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June 28, 2007


The Feng Shui of the Toilet

The presence of a toilet in the central part of any space can be quite disastrous. It causes a disbalance in the energies and the Water element can be too Yin and destabilising.


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"...this area is vital for the health and well-being of all occupants and the energy in this part of any space should be kept well balanced and freely flowing."

I hate when my toilet related activities aren't freely flowing.

Moreover, proper care must be taken to ensure that the inside of the toilet is not only properly ventilated but also kept light, airy, clean and free from any clutter.

*will now remember to flush so that my sh!t chi won't be too yin*

"...one can hang a metal wind chime in the centre of the toilet."
Commonly called a fart.

I thought the toilet was only full of yin if sauerkraut was involved. Thoughts?

"one can hang a metal wind chime in the centre of the toilet"
And it makes lovely tinkling noises to let everyone know you're doing your business in there.

or one could hide a microphone in the bowl and a large amplifier in the wall so that unsuspecting guests could have their toupee blown off by the amplified sound waves of their own chi, so to speak.

*snork* @ mud and that "visual" LOL

House, h*ll. My toilet is the center of my UNIVERSE.

jon, at my house replace 'tinkling' with the noise of a three car crash.

*reads article*

*rushes home and rebuilds apartment*

*SNORKSNORKSNORK* for mud, fivver and kibby.

I am sending this article to my entire family!!

I am in total agreement with everything that was said in this article. I have only one question, which is, "What?"

SNORK @ mud & Siouxie!

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