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June 25, 2007


Ted Habte-Gabr, Field Coordinator of the Dave Barry for President Inevitable Surging Bandwagon of Destiny (my positions on the issues may be found here) has been out coordinating the field like crazy, most recently at the Erotica LA Expo in Los Angeles, where he was able to identify a key voter demographic, namely, women willing to pose with him.
Ted definitely felt a groundswell going on out there.



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So, the party was in Ted Habbity-Grabbity's pants?

*snork @ groundswell*

Hey, Ted! Stop sniffing that girl's head! Too obvious, dude.

All 3 of those girls are too obvious IMHO


Blonde Bimbos for Barry!!!

When asked for comments later in the day, Ted said: "Dave who?".

"Is that a rolled up campaign poster in your pocket, or are ya just glad ta see me?"

So, Ted's out "polling" for Dave?

Proof that chicks dig guys with mullets.

Hey Lairbo, polling rhymes w/trolling - just sayin'...

His mullet fell off!

are those girls even old enough to vote?

Does this campaign really want the Paris/Twitney/Lindsey vote? They all supported John Kerry and look how that turned out!

*wonders why everyone has the same shade of lipstick*

But can they parallel park?

terned out great fer me!

Oh, they're Scores girls...
*that lipstick must be the (only) uniform requirement*

I don't know this for sure, but I've heard that Mr. Habte-Gabr gives new meaning to the term "campaign stump."

Most Apt Anagram of Habte-Gabr: "Bag The Bra"

This comment will be plagiarized by David Watson of The Sound Hole in 24 minutes. (Insert 24's Pounding Digital Clock Noise here.)

Sound Hole indeed.

Hey, I happen to think that reaching out to an untapped demographic is a good idea Mr. Barry! By the way, I am available to be Ambassador to Score's if you need me.

uh, trolling for dave, more than likely. and where is YOUR mullet?

Bill, if you're going to campaign, do I really have to remind you which candidate should be getting your undivided attention?!?

"are those girls even old enough to vote?"

Who cares?

"*wonders why everyone has the same shade of lipstick*"

Didn't notice.

Ted's obviously going after voters of every strip. Er, stripe.

Looks like Dave has signed up some great dark roots, I mean grassroots campaigners.

*major snorks for Ford79 & PeterM*

You are doing the Lord's work Ted.

Also is it just me or did Ted lose his mullet?

Now, whenever I hear the word "groundswell" on the evening news and start laughing, I'll tell people who think I'm nuts that it's all Dave's fault.


He's definitely out for the vote of the Hardland.

Dave, please instruct Ted to have the ladies in the second photo hold the bumper sticker lower.

Or, not at all.

Its not fair comparing these girls to Paris and company. After all, these gals have jobs and work for a living.

Ex-Addict, nope...it's not just you ;-)

Be honest: do we really think anyone in this demographic (Women Willing To Pose With Ted) are capable of registering to vote?

Not that Ted cares... (lucky swine).

So, Dave has now locked up that all-important Generation XXX vote.

Is the demographic in question here
(a)Women Willing To Pose With Ted
(b)Women Willing To Pose, or
(c)Women Willing To?

Women Willing

We interrupt this posing and groundswelling to express much appreciation for the good wishes this morning on the Scotland thread.

Sorry for not mentioning this earlier, but you know how it is with geezers.

W!! get outta my post! geez

Ted is just underscoring the Candidate's commitment to the "No Lap Dancer Left Behind" plank of the platform.

Thanks Siouxie your best.

Also I promise you it is ok to click on the links.

Now bend over, Meanie ;-P


Lock the liqour cabinet and hide the hot wax, Siouxie is back in town!

Hey, Rick! No more mooning over my absence? I'm feeling left out here!!

I love you too, Rick ;-P

I still miss you Diva.

Please allow me to introduce them to my hanging chad....

I am at work Diva! Mooning hours begin at 7pm CST thank you kindly!

Diva, you got that lapper going yet?

Prof! I'm sooooooooooo sleepy!!!

CJ, better a hanging one than a pregnant one...

Siouxie... thought you were gonna head out early and get a nap? You need to rest up so you can get back to the important things... like partying with me and Rick.

oh btw, Ex-Addict?? yummmmmm yummmmmm

Absolutely Prof! Couldn't agree more. Well, if she puts away the machete that is.

Your welcome Siouxie 8^D

BTW, I am assuming that the Amazing Steve will be making his usual contribution tonight. Haven't seen anything formal about it.

No can do, Prof. Have to pick up Aless @ 5. dang!!!

LTTG, but Happy Birthday, Meanie!

Happy birthday, dear Meanie the Blue
50 is a great age--it's true
So don't make a big fuss
Just board our geezer bus
This blog just can't do without you!

Those blondies look like hoons to me.

Aside to Siouxie...if you passed through every town in the Carolinas on your way home, when did you pass through my little corner of SC...I'd have welcomed you to town! It's the birthplace of Dizzy Gillespie...we have history here!

Glad you made it home safely!

*slinks off to order hoons from EBay*

private message to Siouxie - see WHOA thread...

Rick, machete tucked away safely.

Thanks, Susan - I'm sure we went through it ;-) I was dazed and confused at the time.

"CJ and the Hooter Hoons" - agnfarb?? sports bar? p0rn flick?

I am about 18 minutes away from being on the loop with nothing but a bunch of hoons. *still not sure what "hoons" are but I can gurantee they will be out on that loop*

CJ, don't slink. You want to order 'em on EBay, you go do it, dude!!!

Oh yes, and a belated welcome home to Siouxie.

*Is honored by additional good wishes, especially the Quacking Birthday Serenade*

PROF!! I miss you too! :-) I HATE not hanging out here on the late-night threads. :-(

No, Rick - not yet! Still working on that.


"All 3 of those girls are too obvious IMHO" (alien8@228p)

What the heck does THAT mean?

Lucky stiff. He should be roundly chastised for not providing names, though. Especially the 2nd blonde.


Ok, more caught up now. Found the "hoons" source.
As you were...

69th post on the adult film industry expo board. That is all.

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