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June 25, 2007


These folks seem to have covered themselves with several layers of personal-information condoms; the s.b. has been unable to find a way to contact any of the admins about the incredible David Watson, who seems to have an incredibly coincidental bunch of life experiences. We would like to let them know about what a coincidental kind o' guy he is.

(Many thanks to Wender J. Crinklebank and Annie Where-but-here for letting us know, and a valuable prize to anyone who contacts the admins and gets them to remove this genius' posts. So... coincidental.)


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Dave - it's not only you. He apparently has signed up for a dating site using OtheUmanity's name. Read the item just above the first photo on the page. NOT funny. He mentions it again later.

yes, i've been looking for the specific posts he got that stuff from, but no luck so far. the part about 'booger transfusions' came straight from
here: http://www.weeklynewz.com/Gertrude0070.htm

OOOOH!! This just makes me HOPPIN' mad. It's bad enough that he's plagiarizing Dave, but when he's changing Dave's material and making it unfunny?!? That's LYNCHING time.

What a jerk!!! Also, doesn't the picture used by the commenter "village idiot" (how apropos) look A LOT like OtheU, as seen on the Barry's Bloggers page?

Plagiarism is the extra-sincerest form of flattery!

I'm not one for name calling, but this guy's a loser. I don't know how to get contact info for the admins, but I suggest we give this guy as little attention as possible, because in my experience, if we give him attention, we are playing into his hands.

Can't wait for our resident tech geeks to get hold of this. *EG*

Kinda, but Village Idiot's avatar is actually Wilford Brimley, the actor.

Judi - I've signed up for a membership there. Can I do anything to help?

I can send a "Personal Message" to the admins, though I won't put their names out here.

Here's an interesting tidbit. Clear violation of their own rules. If this sort of thing happened on any site I was running, there'd be, at minimum, a purge of posts, and most likely a no-notice permanent ban on the user.

DDiva, you're right! Guess when they mentioned OtheU, I lost my head.

Still, the guy's a jerk.

P.S. The tuba link was from me, as was the Lady MacBeth 'Is this a tuba I see before me....' comment. What a YOB.

btw - Wender was kind enough to bring this issue to my attention, so I sent it to judi, who promptly sicced (sic) Dave on him.

Wender remembered my 'Tuba or not tuba' Shakespearean gator sonnet, which was purloined by said bumpkin. - Bless you, Wender

Amen, Wender. You are a gentleman. Truly. No matter what your wife says. ;-)

I found their registration information with names and addresses of who owns the domain. And which host they use, if anyone wants to know, email me (click on my name). :)

I wender hoon he discovered this (no, seriously - I just couldn't resist).

*realizes plagerizing Dave can get you into trouble...withdraws book submissions entitled "Punkin's Bunny Secrets" and her porn offering "Starr and the Peter Catchers"*

*Snork & 2 snaps*! @ 'Starr & the Peter Catchers!'

Now THAT's worth swiping.

ummm, annie, nobody sicced dave on anyone. what do you mean?

noob, if you would email it to me, i'd appreciate it.

Oops, sorry. In my excitement, I meant cc'ed Dave. Or not? Sorry. I was just excited to see this guy get flamed.

Please don't hurt me officer. I didn't steal anything.

Ms. Where-but-here, you are indeed Foremost in my thoughts at all times, of course, but it was only after accidentally running across Mr. Watson's plagiarism of my own stuff that I went searching this blog for further infractions. Mr. Watson has reprinted half a dozen of my little puff-pieces, which wouldn't bother me much if he didn't actually make them less funny in so doing. He is, in clinical terms possibly too complex for the layperson, a "douchebag." I hope he sticks around The Sound Hole, as I am enjoying shaming him immensely under the pseudonym of The Deplagiarinator.

A sample of my shaming:

I hope the truth is that you're actually the Time-Traveling Lost Soul of the late Art Buchwald, famously cantakerous old coot that sued Eddie Murphy for plagiarizing the idea for Coming to America, capable of writing original content before others can rip you off and then mysteriously posting it, due to some rift in the space/time continuum, after you've somehow been ripped off before even posting it. Yeah, use that; it's a Sci-Fi conundrum that will bore and confuse your detractors before they can pin you down for taking their work and putting your name on it.

Written 2 hours from now,

The Deplagiarinator

*snork* @ Punkin! Guess I'll have to ditch my plans for the marijuana consumer's guide: "Just Ducky's Book of Bad Bongs."

and a simul with judi. Take THAT, super-bad-meany stealer-guys.

Wender, I saw "The Deplagiarinator" on that board, and thought it had to be a Barry bloglit. Good for you!

I just sent it to you, Judi. Glad to be of help. I moonlight as a commercial writer and would be livid if my stuff was lifted like that. :)


(Yeah, the avatar of Wilfred Brimley looks like my own personal image ... my kids have been mentioning that fact for years ... even back before he wuz the Oatmeal Guy ...)

(Gonna go to Noob & find out about this ... if copyright laws mean NEthin' @ all, I'm fairly sure that I own the copyright on this name, it bein' my own literary creation and all ...)

