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June 06, 2007


(Thanks to ScottMGS)


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*hands over worthless scrap of paper*

Do I lose my First status because I cheered?

God forbid that someone should get recognition for their stunning accomplishment of surviving their sentence to gov't schools for 12 to 14.

Why were they cheering, again?

YAY for Scott!!!!

Hat trick?

blasted robot.

Dave - I think you used strikethrough on the wrong word in that title.

I saw this in the newspaper and just about lost all my cool. One of these girls was the first in her family to graduate. Can you imagine that decorum (a totally made-up concept in society anyway) should trump celebrating that achievement?




Woohoo, it is a 3-fer day. 3 links that I have sent in in the past few days posted with no credit for me. Boo to the blog.

I have no problem. The students signed a contract before the ceremony, and they were aware. The attendees were aware. Having just gone thru grad with my own child where audience members actually deployed airhorns, I see nothing wrong with demanding decorum.

I agree with the educators. I've been to graduations where you can't hear names being called, because of the very antics the school is trying to stop here. Air horns, anyone?

Celebrate and yell and scream when everyone gets to throw their mortor board in the air. Or at the after party. The inability of these particular friends and family to maintain any kind of self control is probably why one these young ladies was the first to graduate from high school.

High 5, Boo.

wow. do you always punish the children for the sins of their fathers?

And seriously, all they have to do is apologize to get the diplomas. Don't see why they can't own up to acting like morons in teh crowd.

Anonymous apologies?

judi, yes, the Jewish part of me does.

judi - no one even knows that it was "the fathers". This seems like a great way to screw with the kids in your class that you never got along with -- cheer for them when their name is anounced.

"anon," we're waiting......

Somehow that whole "my enemy was the one making noise" just doesn't ring true, and I would be willing to bet that these girl's know exactly who the offenders were.

i did it, and i'm dreadfully sorry, now give them their diplomas!

Somehow that whole "my enemy was the one making noise" just doesn't ring true, and I would be willing to bet that these girl's know exactly who the offenders were.

*hides foghorn*

When did everything become someone else's fault?

Woo hoo! Thanks, Siouxie.

And Deskdiva, decorum is simply the requirements of polite behaviour that makes the world more comfortable for everyone. In this instance, polite behaviour is curbing your enthusiasm so every family can hear its graduates name called.

And you, my dear, clealy like to benefit from decorum. For instance, blog decorum dictates that a bloglit doesn't make sport of a fellow bloglit's real name accidentally being posted.

If they graduate anyway, why care about the darn diploma? In four years, the girls will have a much better one anyway.

I am aware that these folks all signed a contract. I am also aware that this article does not indicate that they showed no self-control. They cheered. You watch your child do something for the first time ever in your family and see what your reaction is. I'm betting you don't keep your own mouth shut too well.

And as for visiting the sins of the fathers upon the children.... Well, what a way to teach folks personal responsibility, eh?

I'm with Boo and Bali. It ruins the ceremony. You might as well have it in a bar for all the raucus behaviors. What's wrong with a little decorum? I remember years ago when my 2nd husband graduated from college and his family said they were going to clap and carry-on, which they did, and it was embarrasing - nobody else did, of course. When my son graduated from college in Dallas, it was unreal. Hardly what you would consider a serious ceremony. Oh well, that's my geezer rant for the day. Carry on.

Is this the same group with protest signs that said "Let are kids graduate!"?

True story: friend of mine, never the studious type, died suddenly. At his wake his high school diploma folder was displayed prominently on the memorabilia table. I opened the folder and instead of his diploma was a note saying "Dear _____, please pay your overdue library book fines and your diploma will be forwarded to you."

He had a nice career running a series of his own businesses, so I'll have to give him the last laugh on this one.

I'd love to see video. Because I'm guessing that the "cheering" was a lot more raucous than those siding with the students think. I've been to graduations like that, where inconsiderate families make insane amounts of noise while their kid dances on stage and everyone else has to wait. That's garbage. Get your diploma like everyone else.

Um, Boo? That was not "lack of decorum." That was invasion of privacy, which is my Constitutional right in this country.

Decorum, or etiquette, is something that differs from one society to another. Airhorns certainly invade on another's space (and health, even!). Cheering, on the other hand.... I just don't see the problem with their behavior. The article did not indicate that they were over the top in any capacity.

My other issue is on "demanding" an apology. You can demand whatever you like, but if it is not freely given, of what value is it? In this instance, it's an abuse of power and a shaming technique, in my opinion.

What's a diploma?

Hey! You demanded an apology only a few hours ago. I call an abuse of power.

I gotta go with Boo, bali, and Sippi on this one. The people who act in that manner are usually the same ones who talk on cell phones in theaters and drive like they live in Miami. Nothing says I love you like several long blasts from an air horn on unintelligible screaming minutes past when they're child received the diploma.

