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June 26, 2007


Plague Town, USA

(Thanks to Paul Masters)

FYI, we have these things in Miami, too. They are the least-fearful insects this blog has ever seen. You walk right up to them, and they just stand there, their attitude being, "Hey, I am an insect the size of a standard poodle. What are you going to do about CRUNCH SPLAT"


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Oh, please. These things are all over Miami, like Dave said. Nothing to see here, folks! Move right along!

ho, hum. old news.

anybody know the poster "Lush Bimbo" irl? could you please have him/her contact me? thanks.

yeah...those things are harmless. I used to pick 'em up right by the hind legs and scare my sister ;-)

I still do.

judi, never seen him/her.

I know a few lush bimbos... but that's probably not what you meant huh?

I don't think they're fearless, it's just they have the iq of an Irish Setter. I was a kid living in Bartow (yes in Polk County) and one moved into our house. He lived in a bowl of plastic flowers (this was the early 60s folks) on top of the tv and ate them. He lived there for weeks.

did lush bimbo win the valuable prize?!

If she did, I'll take it off your hands, ms. judi!

Gaa! Nasty! I remember when I was little I used to pick up grasshoppers and crickets and not think a thing of it. Now I don't even want to touch those things!

judi - is that anything like Bush Limbo?

Mushi Blob?

I think mistress judi may want to take him to the woodshed.


"Lush Bimbo" is the clown who keeps plagiarizing Dave. Feed him to the lubbers.

Dave, we get big hoppers like that up in Ga - they're black but have those same pink wings. We call 'em Florida locusts when we step on them.

Judi, is this who you're looking for:


I remember these things from when I was kid here in North Florida. My brother would pick them up and throw them on me. I'm still in therapy for that :)

That one clip filled my lame pun quota for the month.

Two words: Bass Bait.

Collect them and sell them, dummies!

Kitties also find grasshoppers to be either:
a. delicious and/or
b. lots of fun to play with

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