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June 12, 2007


...prevents us from linking to this item.

(Thanks to, um, "Moo Kow")


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I bet his nickname is "Tiny."

Danny? That's not a very funny name.

But did he withdraw from Halle?

"He was suspended for punching Clermont Auvergne's Thibault Privat in the European Challenge Cup final on 19 May."

Hey, I've been punched in the Thibault Privat before and it hurts for days.

With a name like that, it's no wonder he gets into so many scuffles.

Hammie, that's cuz you left your goat out...just sayin' ;-P

Grewc*ck - is that a new product like sea monkeys and magic rocks?

Key quote - "He was already facing stiff competition for a place in the final 30-man squad"

Real key quote, "suspended for biting the finger of a NZ hooker...."

I wonder if this guy gets a lot of sp@m.....

Meanie, I'll bet he gets a lot of....er, nevermind.

I just realized, that is the pot calling the kettle black isn't it? Ah well, being a pot, I know whereof I speak!

Oh, and Dave said the policy is rigid...tee hee hee

Of course the headline SHOULD have been,

"Lock Grewcock Socks Hooker Privat's Privates, Faces Sack"

*snork* @ pad!

Do I get my Pulitzer now? And do I get a new one or do I have to take Dave's old one?

..."Has a very poor disciplinary"

Imagine that

Could be worse. First part of his name could be "Brown".

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