Excellent, Wender!! I wondered why TD sounded familiar!!! I shoulda knowed.

*TWO thumbs up!*

O - I'm glad you came by. I was about to email you with this information. :-)

Noob livid
Writer with a smile
Hope no one lifts your style
My friend...

I created an account and sent a private message to the administrator:

"One of the users of your forum, a Mr. "davidwatson" is plagiarizing content from Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Dave Barry's blog. He is copying posts verbatim and claiming them as his own.


He also registered for a dating service using the alias of one of the frequent commentors of Mr. Barry's blog, and described himself using Mr. Barry's words, and discusses it in this thread: http://acoustictalk.proboards85.com/index.cgi?board=tempttt&action=display&thread=1182561859&page=1#1182565393

It would be much appreciated by both the readers of Mr. Barry's blog and Mr. Barry himself if all plagiarized posts were to be removed and some action taken against the user in question."

Hopefully the administrator is a decent enough person to act on this.

Wait, sorry, THIS is my favorite Shaming:


My favorite thing about this one, David Watson, is that you add your own Original 3 Words (hey, it's a start) and they actually unfunny the bit down! You thought you had to explain "yourself" by adding "*alternate Mom dialogue* as if "your" audience is a bunch of plagiarizing half-wits that wouldn't catch on, from the Context, why what "you" said was funny. It is indeed very funny, but less so with your added Bonus Words, because good humor ought never be explained or annotated[1].

[1] Unless, of course, it is done so as a footnote and contains the words "plagiarizing douchebag," in which case annotation is HILARIOUS.

It looks like the "village idiot" guy is posting a pic of Wilford Brimley.

thanks to wender, i found this very familiar bit... from this source

it's an honor to be plagiarized along with dave of course and the rest of you all, so let me be the first to

*snorf* at david watson!

Sorry, DD didn't see your post. Didn't mean to plagar, plajer, copy.

How creepy is that?!


I just tried that, jd.

Apologies for the random slantiness.

Also, everything I've ever said on this blog has been plagiarized from Strom Thurmond, whose ghost lives in my linen closet. Specifically inside one pointy white sheet.


Heh. I sent this:

The individual who calls himself "david watson" has blatantly plagiarized material from Dave Barry's web site. Here is one of "david watson"'s posts and here is the source material from Dave Barry.

Your own rules stipulate

You agree, through your use of this forum, that you will not post any material which is false, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise in violation of ANY law. This is not only humorous, but legal actions can be taken against you. You also agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or you have consent from the owner of the copyrighted material. Spam, flooding, advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are also inappropriate to this forum.
Emphasis mine.

This individual is also making use of one of Dave Barry's Blogposters names (OtheUmanity - see the second comment down on this thread) and compare with the name above the photo in this thread again.

Also compare the "booger transfusions" comment (Reply #8) with this article. Apparently he steals from multiple sources. How many other identities has he appropriated beyond that of OtheUmanity's as well? I am aware of another individual whose material he has also appropriated, but do not know on what threads that material is located.

You can contact Dave Barry or his assistant Judi Smith at daveblog at miamiheralddotcom.

Thank you, insom! And congrats on being plagiarized!

pete, thanks. I had a blonde moment; I'm better now. No offense intended, OtheU!!!

*in a ridiculous French accent*

I blow my nose at yew, Mr. David Watson.
I fart in your general direction.

avid snotwad. just sayin.

WOOHOO!!!!! The threads have been taken down!!!

Seriously, fellow bloglits, our duty is clear.
We must hunt this a$$wipe down and teach him the consequences of plagiarism. Oh wait, he could end up in the Senate like Joe Biden.

Looks like they took him down. The links go to threads that do not exist anymore.

Good job, all.

I do believe that Mr. Watson has been outed. And perhaps ousted. HALLELUJAH!!

Ew, ew, Mr. Kotter, pete plagiarized Steve Martin....

Wow, a triple simul. I hope no one got hurt.

*pouts* I guess my stuff's not worth stealing, even. Well, stinko on him.

Hey - so long as pete was in there, I'm JUST fine!!! I haven't simuled in so many days I was starting to forget how GOOD it feels!!! ;-)



expat - we're going to HAVE to get to know each other better. You're awfully good at this! *GRINS*

And CH - hope you liked being in the middle. ;-)

Steve Martin?

((((CH)))) Well, maybe it was and we just didn't search it far enough back. *smooch*

*snorshack* @ CJ!

Score one for the good guys!

Geez. And another where I get pete all to myself? I'm having a GREAT day!!

*smooches pete*

Followed by Ducky....well, if that just don't beat all!

That's from the "Holy Grail" by Monty Python.
I only steal from the best.

HEY! I simuled MYSELF!! OK. I'll stop now. Really.

They've taken down every thread The Deplagiarinator marked as boosted but Mr. Watson is still an active member and there are more plagiarized pieces. Which is fine by me, as I'm having Much Fun taking the piss out of him.

OH. I'm sooooooo wooooooozy...... Pete.........

The links are no longer working. He is OUT! YAY!

