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June 26, 2007


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"...he decided to end his ordeal by his own hand."

if he'd remained with his own hand and not been trying to impress others this tragic event would never have occurred. of course, he'd be blind.

with thick, full, hairy palms.

I guess asking him "how's it hangin"? would seem cruel now??

Notice no men have posted yet. They are still grabbing their crotches in sympathy pain, unable to type.

Injected? Um. Most men make it a habit to keep sharp objects away from that region...

OK, I'll be the first man to post:

Warning: injection of foreign substances may lead to undesirable schlong-term side effects.

I was noticing that as well, Bethie.

ya'll can come out now, boys!!!

LOL Ford! and very brave of you.

Isn't injecting things into it kinda backwards?

I wonder if his huevos were blue.

Did the hair tonic specifically say it only worked on hair? I mean, if you can sue because your hot coffee is hot, I'm thinking this guy was entitled to millions.

And *SNORK*@many. I will be revisiting the comments hair throughout the day, I'm sure.

"... the hair tonic remedy which advertised it gave thicker and more lustrous locks..."

Locks, not rocks!!

Craw, not craw!!

There was a man with a small member
He couldn't find it when limber
He injected hair ointment
But to his disappointment
It turned to jello not timber.

Just when you thought Intelligent Design (read FSM) may have a foot to stand on, a man goes and does this and proves beyond a doubt that Darwin was right and this man deserves one of Darwin's coveted awards.

I never understood why guys put themselves through this kind of thing. I, for one, am very happy with my extremely normal-sized 15-inch penis...(I was almost able to type that with a straight face.)

LOL Scott

[-----] = 6 inches???

*feels pity for Scott's shortcomings*

I guess he was well hung after all!

Hey, hey, wait, wait, wait! "Shortcomings?" I never said there were any "shortcomings" involved here. For the record, my wife at least claims to be very satisfied. True or not, that's good enough for me.

Just teasing, Scott!

*SNORKs @ the term "shortcomings"*

"what's the matter, bill?"

"i just don't feel comfortable, guess i'm having a bad p*nis day."

"injected anything into it lately?"

"no, what do you recommend?"

"well, it's a little-known fact most personal grooming products have a dramatic effect when subcutaneously inserted dongwise. for example use conditioner if you have a dry,lifeless, flyaway p*nis."

"this product says it's for split ends."

"ewwwwwww, gross!"

clap, clap, clap

bravo, insom.

i hate it when it flys away.

I know, fivver. I just thought I would play my role as "Offended Testosterone Guy" to the hilt (so to speak).

When I read this I crossed my legs so violently I almost got the same result.

hanged himself last week after the hair tonic remedy which advertised it gave thicker and more lustrous locks failed to have the same effect when injected into his penis.

Apparently, the guy didn't read far enough, to where it said it was only supposed to be applied topically.

And snorks go out to the following:

- Sioux (that deserved a "bad, ,i>bad Sioux!" but I laughed anyway)

- Ford

- Meanie

- Pete

- Everyone else.

It's a small world after all;
It's a small world after all...

My eyes nearly bugged out of my head at this story and even as a woman I wish I had not read this. My ramparts are desperately trying to shrivel in sympathy....

insom, deranged brilliant as always!

If he was so concerned about size, he coulda just bought a Porsche or a Hummvee, like everyone else...

Oh, and snork at insom.

or he could have learned to part his hair with his tongue. that way nobody would be worrying about the size of his thing.

Oh great! Now I have 'Home p3nis enlargement' in the browser cache of my work computer....

oh. my.

BWAHAHAHAHA, CJ!! That'll help you in that political run...!

Scott knows I was kidding too, right?? right??

it's really [----------------------------] this much!

Siouxie -- You're too kind, but really I knew y'all were kidding (NOTE: As an Ohio person, I rarely get to use "y'all." I kind of liked it.)


good! and nice to meet ya! (we have another Scott around here but he's on vacation).

"He wanted a bigger one very badly, and the results were tragic,"

Ain't that always the way.

For those who haven't seen it, perhaps the nameless Cambodian could have taken a tip from Mr. Cuba Gooding, Jr.

LOL Jeff! The last scene cracked me up. Always remember;"..do not take cialis if your already injecting hair care products into your penis. Ask your doctor if cialis is right for you"

And as expected you all don't disappoint. Nice find Jeff Meyerson.

See? Evolution straight-up. This is how the world will eventually rid itself of stupid pixi-dicks.

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