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June 29, 2007


(Also thanks to Just Ducky)


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Makes perfect sense to m--




A bona fide hat trick of firsts!! Yay, ME!

Limit??? we don't need no stinkin' speeding limit.

If I was the cleaners, I would definitely not take his pants!

Also YAY to Ducky!!

*flaps applause at Ducky - twice*

The ironic thing is that even if they raise the speed limits over there in NH, that guy will still get speeding tickets! It's a mindset that people have, it doesn't matter how fast the speed limit is set, there will still be people that will go at least 5-10 miles over it, just because they don't care.

Hey, we had a state senator try to pull this here. ISIANMTU. He said he'd get to his legislative sessions faster and have more time for, y'know, legislatin' and stuff.

He proposed it just as gas prices were hitting $3 a gallon, too.

You have to love the logic of the state AAG:
"Common sense will tell you that going too slow is only a hazard when other people are going much faster," said Hilts. "It's kind of a weird case."

So then all limits should be set at 5mph (average walking speed) to eliminate the hazards to pedestrians?

"It seems ridiculous to me. I don't know what incentive the state would have to do that," Hilts said. "I've not seen any evidence that that occurs. I don't believe it."

Gee, I'm $ure there'$ $ome rea$on the $tate might want to i$$ue lot$ of $peeding ticket$, but I can't $u$$ it out either.

I'm a bit cranky today (even tho I'm home, and RETIREMENT has OFFICIALLY STARTED) ... becuz I had a few REALLY ROTTEN DRIVERS causin' me mental pain and anguish (not to mention stressin' my vocal cords) today as I drove home from Gillette, WY ...

The first one had a license plate that indicated they were from -- are you ready for this? -- FLORIDA!!!

Then there wuz an especially stoopid one from OREGON ... turns his blinker on half a mile before he actually turned ... three separate possible turns he could've made in that distance (this wuz on the outskirts of town) ... AND THEN, he did the SAME THING AGAIN, with at least four intersections and three driveways before he turned (this time he wuz in town) ...

Then a supposed Cowboy (or Cowgirl, I won't discriminate on basis of gender) pullin' a horse trailer with Sodak plates ... spent more time straddlin' the center line than on the correct side of it ... for more than 20 miles ... weavin' and such ... mebbe practicin' for rodeo ridin'?

Then a few other "average and/or ordinary" estupidos ...

Naw, I'm not cranky ... but it's a good thing I din't have any Stinger™ Missiles with me ... (today) ...

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