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June 28, 2007


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Makes note never to go to Japan and place guard on horses.

and first?

I say thee Neigh Nay!

Do they just sit around over there and think up new and even more gross things to eat?

Way to go, sioushi!!

Hey, this is only IF they run out of fish. Let's not put the carp before the horse.

Well if carpaccio isn't made from carp, then why does sushi have to be made from fish?

New meaning for "toro" sushi, I'd say.

*idly wonders if horse could possibly be any worse than sea urchin*

NOT gonna make a tuna joke here. Nope, nope, nope.

Thank God sushi is against my religion...well its not really but its an easy way to get people to stop trying to copnvince me to try that foul stuff.

and speaking of religion, if the DiVinci Code is correct and Jesus was married I guess it makes sense that .

(How's that for a segue?)

ahem... makes sence that that the Anti-Christ would be divorced.

stupid html

*idly wonders if horse could possibly be any worse than sea urchin*

If uni sushi
Like I knew sushi
Oy oy oy what a gulp

HAHAHAHAH!!! Nice one, SW!


Well, they also mention deer, and given the overpopulation among deer (no predators)... export opportunity! Get to work, Blurk, Wyo, and OtU!

OMG. This is TRUE. My DH is in Japan on a business trip and on his first night there, they gave a dinner party and he was served, among other disgusting, squishy, still-with-their-eyeballs things, a slab/chunk/slice of raw horse. I have a picture to prove it, but have no idea how to include a link to it. It gave him nightmares (ummm...no pun intended there).

"It was soft, easy to bite off, [and] had no smell,"

Why can't I stop laughing at this? I'm sick, SICK I tell you!

Not saying I don't believe your DH, gjd, but how does one tell the slab is horse? Did they tell him?

Last night's sushi repast included tuna, yellowfin, and salmon, as the sashimi, all quite wonderful. Wonder if Japan is running out of those as well?

I can't believe their clintelle won't be able to tell the difference between bluefin and Trigger.

Tell the difference, sure. Know that it's horse (as opposed to, say, dolphin, deer, dog, whatever)? Not so sure.

How does this compare with their second world war prison camp fare in the Phillipines?

Richard: Sorry this is so late, but, yes, the Japanese told the American and German guests what everything was, including the horse.

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