Hey, Wender! A Diva sandwich! Now THAT's something to write home about! ;-) I'm sure we'll all be searching here for days to come....


There's a movie line I've always luvved, that seems apropos for this moment ...

Stand by for JUSTICE!!! - Curt Henderson

SIOUXIE!!!! Glad to see you home. Things went well in Carolina, I gather! I'm SOOOOO jealous! Welcome back.

And happy belated birthday (almost) to Meanie, wherever you are!!!

*Plagiarizes Bugs Bunny*

"Of course you know, this means war!"

Congrats to all on getting plagiarized and/or getting the @$%@&*^^%$%#$#$&#$%& *pauses for breath* $%#$!%$!@%@$#@^#^@#!$%!%$#'s threads removed.

After all, getting copied is flattering, but humiliating the copier is priceless.

I'll give you thirty minutes to cut that out, DD.

Then I'm going to whisper for help.

OK. I really am done now. Have to go home which completely sucks now that this place is up and hopping. :-( Boo hoo to me!!!

*prepares to ride off into sunset*

pete - Python IS the best! ;-)

Sorry DD, did you need a break before another simul?

hey guys. my apologies from the community. sorry about this whole mess.

DDiva, take it easy; you're gonna give yourself a heart attack! ;-)

How long till the new Dell dawns?

Anytime, pete - ANYtime! ;-) I've SOOO missed you guys. Pardon me for getting a little prematurely excited. *snicker* I still don't have a unit at home, though, so I'll have to get posted whenever I can get it.

*passes Mary a new pack of Sharpies*

... and ... Just Ducky -- Offense? Where?

(Of course, Geezers will remember whut happened after Curt shouted that line in the post above ... I'm thinkin' this sh!t-fer-brains plagiarizer has had a similar experience ... his @$$ bein' yanked out from under ...)

You know J - that's downright dandy of you, and much appreciated. It's hard to monitor your folks' material. Thanks so much for taking such thoroughly speedy action!!

You can come play here any day. :-)

*doffs hat*

XMatt - No. Never. *sighs contentedly*

Nice work, DD. You know I love you and we'll all miss you tonight.

Thanks DD, it's good to be home!

OtheU - there can only be ONE of you ;-)

My wife complains that she doesn't have much of a unit at home either. You women are all alike.

Hey - better something than NOTHING, pete!! Just tell her to upgrade. Oh, wait.... ;-)

From approximately 5:37 to approximately 6:51. That didn't take long. Good work blogboys and bloggals.

From now on, I promise (fingers crossed behind my back) to be on my very best behavior, in order to avoid the wrath of the blogpals!

Ouch!! that smarts!

Plagiarize copyrighter...

Sir or madam, would you steal my quip
Some take me years to write, others from the hip
Placed with an author, he's a man named Dave
He's a steady blog, he don't want to be a
Plagiarized writer
Plagiarized writer

We're a thousand jokers, give or take a few
But we're honest folk, somewhat unlike you
We can take a story, turn it inside out
You're a hoony yob, we don't want to be a
Plagiarized writer
Plagiarized writer

um...judi, can I get the valuable prize if no one claims it??? ;-)

EXCELLENT, SW! Will you let them steal that for the next RBR "tour"?

*rides off into the sunset for real*

See y'all in the morning, Kids!

pete, just buy her one, then you can play on the blog more. Not that I've done that or anything.

deskdiva, I'm just a member there but like most members (and mods) had no clue about what was going on with those posts. hopefully things will get taken care of appropriately. :)

*claims valuable prize*

OtheU, I loved American Graffiti!

casey, I just remarked on how swiftly this problem was resolved to the girlduckling. The bloglits are awesome.

Good one, SW! Especially working in "hoony."


*zips in*™


LTTG as usual, but the only linky that sittl worked for me when I started reading here was the one in judi's post.
I'll zip up and czech it again.
Yes, if you click on These folks it takes you to the site, but on all the other linkys it says 'thread does not exist', so what's up with that?

And didn't this happen once before a while back????

Ah. Well, I misunderstood, but come play over here anyway! :-) We like to have fun. Can you tell?

*OK - Really really rides off into the sunset this time.*

*blows smooches to all the blogpals over her shoulder. adds j to the list.*


*claimed it first*

excellent, Stevie!

*does the I Got Plagiarized Dance*

um...judi, can I get the valuable prize if no one claims it??? ;-)

Posted by: Siouxie | 07:09 PM on June 25, 2007


So, NO. You didn't claim it first! ;-P

*kicks gently nudges DD out the door and locks closes it behind her*

la la la la


Welcome back Souixie. You were real close to where I'm from originally. Traveler's Rest, just about an hour away from Asheville. I only moved away a couple years ago. In fact, my dad worked with the guy (at his regular job) that made the rocking horses for Biltmore Estate .

I'm glad you enjoyed my old stomping grounds. If you haven't been, the Outer Banks and Charleston are also awesome.

Lol at all o'youse. Time for a drink breather.


*nudges i two spaces to the left*

*does the I Got Plagiarized Dance*

That's been banned at most high school proms, you know. And for good reason.

Annie, I must admit I am confused. What have you and Wender done now?

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