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June 27, 2007


Ants on a Plane

(Thanks to Megan)


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Samuel L. Jackson to the rescue with a can of Raid™!


huzzah! my first acknowledgement!

Congrats, Megan!

I can supply the ants. While TRYING to work on the living room project from h3!!, moisture damage from a very leaky roof was discovered. So, now my living room project is on hold while I work on the new roof project. While waiting for the new roof project to begin, a part of my bathroom ceiling collapsed from the weight of the giant monster carpenter ants from Mars. We can't even use the bathroom at this point. Once the roof is torn off, the nest will be discovered and poisoned or nuked, and since the ants are drawn to moisture, hopefully the new roof will dispense with moisture problems, then no more recurring ant infestations.

In the meantime, if anyone needs ants, I'll be glad to share. These suckers are like half an inch long. They are monsters!

Oh, ick!! And I HATE ants!!!


Denied the plane permission to land? What are they trying to do spoil mankind's perfect record with aircraft? We haven't left one up there yet!

/end wacky pilot humor

Ants! Ants!
I hate Ants!
Ants in my kitchen
Ants in my pants!
Ants in the bathroom
Ants in my rant!
Ants! Ants!

Some people think I have an anger problem. The charge nurse in the psych ward where I currently reside disagrees. She puts me in that funny jacket to protect me from the EVIL ANTS. She cares. *Sniff*

Siouxie, when I sent this in (some days ago, but what can you do? - congrats to Megan) I did suggest that Sam Jackson should have been the star. But unfortunately all we get is Jessalyn Gilsig (of Nip/Tuck infamy) as The Entomologist and (wait for it) Antonio Sabata, Jr. as The Air Marshal.

Time to set the TiVos!

Hello! Just land the plane anyway. Movie over.

hey casey, i'd be glad to take the ants off your hands, i hear they eat termites.

crossgirl, your shipment is on the way. All I had to do was just scoop a large handful of the disgusting critters from the bottom of the bathtub where they landed after falling out of the ceiling. Or, more correctly, the remains of the ceiling. Sent to you air frieght, safely sealed in a clear one gallon zip locked container (TM thingy).

thanks much, casey! are you wanting some termites in exchange?!

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