Hoo-eee, I kicked the beehive on this one, didn't I?

I think so, Scott. And with all the buzz Punkin's bound to show up soon.

That being said, the student council for my graduating class nixed our pick for class song in favor of "Living On A Prayer". The closest thing to living on a prayer my graduating class ever did was to try and tip over a cow while drunk on Lone Star. So maybe, just maybe sometimes it's better to have the air horns than the memory of a crappy song.

An invasion of privacy makes you uncomfortable, right? That's what manners, etiquette, politeness etc. are designed to prevent. Doesn't matter if it's also still invasion of privacy actionable under law. The expected norms on this blog are that you do not put others in an uncomfortable situation.

The decorum agreed to in advance for this event was no clapping or cheering, over the top or otherwise. Sure, the school could have said “golf clapping” is allowed and everyone could have agreed to that as well. What gives these particular individuals the right to determine for themselves that they are no longer subject to the rules this particular “society” had all agreed to in writing prior to the event?

And demanding an apology may be shaming. Here, I think that’s 100 percent appropriate. They acted inappropriately and should be ashamed of their behaviour.

Um...I thought we had all that settled.

I'll be back later.

All I know as that this blogger on blogger violence has to stop. In the words of the great orator Johnny Cocharane, "If you condone, you must atone!". And for the record, I don't know what that means either!

IS that...not "as" that. What a complete As I am!

I gotta agree with the educators on this one. I graduated from the University of Miami almost 20 years and it was a complete zoo. Air horns, champagne bottles, constant screaming. You couldn't hear anyone speak. They have to draw the line somewhere.

Time out!
I want everyone to play nice. Discussion is fine. Personal attacks are NOT.
/sports reference

Hmmm... Since we're so good at coming up with solutions that no one asked for how about this:

1) Charge a $20/seat bond/deposit to sit in the audience. Each seat is associated with one of the graduates. If the crowd is too loud (hmmm... how to measure that) when a particular graduate is crossing the stage then all the deposits for that graduate are forfeit.

2) Two ceremonies: Pomp and circus-stance

There are problems with any solution but, hey, it's a start.

I went to a high school graduation a couple of weeks ago; the first I had been to in years. We sat in the balcony of a church with the graduates marching below.

Over my shoulder was a group of people waving and trying to catch the eye of their graduate.

From their appearance I'm pretty sure this was their first family member to make it. They were a little overly exuberant, but my heart was with them.

I was the first in my family with a college degree. At my graduation were some of my relatives I had never seen before in anything but bib overalls. Why would they know how to act? But they were all part of how I got there.

I'm officially opening the blogbar. Belly up!

I choose my words carefully in order to have generally polite discussion. I have not smacked down on any individual here, nor was it my intent to. I disagree with parts of the article, and parts of others' comments which is my right. If I said something that came off as unpleasant, it was NOT intentional, and I apologize for that.

That said, I also did not intend to say that I thought they were within their rights to break their contracts. I do not. It's just that I can understand being overcome in the emotion of the moment and cheering. If they signed the contracts knowing they intended to break them, well, I thoroughly disagree with that, but if we punish them more for that we're being fascist thought police. We can't know what they were thinking. I just think it's a bit of overkill to withhold a diploma for something that seems (to me) so trivial.

And Edgar, please go back and read the posts on the other thread - I did not demand an apology. I called you on poor behavior. On my behalf several others suggested you owed me an apology.

A beer please, Bali?

Here, pogo. A BIG one. *hic*

Thanks, Bal. Keep 'em comin'.

Diva Smackdown Day is officially over.

*taps the keg and stands under the spigot*

A beer wet t-shirt contest? Is that legal?

*licks DD's fingers*

Yes, that's an excellent brew!

If it ain't it damn well should be!!!!!!!!

Well, I darned well better win SOMETHING today after all this abuse. I'm feelin' a mite bruised. :-(

Good heavens, people. As the host dad to a decade worth of exchange students, I can guaran-damn-tee you that there is nothing worth listening to being said at high school graduations. Let 'em hoot & holler; it's a celebration.

If you want decorum, go to a funeral instead.

And, in the interest of love & boogers, can we stop with the ad hominem crap, please?

*sends blurk a "Hayew?"*

*takes seat for contest*



It's the least I can do for ya, Bro. :-)

Glad you like it, pogo!

*runs in and flashes*

carry on

Yeah, I cleaned up my own mess already. Hell with it, gimme a beer. Or just wring out your shirt, I promise I won't stare.

Can I get ya somethin', CH?

Oh, sure you would. But YOU I wouldn't mind. :-)

*draws CH a nice, juicy Oregonian beer*

*flashes him, just for sport*

I, on the other hand, make no such promises.

YOU I wouldn't mind, either. ;-)

*flashes blurk, too, just for sport*

Blurk, I shocked. Wait, no I'm not. Wanna drink?

