeah, it would be fun to try a Tropic Hunt around here, though we'd have to wait till it's not 100 degrees outside (this month has been nice, save for the town doing a Seattle impression at the moment).

I am looking for a article that Dave did on judging a wine competition. If any one can help please let me now.

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