"AM". Shocked. Sorry, new nails, old keyboard.

oh geez...here we go again!

we didn't flash YOU, power leveling dude!! now scoot or I'll have to wax ya!

*pours a Beam and spit for blurk*

I know it's early, but you earned it with me today. Thanks.

Hey, blurk, ol' buddy, if I can get you coordinates, might you be able to arrange an "accidental" "practice" airstrike on a certain powerleveler?

CH, if that happens, I want video. Of course, that could ruin all that lovely "plausible deniability"...

Last year, against all odds, my developmentally disabled daughter graduated High School. I screamed my friggin head off. Decorum be damned!

Hi all, I just thought I'd show up now that the air is clear and the make up festivities are going on. :)

Meh. Looks like the nasty so-and-so is in China, which makes it somewhat more problematic for the USAF to do anything about.

as well you should have rebekah! WTG!!

I hoot for my girls...but then again in Miami...decorum??? WTFBBQ???

I'm sure the people around you appreciated it, rebekah. 'Cause it's all about you.

*growling* Love and boogers, JohnAnnArbor. Love *bang* and *bang* boogers *bang*.

Sorry about your headache, but you seemed to need reinforcement.

*growling* Love and boogers, JohnAnnArbor. Love *bang* and *bang* boogers *bang*.

Sorry about your headache, but you seemed to need reinforcement.

They are morons indeed! What if some kids hate some other kids and decide to cheer for them so they don't get their diploma. And then they still deny them their diploma cause they didn't apologize?! I can't believe the state of our educational system these days. I mean, when it practically fuels several blog posts a week on a humor columnists blog, that ought to tell you something right there. I can't believe anyone is taking that seriously.

Hey, everyone knows the quiet-type parents should just shut up and take it with all the yelling, right? Never mind if they can't hear their kid's name called or anything!

Twice, even. If y'all can't muster love and boogers, how about at least politeness and respect? Jeebus.

CH, would you like a JDAM, MOAB, or a good ol' 500 pounder?

*slurps down Beam and Spit* (thanks, Diva)

Ah, what the hell? I'll send all three.

Awww man, make up already!

*slaps forehead* Oy, vey! and I say that as a non-yiddish-speaking person. NTTAWWT

We're looking at Guizhou, Suzhou and Beijing, blurk. Oh, and Ann Arbor, mebbe.

Well JAA, the people around me didn't notice because they were yelling just as loud. In fact everyone in the auditorium was yelling. It wasn't all about me, it was all about her.
Why so mean?

Just like the "politeness and respect" those idiots scream into the ears of others at those graduations, right?

The school's approach may need work, but their goal is a good one.

Anytime, blurk. Just let me know when you need a refill.

John, if you're so nuts for peace and quiet, let's do arrange for a funeral instead of a graduation for the kids, mmmm?

Because I've been to graduations like that, rebekah. You say "everyone"? BS. There were people trying to do the right thing and not acting like it was a rock concert, and people like you ruin their children's graduations.

It's not about me, CH. It's about all the celebrations ruined by fools like you who convince themselves their screaming is just fun. Yep. Well, the people who's ceremony you just screwed up are probably too polite to tell you that you're a jerk.

JAA - Please, please tone down the attitude. We've had a lot of ugliness around here today and I can't take much more of it. My keyboard's been wet with tears that shouldn't even be there. You have every right to state your opinion, bluntly, even, but please do so with kindness. I'm feeling bruised and battered and just don't want to see any more invective spewed out here. It serves no purpose.

Thank you very much.

Love and boogers.

Because, after all, she's wrong, of course: it's not all about her. It's all about you.

It's not about me, CH. It's about all the celebrations ruined by fools like you who convince themselves their screaming is just fun. Yep. Well, the people who's ceremony you just screwed up are probably too polite to tell you that you're a jerk.

Well, I'm signing off this thread. Catch you all on another one. Bye.

LTTG, but I have to weigh in on the side of those who cheer their kids. Having spent the last four years begging, cajoling, threatening, and bribing my 16-year-old to bring up his grades so he can STAY in school, you can bet your @ss that I'll be one of the loudest adults in the audience at his graduation in two years, along with all of the teachers, counselors, and other administrators with whom I have conspired to keep him on track!

Um, no. It's about the quiet grandparent, going home exhausted after a graduation ceremony, who couldn't hear her grandkid's name called, because of jerks like you and rebekah.

But hey. Tell Granny to shut her trap! I feel like screaming, dammit, and I WILL!

John, you haven't been to a graduation with me; you have no idea how I conduct myself at them.

Truth be told, I try to keep my snores down, so that they don't attract attention. Otherwise, I'm a model of decorum.

Your attitude doesn't seem to be much informed by any sort of enjoyment of Dave's humor (or much humor at all, if I may say so). Why did you come here, again? You get your jollies being rude to people?

Thanks Diva.

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